Ishq Subhan Allah 4th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Zara takes Kabir’s money

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Ishq Subhan Allah 4th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara is looking for her sketchbook, she finds a cheque inside.

Zara is riding her bike. She gets in front of Kabir’s car. He comes out and asks if she is fine? She says why you are ignoring me? Zara says I have left you already, I stopped you for a reason. She shows him the cheque.

Shahbaz comes to Ruksaar and asks where is Kabir? Ruksaar says he went to the mosque, I am packing for him as he is going to Dubai to never return. Shahbaz calls Kabir and asks if he is going to Dubai? Someone asks Zara to move her bike, she says okay. Shahbaz hears it. Kabir says I will talk later, he ends the call. Kabir tells Zara that when you were ill, you were my wife and it was my duty to pay for your bills so let me help your father. Zara says there were other duties but why

focus on this only? Kabir says I fulfilled all my duties, you want me to do sin by not paying? Zara says I don’t want help from any stranger. Kabir says I was your husband. Zara says I don’t know what you want. Kabir says I want to fulfill my duty as I am not coming back from Dubai, we had a relation and I am requesting for that. Please keep this cheque. Zara looks on.

Zara and Kabir come to the banker. Banker tells them that cheque will be cleared soon. The turn to see head priest there, they greet him. Kabir says we will meet you soon, they leave. The priest looks on.

Kabir thanks Zara for taking the cheque. He says I will leave the city in a week. Zara says I should go home. Kabir says should I drop you? She says no.. she turns to leave but says you will go to Dubai in 7 days? Kabir says yes I have to go. Zara says I hope you have a good life there. Kabir says we are not friends but not enemies too. Zara says only people with guts can leave everything and make a new life. Kabir says hope you have a life without worries. Zara thinks worries will come after you go. They both say bye and turn to leave. Kabir takes her dupatta and wipes his forehead. Lai vi nai plays. They leave from there.

Scene 2
Priests come to Shahbaz. The head priest says that your wife died a month ago and he is roaming around with a girl? Shahbaz says he doesn’t listen to me. Head priest says you are head of this house and you have to answer God. Shahbaz says she was marrying that other guy but she didn’t. Another priest tells him that Kabir gave his cooking show money to Zara as well. Shahbaz says I want to solve this problem now. He turns to see Kabir coming there. Kabir greets everyone. Shahbaz asks where were you? Kabir says I went to the bank with Zara, Shahbaz says what about Dubai? You should be ashamed. Kabir says don’t talk to me in stern tone, I am here for some days, I have nothing to come back here, mom died too. Shahbaz says you have your father here. Kabir says you can come there to live with me but I want to have a feeling of peace and air where I can breathe in. Shahbaz says peace or you want to keep a relationship with a stranger girl?

Salma is looking for a cheque. Zara comes there and says I took it to a bank with Kabir. He knows how to fulfill his duties if not his relationships, my relationship with him for a debt ended too today.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Leisa s morris

    These men always talking bout sin but always committing d biggest sins in Allah’s name. Shabbaz has killed,framed and what else but talking bout sin cause a man talked to his ex wife or help his ex wife stueps

  2. Yes leisa you’re right here. they can pray all day long and call god name but they commit the greatest sins.
    all series are almost like that. they are not afraid of god at all

  3. This long running serial has turned from bad to worse with episode. Even reading the written update occasionally has become boring. The only intention of the production is to prolong it as long as possible.

  4. This long running serial has turned from bad to worse with each episode.

  5. The writers have nothing else to offer but to continue as long as possible. Now Rukhsar might go to Dubai with Kabir since there was no postmortem on Ayesha’s body. So no one know exactly she died. Rukhsar is a shining example of an evil person. The moral of the story is that if you commit a crime make sure that you don’t leave any proof behind and you can leave your life peacefully with no guilt whatsoever. Even she prayed God that there is no postmortem on Ayesha’s body and that she is not caught for this crime. God answered her prayer in not allowing Kashan’s wish fulfilled. What a tragedy! What else the writers has to offer to the public watching each episode which is getting from bad to worse? This show must end now.

  6. Leisa s morris

    Kashan wanted to know d truth bout how his mother died so I hope he drawer some blood or something to send to a lab. One can only hope as I know he won’t dig up no body for no testing. Or he should find d poison dat was used to kill Ayesha.

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