Gangaa 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Gangaa 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ammaji’s residence
Ganga says that she shall go after elocution, and that he can go. sagar is overwhelmed and profusely thanks her, for having done this, even if only for krishna. he

says that they shall leave at eight tomorrow, and asks her to be ready. she complies and leaves, while he eyes her tensedly.

While juhi in in her room, studying, supriya gets dinner for her saying that they shall eat here only from this day forth. juhi asks why. she says that families eat

together, like her and her parents, and they have noone else. juhi doesnt disclose her about how and whats her preparation for elocution. supriya tells her that her

speech needs to be better than krishna’s. juhi tensedly complies.

The next morning, sagar remembers his romantic moments with ganga throught out the tasks, and tearfully rubs off the seventh day’s task, and points it as the last day.

he says that maybe she isnt meant to be his, hence after such troubles also, she is going far away. he composes himself, seeing krishna, who asks if he was crying. she

sees through, and he is amused, even after lying. he feeds her sweetened curd, to avoid all distractions in her task ahead. ganga who has also got the same thing, is

tensed when she finds that sagar is feeding her. he refrains and they both eye each other tensedly. then he keeps his bowl aside, and says that they were waiting for

her only. she denies going with them saying she would come by auto. he tries to explain, but krishna abruptly asks him to come along, as its late, and snatches him by

the hand outside the door. ganga tensedly wAtches.

Scene 2:
Location: KRishna’s school.
KRishna arrives in the school with sagar and his family. and finds juhi sitting. but she looks away. sagar wishes her all the best. then ganga arrives. they both

tensedly eye each other. the anchor starts the event, and then first its juhi’s turn. she gives a wonderful speech on her great grandmother, hearing which they are all

shocked, as they expected her to talk to on supriya. Supriya is enraged that she didnt get a mention. as she says that ammaji scolds supriya, she is flustered while

all others are amused. then its krishna’s turn, and she starts talking about the person, about whom she always thinks, and how much important he is. ganga feels

betrayed, while she goes on. she starts talking about how much she wanted a father all along, and explains her relationship with him, that brings a tear to everyone’s

eyes. she then addresses ganga, and tells how sagar must have been lonely, and they atleast had each other. she talks about how sad he must have been, and was always

trying to impress her. krishna gets emotional while her elocution asking whats her fault and why cant she have them both, and has to decide on one particular person.

she says that she is angry at ganga, but would forget, and wouldnt be able to stay without them. she tries to convince ganga how much sagar loves her. all get teary

eyed. ganga and sagar get emotionally overwhelmed. sagar stands and says that he loves her too, and rushes upto the stage and hugs her. he adds that she loves her even

more than him, and she neednt be surprised as thats the fact. she says that a mother can do what even a father cant, and that she can be sweet as well as bitter. he

reminds how she had locked herself inside, and ganga was crying outside. he asks if she knows why she was crying, as she could understand her pain, since there isnt

anyone else for her, and that she is her first and last happiness, and that she is lucky to have a mother like ganga. ganga and his family are emotionally overwhelmed.

he then tells ganga that she did win, and he lost and can take krishna, since she obviously loves krishna more than him, and noone else can. sagar explains to her that

he doesnt love her more than her own mother, and that ganga loves her more than him, because his love is torn between two, ganga and krishna, while ganga has love only

for her. ganga is shaken up.

Scene 3:
Location: Ammaji’s residence
Madhavi and ammaji return back, while sagar returns with krishna. she says that she is tired and needs to go rest. before he can say anything, she storms off. he tries

to go after her. but ammaji asks him to let her be, as she needs space since today must have been emotionally taxiing on her, since they themselves were emotionally

distraught. madhavi comes and composes them all, and then tells sagar that she always felt he is immature but today she understands that he has matured, but wishes to

say one thing, but before she can finish, he hugs her, tearfully. ammaji asks him to stop now, and then ask where is ganga. he denies knowing about it. he says that

before she takes krishna away, he wanted to talk to ganga, but she wasnt there. maharaj rushes just then, and says that just now ganga came and was crying. she locked

herself inside and isnt saying anything. they rush to her.

Inside her room, ganga continues to think about krishna’s speech and what happened. they continuously start beating outside the door, asking her to open up. The screen

freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Sagar tries ganga’s number, but it doesnt get through. they wonder whats going on and where and how can ganga take away krishna like this. he says that she

wouldnt take her away, and if she has, then definitely there must be a strong reason to it. MEanwhile, ganga takes krishna with her bags away, while she continuously

asks where are they going. Later sagar gets a letter from ganga, talking about her taking krishna very far away, in a village. krishna asks ganga if now they shall

stay only in village and never return back.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I’m just emotional…. Unable to see sagar in tears thinking that Ganga will leave today with Krishna…. Writing on the board… Last day…. What a moment…. Ganga loves one and only Krishna… But what respect she is going to have to a lonely father…. Yes… Krish spoke so true that at least she and her mother are together these seven years…. And sagar rotting all alone…. And what is the medicine to cure their pains…. If the medicine is Krishna… Then one has to suffer alone…. V all witnessed that Ganga is not going to forgive Sagar even after his too many requests…. Let’s just wait and watch…. At what extent her self respect is taking her to….

    1. Well said bhavavi.. Krishnas dialogues are direct hit to Ganga..if gangas won’t change after knowing Krishnas one can save her..
      No need to say…Vishal acting is tooooo good..really thinking..this kind of partner exists in real world???? much love even after many issues and 7 years of separation πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ..

  2. Krishnaa

    reading the update itself made me cry. i will watch the episode first before commenting further. but i do have a news. the big thing that ammaji was saying in her interview is maybe this: gangaa serial is going towards mythology in a flashback sequence where ganga and sagar will be ganga maa and shatanu respectively. the narration is supposedly to begin in december. this is the latest news i got. dont know where they are bringing this track…

    1. Krishnaa

      this will be narrated by dadi to krishna. hmm maybe i think ganga and krishna will already be in chathur family. then when dadi teaches the scriptures to krishna she might be imagining her parents as ganga maa and shantanu.

      1. Krishnaa

        i just saw bhavani’s comments about this on previous episode update. i’m late then πŸ˜›

      2. Who os shantanu plz say me
        He is ganga father who had died he only or a new name shantunu

  3. It was really a emotional scene today
    Made me cry


  4. Why is Gangaa playing hard to get.
    Sagar had tried hard to rectify his mistake. He had oppologise time after time.
    He need not have to do that , but his love for both Gangaa and Krishna, has not stopped him.
    Has all forgotten about Krishna’s cardiac problem. Are they so caught up with convincing Gangaa that they are forgetting to include Pulkit, Supriya and Juhi as a family.
    May for once, if any one thinks about how Supriya might be feeling about her troubled life and Juhi being an orphan made welcome things might be slightly different.

  5. Krishnaa

    sagar and krishna, you both really made me cry :'( it was so heart touching. vishal and ruhanna, love your acting. if ganga is still stubborn after krishna’s emotional speech, she should be someone stone-hearted.
    I never knew juhi and krishna were studying in the same school. juhi’s speech was funny. supriya was always saying no one likes her in the family, what will she do to juhi now who said that she loves badi dadhi as she scolds her mum, will she let her back in orphanage just because she also ignores her?
    pulkit is nowhere to be found. nor is kashish.
    ganga, if u r taking krishna for ur baseless reasons, then u r too selfish!
    i dont think they will drag the mytho plot for long, maybe krishna will be inagining her parents in the respective roles when ammaji is narrating. they certainly cant start a mahabharat in the show.

  6. Hi Friends,

    Good episode tonight. Raises many questions for all parties involved and it is good how Krishna reflected her feelings. Something Ganga chose not to acknowledge but only her pain.

    I thought it was funny watching Amma Ji facial expressions in nods of approval and disapproval accordingly.

    Krishna’s speech was very moving indeed and hit many right notes, however, on a lighter note, when Sagar joined the stage, i thought he hijacked the speech! lol
    Ok, I’m going to be a kill joy: realistically, would you air your dirty laundry at a school elocution contest like that ? Of course not! One would wait til you get back indoors, but this is t.v ! Fiction.

  7. Hi friends.. we are all so caught up in sagar and Krishna relationship that we are forgetting Ganga’s feeling. Imagine being betrayed by your child. Oh that’s hurt!! I know Sagar has apologise and she told Sagar last week that she has forgiven him but cannot forget his words . It’s still ringing in her ears as if it was yesterday…
    She still love, we seen how concern she is whenever Sagar is hurt. She need more time and with K siding with S all the time she is feeling insecure. I like everyone else want to see Saga together and Ganga of all people deserves some happiness .
    I hope Sagar go with Ganga and may be away from everything and everyone they might be happy again.

  8. Sagar( sea) tries to catch hold of Ganga ( river) and ganga runs always towards sagar to merge into… And Krishna (river) destiny is also sagar…. Coming to revamp.. I guess its just for a few episodes to drag the show and add masala and spice to the viewers… So that they get relief from so much crying episodes…. And the story of Ganga – Shantanu… Is it happy ending…

    1. Krishnaa

      ganga and shantanu if they are showing the real tale, then they are characters of mahabharat, the pandava’s grandfather bhishma is their son. but wonder they are going to make it fictional or the real characters. even i think they are trying to drag the story until zoya or another villain makes an entry. im not too excited about this but hope its not boring.

  9. My feelings are exactly like Pooja. We should remember how much Ganga should have struggled being an unmarried pregnant woman with out family support, social support and financial support. I think she needs some time to accept Sagar again
    into her life. she got hurted to that extent
    Regarding the future mythology I think it is unnecessary dragging

  10. Hi Pooja and Sujatha,

    My thoughts echos yours too. All three of them have suffered as a result in the name of Yash and Prahba. When you have been hurt that deeply of course it takes time to heal and to regain trust again. It is understandable why Gangaa is wary this the saying goes ‘once bitten twice shy.’ Sagar realises his mistakes and is trying to rectify. Realising his loss is causing him too much pain. Krishna is paying for the price for both Sagar and Gangaa, she is the innocent party of it all. πŸ™

    Bhavani thanks for info…really pleased to hear that it will be a happy ending. Of course the writers will add masala and spice. Without it the show will be bland indeed, but it is a matter of balance. Lets hope it’s not too much negativity or dragging out too long – like a hot chili lingering in our mouth, otherwise they’ll writers will feel our wrath from heat of chilies . πŸ™‚ We’ll all be complaining at this forum…lol

  11. Gangaa will return to chaturvedi family as the bus she was traveling will met with an accident!!! Gangaa and Krishna will be safe for sure…and now comes the villain soon yash is coming….!!! And mythology part is just a flashback nothing to do… after that zoya will too join ….

  12. Great news no village actually gangaa and Krishna in which bus they were traveling will met with accident. gangaa will return forever to chaturvedi family. Mythology part is nothing it’s just a flashback nothing to do. The main problem is now yash is going to come to trouble saga… hope will be get to see some saga moment

  13. hi ayushi how do you know i mean where did you get this info?

  14. Toi spoilers and some info from insta …

  15. thank u…………………..

  16. All is well that ends well. I miss those happy cute innocent romamtic moments between SaGa. With these leaps n all it has moved to a very faster pace. Wish they could have projected it in a different manner as to how SaGa develop their love n relationship post confession from sagars side that he too loves ganga n not jhanvi. But whats done is done. I hope they show some matured plots. If the show goes off air, i will miss it badly though. Even if villans are returning kindly do not separate SaGa, let them remain together n.united and fight against all odds n those so called villians especially yash n zoya rani ,lol ! Let sagar n ganga n krsihna remain together along with the chaturvedi family as a happy family n fight against those villains. After all now there will.2 eminent lawyers sagar n ganga in the house n niru the judge !

  17. I cant tell how happy i was when i got to know finally that illogical unbearable zoya track ended. Special thanks to all members for our united protest against zoya rani ,lol πŸ˜€ ! And thanks writes for understanding our agony πŸ˜€ !

  18. Yash had been given 14years of imprisonment right ? Are 14 years over ? That hes returning ? Is it some kinda yash/prbha/zoya returns back types sequels , lol πŸ˜€ ! One one villain will return turn by turn !

  19. Really felt relaxed hearing that no village nature trip…. Vexed up very much with the lectures of ganga… No more lectures… Yeah… V really love if they are shown in the attire of lawyers… Who will forget their confrontation in the study room when sagar lost a case for palash…. If no village tour… Then what is going to be the future track of the show

  20. Glad to know that the family will be united soon! And i do hope they show some more of SaGa moments before the entry of any villain! And Pl I hope zoya doesn’t return at all!! Had had enough of her already! I hope that SaGa along with Krishna fight against all the villains together πŸ™‚

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