Bahu Begum 4th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Razia slaps Asgar, her mum in law makes an entry

Bahu Begum 4th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surayya coming to Razia and apologizing to her. She says make me your Servant, but don’t send me to Sultanpur. Razia says you are my Devrani and asks her to respect herself. Surayya says I belong to a royal family, but I don’t have any respect. Just then they hear Asgar bring Dilruba to the hall and beating him. Asgar asks how dare you to think that I will keep a transgender with me. Shayra comes and tells that you can’t beat him and behave inhumanly with him. She says you can’t even touch Dilruba. Asgar says I don’t talk to such a woman like you and is about to slap her, but Razia comes and holds his hand. She says how dare you to raise hand on my daughter and would be Bhopal’s bahu begum. She says it is good that your hand is lucky not to touch Shayra else it would have been removed from your shoulder. She says if you do this again then you will not get a place to hide in this entire world and swears God. Noor asks what happened? Razia says Asgar stopped his hand else I would have ruined you. She says how dare he to raise hand on Shayra. Asgar asks her to ask Shayra what happened. Razia asks Mashuqa what happened? Mashuqa tells that Dilruba wanted to go to Sultanpur as he loves him. Razia says just a small matter. Asgar asks how can he think that a man like me will take him with me. Razia says did he ask for anything. Asgar says this is wrong. Razia says love is not wrong and tells that manpower is not to raise hand on anyone. She tells that after whatever he did with Dilruba, she can’t let him stay here in the house and he shall go to Sultanpur.

Surayya asks her not to punish them for Asgar’s mistake. Razia pushes her and tells that she can stay with humans, but not with a demon and asks them to leave the house. Asgar shouts calling her by her name Razia. Razia gets shocked and stops. Asgar comes to her and says it is enough of your drama. You are Bhopal’s bahu begum, but not I am not your Servant. He says this is my house also, and I will not go, I will see who kicks me out from here. He is about to go inside when Razia shouts at him and asks him to stop. She says 25 years ago, I came to Bhopal after marriage and people used to call me bahu rani and then bahu begum, but nobody dared to call me by my name. She says today you called me by my name, go to dargah and present a chadar as Azaan is not at home. Asgar says he is not scared of her son and asks her to call him. Razia says this is not needed, as I am alone enough to handle you. Asgar asks if a lonely lady will stop me. Shayra says she is not alone. Asgar says today I will say and she will hear. Noor asks him to mind his tongue and says if your bones break in old age then it will not repair. Asgar calls her naukrani ki beti.

Khalid comes there and asks what is happening. Razia says you are going with your parents. Asgar says I am not going anywhere. Razia says she is bahu begum. Khalid asks Noor to say something, but Shayra stops him and pushes him asking not to dare come near Noor. Mashuqa and Dilruba bring Asgar, Surayya and Khalid’s stuff. Surayya falls on her feet. Razia asks her to leave with respect. Asgar says Razia’s husband and son married twice. He asks her to think about her respect and calls her an abandoned woman. Razia gets angry and slaps him. He falls on the ground.

They all get shocked seeing the old lady, whom Surayya met that day. The old lady smiles. Asgar gets up and sees her. He says you have come. Razia says you…Surayya covers her head with a dupatta. The lady calls herself Qazala and says even if death comes to our home, we invite it and you are dying to welcome your saas in the house. Surayya smiles. Qazala asks if she has forgotten that she is her bahu. Razia says sorry and asks her to come inside. Qazala says as if I will not enter if you don’t say. Asgar says it is good that you came and says this Razia…Qazala slaps him and says you shall not take Bhabhi’s name with your mouth. She says this is the gift for taking the name of your bhabhi and slaps him again for insulting bahu begum. Asgar says you didn’t know what she did. Qazala says she might not have done wrong as our bahu never does anything wrong even by mistake. Razia says you came after so many years and asks her to come inside. Qazala asks her to tell first why she was kicking out her son.

Precap: Azaan says you have come, but didn’t do any drama still. Qazala says now you have come, I will do the tamasha now. She thinks to break Azaan, Shayra and Noor’s unity.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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