Balika Vadhu 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 15th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the court case. Opposition lawyer tells the judge that Kalyani Devi is guilty of murder and she herself confessed to her crime. He calls someone and says I want to call Ajay Singh’s friend Harish. Judge gives him go head. Harish tells the court that we were talking about the election. Gulli came and asks Ajay to leave his wife. She says, I will give you info about Jagya. He says, Ajay didn’t believe her. Gulli tried to go near him. Ajay pushed him and she fallen down. Just then Kalyani Devi came there and thought we are molesting her. She picked the gun and closed us in the room. We were scared.

Ajay get out of the window and started his bike. Just then she fired a bullet on him. We have seen her killing him with our eyes. She killed Ajay. Basant says, he is lying and gets angry. Judge asks him to control his anger. Harish says, Ajay was killed on the spot. We couldn’t do anything.

Rasika enters Shiv’s cabin and introduces herself as his new PA. Shiv sees the appointment letter. Rasika says, I know about it. You are very handsome than I thought. You have to a movie star. Shiv smiles and says I am the person who believes in hardwork rather than praise. Rasika says, soon you will come to know my capabilities. She shakes her hand with Shiv and her dupatta falls down. Shiv lowers his eyes. Rasika eyes him.

Gulli’s lawyer interrogates Harish and says I don’t understand. Harish says, we don’t drink at all. Lawyer says, police got some bottles and drinks. Harish says, it was before there. Harish says someone called Ajay and I don’t know with whom he was talking. He was saying don’t come here. I think she might be Gulli. Lawyer says, you are lying. He asks, how did her clothes was torn? He says, he will lie to my every question. Reality is that Kalyani Devi shoot him as she was helpless. Ajay tried to rape Gulli and tells everything. Opposition lawyer says, Kalyani Devi’s aim was to kill Ajay. Judge announces that the next hearing will be after 3 days.

Vivek is leaving for office. Saachi asks him to taste the gajar ka halwa. Vivek asks her to make him eat with her hands. Saachi says, then it will be more sweet. She makes him eat. Vivek says, beautiful. Saachi says, how can halwa be beautiful. Vivek says, I am not speaking about halwa. They engage in a eye lock. Door bell rings. A salesman comes and says your chosen sofa is unavailable and that’s why I came to return your money. Saanchi tells him that it was gifted by mom. Vivek takes the money from the salesman.

Vivek gets angry on her. He says, I thought it is the one which I ordered. Why she sent the items. I didn’t like it and you know that. Saachi says, I didn’t ask her anything. She says, I told bhabhi that we don’t have proper seating arrangement. Vivek says, I know that you are facing a lot of problems here. You are making me think that I am not giving your proper living. Please don’t this with me. I can’t take it. He leaves for office.

Bhairov says, case is against Maa saa. Only Gulli can save Maa saa now. Anandi asks Gulli to wake up to save Dadisaa.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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