Bahu Begum 25th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Shayra doubts on Azaan and Noor

Bahu Begum 25th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shayra hitting water balloon on Noor’s face. Noor says I was not ready and finds her face turning black with the black ink. The friend teases Noor. Shayra says I didn’t do it intentionally. Noor says you did it intentionally and runs away. Qazala asks Azaan’s friend to tell the score. Shayra comes to Noor and says she didn’t do intentionally. Noor doesn’t believe her. Shayra tells that they were planning to go, but she spoiled their plan and called Azaan’s friends. Noor says so if it was true that you both were going? Shayra says so what, we are husband and wife. She says she is tired of forgiving her again and again. She says she didn’t know that ink was in the balloon. Noor says you did a mistake and then arguing. Azaan comes there and says my friends are hearing your arguments and the voice is coming downstairs. He asks Shayra to stop the argument. Noor tells that she will go from here and will stay in a guest house. Qazala comes and provokes Noor more and tells that friendship gets light infront of love. Azaan tells Shayra that Noor shall not stay in the guest house. Shayra says Noor will return when she wants. Azaan says we had planned to go out, but. Surayya falls on Qazala’s feet and appreciates her for her plan. Qazala says something big will happen. Azaan asks Shayra not to cry and says I will be with you all the time. Shayra smiles and asks him to promise. Azaan says promise. Qazala says all promises will be broken.

Mashuqa and Dilruba worry for Noor. Aladdin says she will come back and looks at the wire cutter. Noor meets with an accident, when the car brakes fail. Azaan gets a call and gets shocked. He recalls his promise made to Shayra. He says sorry Shayra, I have to go. Shayra is sleeping. Surayya sees him going and informs Qazala. She asks Qazala if she got Noor killed. Azaan comes to the car and shouts for Noor. Noor comes there and says car brakes failed and my car hit the tree. Azaan says why didn’t you tell me on call. Noor asks if Shayra is still angry. Azaan says she was sleeping, I didn’t tell her. She says she was upset as they didn’t tell her about their outing. Azaan hugs her. Noor says we shall go home. She finds her taweez missing and tells Azaan. Qazala wakes up Shayra and asks where is Azaan? Qazala tells that Azaan is not at home and takes Shayra to noor’s house. She asks her to see taweez on the bed.

Shayra gets shocked. Qazala says both Azaan and Noor are not at home. Shayra calls Azaan. Azaan asks Noor to come home. Noor says it was dadi’s taweez. She searches fr Taweez and mistakenly picks Shayra’s call. Shayra hears Azaan telling Noor that neither Dadi nor Shayra will know. Shayra is heartbroken hearing this and doubts on them. Qazala smiles and provokes Shayra against Noor and Azaan. She says your husband is busy with Noor that he doesn’t pick your call. Azaan calls Shayra and says I have to come out for urgent work. He says I am coming home and says infact we are coming home. He asks are you there? He says you know this idiot Noor? Shayra says ok and ends the call.

Precap: The fake police stops Azaan and Noor making landslide excuse and asks them to go to guest house. Aladdin gives money to the fake police.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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