Bhootu 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Daadi Forces Anandita To Walk on Burning Coal

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Bhootu 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daadi serves sweets to Shona/Pihu. Shona spits it and shouts who adds salt in sweets. Daadi says she did not and asks Mohini why did not she when she tasted it. Mohini says it was sweet when she tried. Shona scolds Daadi. Daadi asks her to have biryani, it is tasty. Shona tries and shouts it is very spicy. Pihu enjoys drama sitting with Gopal. Shona scolds Daadi and calls her budhia/granny. Daadi asks not call her budhia and says she will prepare pakoras for her. She goes and with Mohini’s help prepares pakoras and serves Shona. Shona tastes and shouts it is spicy. Anandita prepares food and serves everyone. Sooraj tastes it and says he for the first time saw even simple food can be tasty. Daadi and Mohini make weird faces. Shona scolds her budhia. Daadi asks not to call her budhia.

Next morning, Daadi asks Vikram to go and lend money to his father’s friend. Vikram says he will send Sooraj as Pihu and Anandita need his help. Daadi emotionally blackmails him and send him away. She sends Mohini with him and teaches her to lure him to marry her. She then thinks now she will see who will save insane Anandita. She calls pandit and asks him to do as she says.

Daadi calls pandit home and asks to check Pihu’s kundali. Pandit checks and says this girl may not see tomorrow’s sun. Daadi asks what is the solution. Pandit says this child’s parents have to do parikrama/pooja by walking on burning coal, rolling around temple. Daadi says her son is no more as her chudail bahu killed him, she is manglik. Anandita says she will not do anything as it is superstition. Daadi continues mentally harassing Anandita and makes her agree for Pihu’s sake. Anandita agrees. Pandit asks her not to eat or drink anything before parikrama. Daadi walks with Anandita out and stops her from even taking her medicines. Anandita barefoot on burning coal and rolls around temple.

Pihu returns home. Shona tels her that Daadi played a big game and trapped Anandita.

Precap: Neelam informs Sooraj that hitler daadi has taken insane Anandita for parikrama, it is very tough.

Update Credit to: MA

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