Ishqbaaz-Shivika: A love story (Episode 9)

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Hi guys!I’m very disappointed with you all. I am receiving less comments for the past 3 ffs. So,a humble request,please comment.
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Coming back to the episode.
Episode 9

Morning at Maldives,the day of return.
Shivika’s room
Anika wakes up but felt weird. Shivaay was already awake. Anika was surprised,as Shivaay was busy staring at her. But before she could say anything,Shivaay chips her face and caressed it.
Shivaay:kitna bolti ho tum Anu,shaant raho. Tum shaant rahti ho toh kitni cute dikhti ho
Anika:par Shivaay,aap mujhe aise kyun taad rahe ho?
Shivaay:Anu, main tume taad nahi raha tha. Tumhare cute face ko dekh raha tha. And please,tum mujhe koi nickname kyun nahi deti?
Anika:nickname?Shivaay,main aapko billuji ya bagad billa bulati hun toh aap chidte hain,aapko aapke naam se hi to bula rahi hun na?toh aur kya bulaoon?
Shivaay:oh really!see,main tumhe ab panika nahi bulata. I call you Anu,right?so you should also call me something like darling,honey,ya Tia ke jaise Shivaay baby hi sahi!
Anika:aap mujhe us cheapdi Tia se kar rahe hain?(faking anger and jealousy)
Shivaay:lagta hai koi jal raha hai!(teasingly)?
Anika:oh really!main,aur jaloon,voh bhi us cheapdi se?anyways,aapko maaf kiya,Shivu.
Shivaay:yeh Shivu kaun hai?
Anika:aapka nickname!?
Shivaay:achha,aisa kya.
Shivaay starts chasing Anika. Both play pillow fight,too. Shivaay finally gets hold of her and pulls her closer. Anika is breathing heavily. They can count their heartbeats. Shivaay pecks her forehead. They share a great eyelock,broken by a sudden knock at the door.
Shivaay(whispering):sab galat wakt pe aa jate hain.
Shivaay goes and opens the door. It’s our Rudy.
Rudy rushes inside and hides behind Anika.
Rudra:Bhabhi,iss sumo aur bade baal wale prani se mujhe bacha lo,please!
Anika:haw,Rudra ab kya kiya tune?
Rudy makes a crybaby face and was about to say but Soumya came rushing.
Soumya:bade Bhaiya,ye dumbbell Oberoi kahan hai?
Omkara comes rushing behind.
Om:Shivaay,ye Rudy ka baccha kahan hai?
Rudra,our dumbbell,couldn’t control and came out behind Anika.
Rudra:O,mere bacche nahi hue abhi tak. Kyunki voh shaadi…..(he realizes what he said and bites his tongue)huh…voh mere bacche nahi hue that’s my point.
Soumya gives a death glare that what he was saying about the marriage. Shivika and Om got confused.
Anika:ham shaadi tak kaise pahuch gaye?
Soumya(trying to divert the topic):nothing Bhabhi,I think he wants to get married soon. Anyways,I’m not leaving you for disturbing me and bade baal wale Bhaiya.
Anika:but why are you chasing him?ab kya kiya isne?
Om:kya kiya?Bhabhi,isne apne kapde kal pack nahi kiye aur vaise hi dal diya. Aur isne itni shopping ki hai ki ab uska bag bandh nahi ho raha.
Anika:so what’s the big deal?
Soumya:Bhabhi,subah se voh pareshan kar raha hai. Main hamesha uska homework and projects karti hun. Ab ye mujhse nahi hoga.
Rudra:yeh tumhara farz hai. After all,you are Mrs. Soumya Rudra Singh Oberoi!
There was silence in the room. Now Soumya again starts to divert the topic.
Soumya:we’re you sing some nightmare last night?why are you after me. Me,and your wife,anything.
Rudra:huh,haan. Sorry,actually…….I…..had……..a bad, I mean worst nightmare.
Anika gets doubtful,as both were acting as they were fighting. She keeps quite.
Anika:OK Rudra,come,I’ll help you. I’ll come to your room after I freshen up.
Rudra:thanks Bhabhi! He goes and hugs her.
They leave. Anika freshens and wears her new dress. Shivaay has also changed.
Shivaay:don’t you think Rudra was hiding something from us?
Anika:not only Rudra,but Soumya too. Kuch toh gadbad hai. Did you notice Rudra?he was taking something about marriage. So….
Shivaay:so we’ll find out later. You go fast. Shivaay pecks her forehead. Anika blushes and leaves.

Omru’s room
On was checking the wardrobe. Anika excuses herself from Rudy and whispers everything about the conversation. Om agreed with the plan of executing their secret.

Om:Rudra,did you go for a bath?
Rudra:arre haan!I toh forgot!Bhabhi,pass my clothes,I will come and help you.
Anika:haan . Don’t be late okay.

Omika in room
Om:Bhabhi,ye Rudra kuch bhi thoos(stuff)kar deta hai. I think we can get any clue from his bag.
Anika:check his phone also. We may get something from there too.
They check a lot. Anika does double work. She first checks a small pile of clothes and other stuff, then folds the clothes neatly.
After searching a lot,they find a clue. Rudra had stuffed a kurta in his bag(the same kurta which he wore when he married Soumya). They saw some red powder type stain on it. Anika takes it and checks what exactly it was.
Anika:yeh toh sindoor hai!
Om:what?are you sure Bhabhi?
Anika:I’m 100% sure it’s sindoor.
They hear Rudy’s voice,so they decide to investigate later.
Anika had packed everything. She leaves their room.

In flight….
Anika:Shivu,I have to tell you something.
Anika tells everything about what she found.
Shivaay:is it true?
Anika:I’m sure they are hiding something from us.
Shivaay:OK. We’ll decide and plan everything later.

They reach Oberoi mansion
Pinky and Dadi are waiting eagerly.
Dadi:puttar,these people didn’t trouble you na?
Anika:no Dadi,not at all.
Pinky:Anika,you will tell me everything about the trip,okay?
All are happy.

One month later…..
Everyone has changed a lot,especially Tej. All are giving time to family. Sahil has returned. He will be staying for 3 weeks.

One day…
All are in hall talking. Shivaay,Tej and Shakti arrive for tea time. Anika is serving everyone tea,when her phone rings. She goes to attend the call. She is standing little far away,so everybody could hear her.
Caller: ……..
Anika:yes,who is this?
Caller: ………………
Anika(shocked):I’m reaching add soon as possible.
She was having tears in her eyes. She rushes towards their room and after some time comes out with her bag.
Everyone was shocked by her sudden move.
Shivaay:where are you going?
Anika:city hospital.
Omru:but why?
Anika:I have to someone. It’s really urgent. If I won’t reach there,the person might die.
Om feels like someone close is in danger.
Om:I will come with you.
ShivRu:we’re also coming.
They leave. In car,Anika is just praying that the person is safe.

In hospital…
She rushes towards the ICU. She asked the doctor that if she can meet the person.
ShivOmRu rush behind her. Anika rushes inside the ICU. She holds her hand
The girl was Ishana.
Anika:Ishu, you are not leaving me you have promised that you won’t leave me please don’t break your promise.(she starts crying)
Ishana: nothing happened to me di. I’m ok I won’t leave you as I had promised I am not leaving you.
ShivOmRu rushes in. As soon as Ishu saw Om, she started stammering and shivering too.
Ishana:Omkara ji……mu…….hje……maaf…..kar…..dij…..iye
She turns towards Anika and
Ishana: the please explain him everything.
then she starts breathing heavily,the doctor ask them to go out as he has to check her.
Om:Anika Bhabhi, how do you know her you know that she is a very cheap girl…..
Anika: no Om,she is not .She is like my sister.
Anika’s statement shocked them.
Anika:I’ll explain you everything,please I’m very much scared. She breaks down into tears,while Shivaay comforts her.
Doctor arrived.
Anika:doctor,please let me take her home. She needs me. We will do the medical arrangements at home. I can’t let her risk her life again.
Dr agrees Anika goes to Ishana and makes her stand. However she can’t stand firmly. Our hero Om lifts her in his arms leaving everyone confused,even our Ishana.

They drive off to Oberoi mansion.
Oberoi mansion
everyone looked tensed as nobody had informed why they are going to the hospital.
Just then,Shivika,Ishkara and Rudra arrive. Ishana was standing with the help of Anika. Suddenly,at the entrance,she had a headache and feel on Om ‘s arms. Om lifts her up again and takes her to Soumya ‘s room. He makes her lie there. Everyone was shocked.
Anika and Om come out of the room.
Dadi:puttar,ye kaun hai?
Anika:dadi,voh yeh meri muhboli behen hai.
Pinky:par iski aisi halat kaise hui?
Jhanvi:and what’s her name?
They all go to hall. Anika starts.
Anika:she ‘s Ishana,my sister. In Childhood,we used to go to the same school and usually live together. Her mother died long back. She was the only child of her parents. I have always felt a certain connection with her and Soumya. Though I don’t know what is the connection.
Soumya(side hugs Anika):me too di,I haven’t realized what the connection is. When I saw Ishu di, I thought I’m very close to her.

Shivaay:but how did she teach the hospital?
Anika:she grew up and became a dancer. She teaches at the dance academy. Her dad was alcoholic. He got cancer. She tried her best to treat him in the best hospital,but failed. Luckily she got him admitted in a hospital but the fees for the treatment was far from the money she earned .It was nearly rupees 3 lacs. She tried to gather money from the dance institute but couldn’t get successful. Even I couldn’t help her. She had no option left but to cheat people. From somewhere she got to know about Omkara and started chatting him. The day when you guys found her truth of being a con girl,she stood fearless. But she was deeply hurt when she realized how wrong she was. She was walking on the road lifeless. I was there in the hospital during the last breaths get dad was taking. She was not picking up the phone. At last she picked up and was talking to her dad. Suddenly,there was a sound of a car crash and the call for disconnected. By this shock,her dad died. I reached the place and saw her lying on the road drenched with blood. With help of some people,I took her to a nearby hospital. When she got to know the death of her father,she lost hope of living. I borrowed money from Dadi for her treatment and finally,she was saved. Unfortunately,she landed up in coma.

By now,Anika was in tears. Her tears were floating like a river. Suddenly,all heard a voice,”Anika di!”
Anika ran like P.T. Usha and others followed her. Everyone gathered the room. When Ishana saw Om,she joined her hands and said,”mujhe maaf kar dijiye,Omkara ji.” All stood in shock.

Precap:Ishana ‘s recovery. Pinky asks Ishu to call her mom.
Phew.done with the update. Please comment,guys!??

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