Jodha akbar: A Divine Love-promo

Hi everyone
I am Roshini
I am here with a story about jodha akbar.
First let me clear that I am a very big fan if history n i like things oriented to history.
If i notice love things like this I will go still more crazy so….I am here with a story of akdha.

I don’t know whether this site is active or not, if it is active plz let me knw I will start this story.

It’s about the divine love story of the mughal empire.
It’s completly fictional n i will try to get the true resources n wanna share with u all.
Coz thr are many misconceptions about bt this story.
Even I am not sure abt the akdha story of love
But I just want to share how pure love is!!
From ages it’s on the earth but these days no one knows it’s divinity. So just wanna give a look n overview about it.

If i get to know u ppl r active here I will start with my wOrk.

If u r happy with my thoughts plz support n share ur views.

Urs lovingly

If you are interested in this FF, you can find next updates on Jodha Akbar page (when updated). Go to homepage and for Zee Channel, choose to show ‘Zee TV’s Finished Serials’.

  1. Avanikamdar

    Plz continue …


    It is sounding interesting

  3. Sorry writer I don’t like the subject it’s purely chandranandini page why you wrote FF for Jodhaakbar here

  4. Jigaysa

    Pls continue

  5. You may continue writing but not here please. This is a page for Chandra nandini alone and some of us don’t like JA. Pls continue your story on JA page.

  6. wow , would love to read a ff on akdha , will definitely love to read this , please continue and update soon

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