Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 15th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rachna denies that she loves KT and says people talked so much about her and KT, she doesn’t want to work there now. She says he is getting married now so she wants to stay away from this. Gunjan says if she wants to shut people’s mouth the best way is to rejoin his work. She should think about it. Rachna says isn’t there really anything in her heart about KT then why is she upset because of his marriage. She thinks has she really fallen in love with KT. She thinks about her and KT.
In the morning, KT says he has fired in front of Kamla. Kamla says she might be so much in love with him that she couldn’t work and tells him to say his heart in front of her. He agrees. Rachna comes to KT’s house and finds the door open. She calls his name and comes inside. KT make Kamla wear a dress and was taking her measurements. Rachna sees this from behind the wall and thinks this dress was for his girl-friend as KT appreciated it. Rachna goes outside and rings the bell. KT opens the door and is happy to see her, he invites her inside. She says she came here to tell him she wants to work with him again. He is happy to hear this and says that’s great, you can join whenever you want. She begins to leave, he asks her help. He says he is going to propose his girl friend tonight, will she help him with the dress and accessories. She agrees. He says he will send the car for her in the evening.
Seema, Shayl and Gunjan were doing work. Pihu asks them to give her some work too. Shayl tells her to sit down and rest. Rachna comes there and tells Gunjan she has decided to join again. She says she will have to miss Pooja tonight as she has to go to KT who is proposing his girl-friend. Mayank comes there and Gunjan tells him she made special Kheer for him. He cheers up but then sees Seema and says he has a fast today so he won’t be able to eat. Gunjan asks why he kept fast without any reason. Seema comes there and tells Gunjan she has asked her not to stop Mayank from believing anything. Seema asks Shayl to take Pihu and Murli to her Baba ji, she refuses upon which Seema gets annoyed.
KT makes preparations for the proposal. He says Miss Garg, I want to see your expressions from each angle when I tell you the secret about my girlfriend. Rachna sits in the car and leaves. Everyone at home prepares for pooja. Murli comes there, everyone is happy to see him. Gunjan welcomes him. Everyone teases that he must be looking for his wife, Pihu comes there and they both exchange looks.
In the car Rachna is crying. She thinks she shouldn’t lose hope, if she really loves KT she should be happy for him. She prays this girlfriend of him should be better for him. KT drapes the dummy with jewellery and dress. Shayl asks where Rachna is, Gunjan tells her that she has joined KT again and is gone for their work. Seema suggests they should start the pooja at the time her baba ji told but Gunjan and Shayl insists upon starting now.
Murli’s mother comes there. Pihu comes to touch her feet but she backs up. She says that the family is in the headlines while here nobody cares.
KT thinks everything is ready and thinks about Rachna. Rachna is crying n the car. Murli’s mother plays the video of Vicky giving interview to press. She says how you liked the truth of your daughter. Gunjan begins to talk but Seema holds her hand and says she had told them to wait to begin Pooja. Murli’s mother shouts that she can’t take a girl like Pihu as her daughter-in- law. Murli stops his mother not to say wrong things about his wife; she will always be his wife. She slaps him on face.

PRECAP: KT calls to ask where Rachna is. The driver drops the mobile in car, in an effort to lift it they hit a man. Rachna goes down to see him and is shocked.

Update Credit to:Sona

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