Badho Bahu 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pradhan ji asks Rana if he is ready to risk his life then. Rana agrees in case that’s the only option. Raghubir ji tries talking him out of it but Lucky also supports his brother. Zalim Singh started it but we will put an end to it! Raghubir ji says you have gone mad in your anger. Calm down! Pradhan ji points out that the challenge has already been made. This will happen now! Malti ji tells her Bhabhi how she told her husband beforehand that Pradhan is not good news. See what happened! Pradhan ji points out that either of the fighters will lose his life in the fight. Zalim Singh accepts the challenge. Rana vows to shed Zalim Singh’s blood in his Akhada. Lucky too tells Zalim Singh he will breathe his last in Akhada! Zalim Singh tells them to wait for tomorrow and see for themselves! Pradhan ji sets the match. Two will go but only one will return! Whoever lives will be the one who got justice. Everyone looks tensed. Sarpanch ji says this is between 2 families. I wont let it affect the villagers. No one should go watch it. Balwant ji also seconds him. Lucky adds that they don’t need the villagers but Zalim Singh. It will indeed be a death fight tomorrow. Komal prays for Rana’s well being. Everyone heads in different directions.

Teji wakes up and finds Jitesh sitting next to him. Did the play end? JItesh says that’s over but tomorrow there will be a Dangal. Vardaan beat you badly. Hope you had fun!

Pinki is irked that Rana dint think what will happen to her if anything happens to him. Forget about Number 2, I might become 0 tomorrow. She tries talking to him but he already knows she would suggest him to drop his name. I am not a coward. No one can change what’s destined to happen tomorrow. Pragya hugs him. You are risking your life for me. I don’t like it. Rana denies. You are our dear sister. We will not spare anyone who will look at you wrongly. Zalim Singh crossed his limit. Teji too requests Rana to cancel the Dangal. Didi is so tensed. Think about her too. Komal also says nothing will come out of fighting. Lucky asks her if she means his brother should back out. She denies. I meant that both right and wrong can lose their lives because of this fight. We cannot do anything now as things have gone out of hand. We will have to encourage Rana Bhaiya so he wins. Lucky nods. I am sure Bhaiya will teach him a good lesson tomorrow. I am with you! Teji gives in. Komal apologizes to Teji on Vardaan’s behalf. I thought he went with the flow. I will get milk for you. Teji gets call from Pradhan ji’s son. How would you like to die? Teji calls it nonsense but the caller asks him to meet him. You love roaming around with girls. You took Kailash’s daughter (Pragya) to Bakriawal, water park and everywhere. I have all photos. Meet me. Teji changes his style and agrees to come over to water park right away. Pradhan’s son smirks.

Teji lies to Ahlawat family that he is going to meet his friends who have come from Mumbai. I will be back soon. Lucky allows him to go.

Pradhan ji’s son blackmails Teji by showing him his pictures with Pragya. Teji says I don’t know her anymore. Please allow me to go now. Pradhan ji’s son laughs. You think we are going to something to you? No, you haven’t done us any harm. It will be Ahlawat family who will do anything. We are still giving you choices to choose from (to die) but Ahlawat family wont even give you that chance. Teji agrees to do whatever Pradhan ji will ask from him. Please don’t send the pics there.

Malti ji suggests Kamla ji to speak to Rana. He will drop the idea. Kamla ji does not mind if Rana dies. What’s the point of living a life without respect? If my son cannot beat the one who insulted his sister then we will feel insulted for life! Dying would be a better option in that case. Kailash ji also seconds her whereas Malti ji disagrees with them. We don’t put the life of kids at risk for such things. I have told my husband to talk to Sarpanch ji. The fight can be cancelled. Ahlawat ji tells her to stop her husband. Rana did the right thing. I too would have done the same thing if I was in his place. Malti ji calls it a well thought out plan of Pradhan ji but AHlawat ji does not mind. Malti ji says no Guru (Raghubir ji) can see his disciple being killed before his eyes. Ahlawat ji stays put. We will see what happens tomorrow. Malti ji hopes God fixes it somehow.

Komal suggests Rana to sleep. It is important for your body to be fit tomorrow to defeat Zalim Singh. Lucky also advises him on the same. Pinki asks Rana ji to come but Komal suggests leaving both the brothers alone tonight. We will sleep in your room. Pinki nods. Pragya also leaves for her room.

Lucky tells his brother to take rest. Tomorrow is a very big day for you.

Vijay (Pradhan ji’s son) assures Teji the pics wont reach Ahlawat family only if he does something for them. Pradhan ji tells Teji to send Pragya in the water park tomorrow morning anyhow before the fight starts. It is your headache how you will do it. If you act smart then the pics will reach Raghubir. You don’t have much time. It should be done before the sun rises tomorrow. Teji walks out from there in a fix.

Precap: Lucky prays to Lord for his brother. I hope he is fine tomorrow. Teji suggests Pragya to go to temple tomorrow morning to pray for her brother. Next morning, Rana and Zalim Singh stand facing each other in the Akhada.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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