Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surili telling filmy dialogue about 1 chutki sindoor, and says it makes a person a star…She then adds a pinch of sindoor in juice and thinks if Rajni drinks it then her work will be done. She thinks to send it with someone else, else she will be doubtful. She thinks to make Rajni read something and drinks juice without thinking, then becoming silent heroine. She keeps glass on the table and goes. She comes back and sees glass empty, thinks Rajni drank juice and work is done. Surili, Shaguta, Sharmila and Maggie practice hearing Bhojpuri song. Sharmila says it is so difficult and tells that she will ask Pappu to dub dialogues. Shaguta says she will be selected. Amrish hears them and thinks they are trying to learn language which they don’t know. He comes and says Rajni will teach them language. Surili refuses to take her help. Rajni asks her not to refuse to learn something. Surili agrees. Rajni asks them to start talking in Bhojpuri language, to learn the language. They start practicing.

Surili asks RAM, how do Rajni know this language so fluently. RAM says it is because of special exercise which he can’t tell. He asks everyone to stand with their hands up and make sound. He then ask them to lift their left leg and then right. They fall on the sofa. Surili gets angry. Amrish asks them to use their mind sometimes and laugh. Surili says very soon you will know who is stupid and who is clever. Rajni says okay.

Pappu Rangeela comes to take audition and asks who will give audition first. Everyone say they will give first. Pappu asks Maggie to give audition first and tells that his film bahuriya robotwa, and asks her to walk like Robot. Maggie walks like usual. He asks her to tell a dialogue in Bhojpuri. Maggie tells dialogues in hindi with Baa. Pappu asks her to go and asks why she added Baa after every hindi dialogue. Sharmila tells Pappu that only she can dance on Bhojpuri song and dances. Pappu asks what about acting, anyone can do dance. Sharmila says it was so difficult. Next Shaguta’s turn comes. Surili asks her to go and says she will not feel bad with her victory. Shaguta tries to talk and says she will sing a song, but she has a rough voice due to the sindoor juice which was kept for Rajni. Pappu asks who is Shaguta? Shaguta says she is Shaguta. She tries to sing song. Pappu laughs and tells that it was an alien voice.

Shaguta blames Rajni for mixing something in her juice. Rajni asks which juice? Shaguta says which was kept outside your room. A fb is shown, Shaguta reads the note that it will make voice better. Fb ends. Surili thinks Shaguta drank that juice. Rajni says she haven’t kept any juice outside. Surili’s turn comes. Pappu asks her to walk like Robot. Surili says she can’t walk like usual robot and will play stylish robot. Pappu asks her to tell dialogues. Surili tells dialogues. Pappu asks if this is Bhojpuri. Surili says she is Bengali and that’s why it comes automatically in her dialogues, she says you will get Bengali audience also. Pappu asks Rajni to walk like Robots. Rajni walks like Robot. Pappu gets happy. Everyone is shocked and surprised. Pappu asks her to tell dialogue.

Rajni tells dialogue in Bhojpuri language. Pappu, his assistant and hero get surprised and happy. Hero says you will become my heroine. Pappu says your dialogue is good. RAM says she sings well also. Pappu asks her to sing. Rajni sings song in Bhojpuri. Pappu says wah wah and says I got my film heroine. He holds her hand and shakes with her. Amrish asks him to leave her hand. Pappu says heroine is final. Surili asks Pappu to go and says shooting is cancelled. She throws his stuff. Assistant asks Pappu to give her Rajni’s mum role. Pappu tells Surili that he has a role for her. Surili asks if she will be other heroine. Pappu says you have to become Rajni’s saas. Surili says no, and asks him to make Rajni, her saas. Amrish and Shaguta ask her to agree. Surili says okay..I am ready to become her saas in film.

Surili gets ready for the shoot. Hero practices dialogues and tells Rajni that she speaks so fluently in Bhojpuri. Amrish asks Rajni to stay far from hero. Rajni goes and sits far from him. Surili practices dialogues making different facial expressions. Pappu asks Rajni to sit with hero. He starts shooting and says action. Rajni starts beating hero, Pappu and others badly. Surili and Amrish are shocked. Surili asks Rajni to stop it. RAM asks Rajni to stop. Pappu says cut and asks Rajni what is this? Rajni says you said action. Pappu cancels the shooting for for forever. Everyone is shocked.

Pappu says lets start shooting. Hero dances with Rajni and gets closer to her. Amrish tells Shaan that he can’t bear anymore and goes on to beat hero. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Irritated drama… where is dev????

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