Badho Bahu 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Pinki saying I want to see you as a successful wrestler in this life. You will fulfil my wish, right? Rana is touched. You made me so happy. You are so concerned for me! I will just go and talk to Babu ji. She says he chose Lucky. Rana says I have a solution. She smiles slyly.

Jamuna ji notices Payal lost. You look so pale. Are you missing your mother? I slept peacefully after speaking to Komal last night. She said she is happy and very busy in her home. I am so happy. I want her to be occupied and happy in her new home so she never misses me. I only pray for this.

Raghubir ji tells Lucky he has filled the form. You need to sign in two places. They both go quiet seeing Komal. Raghubir ji says your going to Chennai will be confirmed once you sign the papers. Komal leaves from the room sadly. Lucky is about to sign the papers for camp when Rana tells him to stop. He tells Raghubir ji he wants to go. Lucky asks him why he suddenly took this decision. Babu ji did this after discussing with you only. Let me go please. Raghubir ji says this was already discussed. End this matter here only. He asks Lucky to sign. Rana again tells him to stop. I challenge you for a fight. Pinki is happy. He is dancing on my tunes. I did a good job! Raghubir ji is impressed. This move is of a wrestler. I am impressed! This is the real sign of a fighter. Challenge and win what you deserve! This is the right of every fighter. The one who has a right on the challenge wins. He asks Lucky to accept the challenge. Lucky does so unwillingly. The brothers share a hug. Raghubir ji tells them they will meet in wrestling area.

Jamuna ji is making Komal’s favourite laddoos. Vardaan is heading to Sirsa. His mother tells him to give them Malti ji. Tell them we have sent it. Payal advises them against it as she does not want Vardaan to know what happened yesterday in that house. She tells her MIL to wait for a few days. Komal went to that home two days back only. We should wait a little. Let her adjust in her new home. Jamuna ji says we should note today’s date. You have said something right for the first time. It is a memorable day. Payal heaves a sigh of relief.

Malti ji comes to kitchen. She notices Komal there and thinks of Kamla ji’s words. Come, I have to discuss about your upbringing with your mother and Bhabhi! Komal requests her against it. Please punish me. Don’t drag my family members into this. Malti ji says how I can punish you. It is you who is punishing us, insulting us. Malti ji drags her with her. Kamla ji enjoys seeing all this. Hope this drama never ends!

Lucky and Rana have a wrestling match. Lucky throws Rana down. Rana recalls Pinki’s words and throws Lucky. Eventually, it is Lucky who is having an upper hand. Pinki looks out of her window. Lucky pins Rana down to the ground with a tight grip over his chest.

Jamuna ji is pleasantly surprised to see Malti ji and Komal entering her home. She hugs Malti ji who does not hug her back but she does not notice as she is too happy. You did well by bringing Komal here. I was missing her badly. Have a seat. She goes to bring water for them. Payal sees them and greets them little tensed. Jamuna ji offers them ladoos but Malti ji keeps looking at Komal pointedly. She keeps ladoo back in the box. I haven’t come here to eat ladoo. I have come to inform you as to what your daughter has done since she has come in our home! She has insulted us already.

Lucky wins the fight. Raghubir ji compliments both of them. Lucky thinks I will see who stops me from going away from that fattie! Raghubir ji asks Rana if he has any issue with the fact now that Lucky will go in the sports camp. Rana shakes his head sadly. They all go inside except Rana. He feels bad, defeated and cries.

Jamuna ji asks Malti ji what her daughter did that she is saying so mean things. Malti ji relates the incident wherein Komal helped Lovely elope from the house. Jamuna ji shakes her head in disbelief. You must be mistaken. Komal cannot even dream of it. Malti ji says she did it in reality. She asks Payal about what she said about Komal’s upbringing during wedding. Is this what you have taught her? Jamuna ji asks Komal to say something. Why did you make that girl run? Is this what I have taught you? Malti ji says she has nothing left to say now. She roamed in entire village without dupatta as punishment. She has made us all look down in everyone’s eyes. Komal tells her mother she was helpless. I had no other way. Jamuna ji nods. She apologises to Malti ji on Komal’s behalf. She is still a kid. Malti ji asks her if their respect will return by her apology. Your daughter has stained our family’s name and respect. It is never going to go away! Village people wont stop taunting. Jamuna ji says I can understand how badly you will be affected by my daughter’s stupid step. There is no doubt that she made a very big mistake yet every person has a right to seek forgiveness. Please forgive her. She wont repeat such mistake ever. Payal feels bad. Malti ji agrees. Tell her clearly I wont take her with me next time. I will not take her with me next time. It will be between you and your daughter. Komal and her mother silently cry.

Precap: Pinki asks Rana if he does not love his brother too much. Are you happy staying under him? Rana shouts at her to stop. Don’t try to come between my brother and my wrestling or this love and respect might turn into hate real soon! Komal tells Raghubir ji that Lucky ji is going to Chennai for 6 months. How will I make him smile? Raghubir ji replies that there is still time in that. Stop him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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