Badho Bahu 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Lucky decides to marry Titli

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Badho Bahu 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ram ji asks what joke is that? He won’t let his daughter’s life get destroyed. Lucky agrees. He says villagers to say something. Bharat Singh’s son must be like 4 years younger than Titli. Sangram asks who else will marry her? Raghuveer disagrees with panchayat’s decision. He asks them to make better decisions else villagers will stop believing in them.

Chunnu, Munnu are taking Komal somewhere. Their truck’s tire gets punctured.

Sangram asks villagers if any boy would like to marry Titli. No one agrees. Raghuveer says they can look for guy outside their village as well. Sangram says according to village rules – guy who made girl run away can marry her. Ghanshyam agrees, but says, Lucky is already married. Sangram says that is why Titli can only marry Bharat Singh. Lucky says Titli won’t do anything like that. Sangram asks him who else will marry her then? Will he marry her? Malti says Lucky is already married, then how he can marry again? Sangram says all he is saying is if he marries Titli, then he won’t have to leave village either. Ram ji faints. Raghuveer asks him to control himself. Ram ji cries that Titli’s life is destroyed. He asks Lucky why he kidnapped Titli and even if he did, then why did he bright her back? He should have killed her instead. Villagers talk that Titli should marry Bharat Singh for her father. She should be lucky that she is getting another chance to marry after all this. Hearing all this, Titli accepts her punishment. Lucky interrupts. Titli tells him enough. This is her destiny. She can’t run away from it. First Zaalim Singh, now Bharat Singh. She can’t give more trouble to him, his family. Lucky says she is his friend. She says because of her, he always gets into trouble. Because of her, he will have to leave the village, separate from his family. Lucky argues, but she doesn’t listen. She goes to Bharat Singh and asks whether he will accept her as his wife despite knowing she is very bad, who has ran away from her engagement. Lucky thinks all this is happening because of him. Malti says where is Komal? She has to come back today no matter what. Bharat’s child calls Titli “maa”. Bharat Singh takes out sindhoor and forwards his hand to fill Titli’s forehead. Lucky stops him. He says he won’t let Titli marry Bharat Singh no matter what. Sangram asks him who will marry Titli then? Lucky says he will. Everyone is shocked. He takes Titli’s hand in his hand and tells everyone that he will marry her. Raghuveer asks how that is possible? Vardaan asks Lucky what he is saying reminding him that Komal is his wife. Sangram again interrupts that they should listen what Lucky has to say. Panchayat tells him that their society doesn’t allow to have 2 wives. Lucky asks society allows them to get a young girl married to an elder guy who already has 4 children? If he made any decision, then what problem they have? Payal asks Komal’s mother to say something. Lucky says it’s between him and Komal. Today she will be back and they will understand his decision among themselves. He asks panchayat to give him a month’s time. Panchayat dismisses his punishment of leaving village as he agreed to marry Titli and gives him requested time. Ram ji says if he leaves Lucky’s house, then he will be worried what decision they take behind his back. Panchayat asks Kailash to keep Ram ji and Titli as guests in their house for one more month. Kailash agrees. Panchayat ends. Lucky and Titli are in tears. Titli thinks she didn’t know Lucky and Komal would have to pay for her mistake.

Precap: Ram ji tells Lucky that he must divorce Komal and marry Titli. Lucky says he will never divorce Komal and he can’t marry Titli. Ram ji says he will go and tell this to panchayat right away.

Update Credit to: Rhea

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  1. zara hayat khan

    Raamji ki milli bagat lagti hai….totally hate this serial.this serial is going to be the biggest flop.

  2. Lucky ke friend ritesh se ya barthan se kar do shadi titli ki

  3. Ok they are going to mess up this story and make it into another regular soap please do no do this and just take out Titli have enough of her stupidness and also make Lakha come to his sense which wife accept you having a second wife stupid story line come in writers what happen to the wrestling part of the story next they would have the two wife’s wrestling for his attention haha

  4. Geeta, now that would be a better wrestling match to watch ?
    How back dated are these panchayats! And what kind of a father is Ram ji?!! Pathetic.
    Vardhaan is single he should marry Titli?
    I can’t believe Komals not here yet!

    1. Summer

      Hi Sara…Vardhaan is too a nice guy, it would be cruel to get him to marry Titli. She should marry Zalim Singh!

  5. Summer

    I am astounded to the direction the story line has taken! How absurd!! Did Lucky not once think of Komal’s feelings before he decided to save Titli?
    When Komal needed saving, he was reluctant!!! Therefore, in my opinion it goes to show that Lucky is shallow and easily influenced with has very little maturity! Badho: overweight, sensible, kind, mature and considerate – Lucky could not get past image to marry her. Titli: slim, immature, childish, spoilt, inconsiderate, hot-headed, disrespectful and rude – Lucky did not hesitate to proclaim his matrimony to her, despite that he is already married!
    For one, that would be bigamy would it not? Unless, of course the Lucky decide to have polygamy marriage?
    I have not watched the show since watching three episodes of Titli entry…her facial pull, eye roll expressions are annoying beyond belief! Her character is not heart warming or endearing. I find her character selfish and immature!
    According to the build up of the story development, Lucky is suppose to have fallen in love with Komal… missing her absence, yearning for her companionship etc. Well, with this episode it has totally undermined his proclaimed ‘suppose love’ for Komal! If you care enough for your spouse, you will consider that person feeling before acting!
    What started out to be a rather lovely story has now been ruined with the entry of Titli! The love story between Komal and Lucky is not convincing and Titli have ruined what could have been a beautiful story.
    As for Kailash…weak man! What kind of leader is he? To allow Sangrahm singh dictate and manipulate the outcome! How pathetic!!
    Titli’s father is just as selfish as Titli…how can he not expose the truth about Kamla and Pinki and let everyone know Komal predicament.
    Absurd beyond belief!
    I would read updates to get a glimpse of Komal, hoping she has been released, each update gets worse! How to ruin a serial….just throw the spanners in the works and commit bigamy! Undermine any real value or morals that was originally portrayed!

  6. Update please for 4/27/18,thank you.

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