Main Bhi Ardhangini 25th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Fouzia takes Piku to Malmal

Main Bhi Ardhangini 25th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikrant asking Malmal how can you kill Piku, asks her to calm down. Malmal says she has destroyed my Kaya and will be punished. Fouzia comes there and calls Malmal. She says today special guests have come. Malmal looks at the box and takes it. Vikrant says no. Fouzia says where did you get him? Malmal says she found him in the jungle and tells that once she gets her powers back, then nobody can stop her. She opens the box, takes a bottle and drinks the solution. She gets evil powers in her and her eyes turn red. Malmal and Fouzia smiles. Vikrant thinks how will I save my daughter Piku now. Malmal asks Fouzia to search Piku. Fouzia says Piku is in the haveli and loves Mohini a lot. Malmal says a Nevla loves Naagin. Vikrant says kids are hungry of love and says Mohini also loves her a lot and asks her to love Piku and says Piku will love you too. Malmal asks Fouzia to bring Piku there so that she can punish her.

Adhiraj blames Mohini for Fouzia’s disappearance. Mohini says even Bhujang is missing and says may be Malmal did something. Piku asks did you know about my mum? Adhiraj asks Mohini not to hide from her. Mohini tells Piku that she will tell later. She says you used to say my Mohini and now saying my Fouzia. He again says my fouzia is missing. Mohini says nobody can do anything in this haveli without my permission. Fouzia comes with injuries on her face and says Bhujang took her to jungle and tried to kill her. Adhiraj says he will kill Bhujang today and goes out. Mohini goes behind him. Fouzia asks Mangu to bring juice for her. She comes to Piku and asks why are you sad?

Fouzia comes to Piku and tells that she knows where is Malmal. Piku says my mum might be upset with me as I burnt her kaya. Malmal says a mother can’t be upset with a daughter. She says Vikrant is also there and united with Malmal. Piku agrees to go with Fouzia and says she will tell Mohini later.

Adhiraj and Mohini come to the jungle and search for Bhujang. Adhiraj asks him to come infront of him. He tells Mohini that he would have died if something happens to Fouzia. He says I love her so much. Mohini looks at him. Main Phir bhi tumko chahungi plays….Mohini thinks what happened to him, how he started loving Fouzia so much. Adhiraj says I will burn this entire world if something happens to Fouzia. Mohini thinks if Bhujang and Chunnu’s doubt was right, thinks if Fouzia has done any magic on Adhiraj. She tells Adhiraj that Fouzia is at haveli and runs. Adhiraj runs behind her. Fouzia takes Piku downstairs. Chunnu says you can’t go. Mangu says chief gave your responsibility to me. Piku says she is going to meet her Papa. Mangu says if your Papa is alive and then will come back and will not send any stranger to pick you. Piku tells Fouzia that she will not come with her. Fouzia says but I will take you with me, as your mum wants to meet you. Chunnu and Mangu try to stop Fouzia. Fouzia attacks them and make them fall. Mangu burns Fouzia’s feathers. Fouzia attacks them and vanishes with Piku.

Mohini and Adhiraj come back haveli. They find Chunnu and Mangu unconscious and sprinkle water on their face. They gain conscious and tell about Fouzia taking Piku from there. Mohini says why she stayed here if she wanted to take Piku. Adhiraj says she just needed my love. He says she got fine with the medicine. Fouzia ties Piku and takes her. Mohini asks Mangu to open Vikrant’s almari and find one box missing. They hear Bhujang calling for help. Mohini opens the box. Bhujang thanks Mohini and Chunnu for saving him. Adhiraj asks what did you do with my Fouzia. Mohini tells Bhujang that Adhiraj is hypnotized. Bhujang makes him fine. Adhiraj gets fine. Mohini says we have to search Piku.

Precap: Malmal is about to kill Piku when Mohini comes there and asks Malmal to fight with her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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