Badho Bahu 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal excuses herself and goes inside. Lucky wins the arm wrestling competition. His friends cheer happily. Vijay goes to get Lovely.

Komal stops Lovely from jumping from the balcony. Lovely begs her to let her go. Don’t get into this. You will get into trouble otherwise. Komal calms her down. Tell me what the matter is. Lovely closes the door. Please don’t tell this to anyone. I have a boyfriend named Shagun. I am going to Mumbai with him to start a new life. He is waiting for me. He has started working too and loves me a lot. I love him too as he cares a lot for me. My family does not like him. Komal suggests her to come downstairs with her. We will talk to your parents. Lovely panics. He wont spare me. He beats me a lot. You don’t know. He beats Bhabhi too. Komal asks her what happened to her. Lovely shares that her brother beat Bhabhi so much last night that she couldn’t stand properly in morning. This is the reason why she dint come today. Komal says it is your personal matter. I cannot say or do anything in this. My family will be insulted if you will run from here. I wont let it happen. Lovely reasons it is impossible to run from her home. There is lots of security there. Komal tries to divert her mind to food but in vain. Komal tells her it is about her family’s respect. I wont let you go near the window. Lovely takes out the bottle of poison. My dead body will go out of this house then. Komal snatches it from her. Lovely cries. I only wish to spend my life peacefully. I wont be able to do it where my alliance has been fixed. I want to start a beautiful life. This is the last chance. my dead body will go out of the house if it does not happen today. Komal prays to God to show her way. Lovely cries. My life is in your hands. Komal tells her to stop crying. You need my help, right? I will help you. Come fast or someone will come.

Jamuna ji asks Payal to get flour from the shop. We are finished. Payal denies. We have nothing left now. You spent 50k in the wedding. Jamuna ji thinks finally she remembered it. How can she forget it! Payal counts all expenses. Nothing will come in the house now. Jamuna ji asks her what they will eat then. Payal suggests her to cook some rice. Activities will keep you healthy. Jamuna ji gives in so she keeps quiet for some time.

Pradhan ji compliments food. He asks Pinki who made food. Pinki says I made it. Was anything missing? He denies. I couldn’t stop myself from praising it and gives her shagun. Kamla ji is all proud. She asks Malti ji about her DIL. Pinki enjoys gaining compliments for Badho’s work. Keep doing this Badho!

Vimla ji comes home. She finds Jamuna ji working and taunts that Payal is making her do so much work in this age. Jamuna ji says I thoughts to help her as Komal is also married now. Vimal ji agrees. Payal joins them. Vimla ji has brought chillies for pakoras. Payal goes to make it. Vimla ji praises Komal. She used to do everything quickly. Jamuna ji nods.

Payal carefully takes Besan and keeps money safely back in the container. Vimla ji goes to kitchen.

Komal and Lovely make rope of bed sheets for Lovely to get down the window. Komal’s phone rings. She thinks to talk to her mother so she does not worry. She somehow picks the phone. Jamuna ji asks her if she is fine. Komal agrees.

Vimla ji tells Payal about what happened during grahpravesh ritual.

Jamuna ji is happy to know that Komal is really busy in her home. Stay like that. She hears Payal and Vimla ji talking about Komal. She herself goes and makes pakoras. Vijay comes to Komal’s room and finds Lovely running away. He shouts at Komal. You dint do the right thing! He heads downstairs.

Jamuna ji has made pakoras. Vimla ji tries to eat them but notes get baked too. Payal panics. Jamuna ji asks her how notes came in the container. Payal thinks I was made to shift money in this container from rice container. She says I took this money from Vardaan last night and kept them here. Jamuna ji says I have told you many times that you cannot make use of anyone else’s money. Payal says I am going to my mother’s home. She needs me. Jamuna ji tells her to go. Vimla ji leaves as well telling Vimla ji to eat these pakoras.

Sarpanch ji comes to Ahlawat House to meet everyone. Vijay informs his father that Lovely ran away. Pradhan ji says is this some joke. Vijay says Komal Bhabhi helped her. I saw it with my own eyes. Pradhan ji sends him to go after Lovely. He turns angrily to Komal. How dare you do this! Raghubir ji tells him he must be mistaken. My daughter cannot do this. He asks Komal what the matter is. Komal fumbles. Pradhan ji repeats his question at Komal. Raghubir ji signals him to wait and asks Komal to speak up. She accepts doing it shocking everyone. Pradhan ji asks her again. She says the same answer. Rana asks Pradhan ji why he is so upset. Pradhan ji tells him to ask Komal instead. Lucky asks Komal if it is true. Did you help Lovely elope? She nods. But I have a reason. He tells her she has said enough and done enough. Sit quietly now. Pradhan ji taunts Raghubir ji for his warm welcome at home. I wont forget this insult my entire life. Komal tells Raghubir ji everything that Lovely had told her. I tried to stop her but she wasn’t listening. She took out the bottle of poison. I had no other option. Pradhan ji tells her to be quiet. She is my daughter and this is my personal issue. We can do anything to our daughter. We have a right on her. He asks Raghubir ji if he will like it if he interferes in his personal matter. Raghubir ji stands quiet. Malti ji tells Komal to stop. You have insulted this family already. Raghubir ji tells her to wait.

Vijay informs that Lovely eloped with someone on bike. Everyone looks at Komal.

Precap: Raghubir ji folds his hands before Pradhan ji on Komal’s behalf. Pradhan ji points out that insult is to be evened out by an insult. You will have to lose your most precious thing. Lucky is the most precious thing of this family. He will pay the price for my insult. He asks Lucky to get a sword. Raghubir ji looks shocked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Very interesting and lucky is so so handsome. Waiting for komal and lucky scenes

  2. i like this serial very much. komal charcter is awesome. there are girls facing this problem of not finding bgroom in real life

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