Badho Bahu 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Pragya and Vardaan get back together

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Badho Bahu 21st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Premika says I dint think it was right to do all that to a guy like Vardaan ji so I am telling the truth to everyone now. Pardon me Vardaan ji. Teji tells Pragya it isn’t what it seems. Trust me. She slaps him. Aren’t you ashamed to speak about trust? You cheated me and played with my emotions! Leave right away. Teji tries to talk but Vardaan tells him to leave. Pragya ji asked you to leave. Lucky takes a step towards him but Rana offers to take care of him. Lucky tells him to beat him really nicely today. Rana holds Teji by his collar. Kailash ji tells his son to let police handle the matter. Komal seconds him. Jitesh Bhaiya called the police. They would be reaching soon. Teji asks Pinki if she wont say anything seeing her brother going through so much. She replies that she will only pray to God that he atleast comes out as a nice human being from the jail. Jitesh asks Teji to come. Teji apologizes to Pragya. Kamla ji is worried about her daughter. Who will marry her now? Premika takes Vardaan’s name. Dint you see how he saved her from Teji? I kept trying to get close to him but he only had Pragya ji in his heart. She also loves him a lot. Komal says they dint marry for no reason. They are bound to be together. Pragya thanks her. Everything is turning normal since you are back. Lucky seconds her as well. Komal says one more thing is to be done. You can thank me your entire life afterwards.

Kamla ji gives Vardaan her daughter’s responsibility. Vardaan holds Pragya’s hand. Pragya ji’s responsibility is mine from now onwards. She also agrees to support him for forever. She smiles. Malti ji asks her to call her mother right away and tell her everything. Komal agrees to do so in a while. Titli says it will get too late in some time. Sushma and Ram ji follow her. Titli asks Badho to call her mother right away. Sushma tells her not to get into all this. You are a bride. You should act like one. Titli hopes Badho calls asap and is able to find the truth. Malti ji tells Titli to listen to her Bua ji. Be quiet. Badho knows what she has to do!

Panch come to Ahlawat House. Sushma asks everyone to attend the ritual. Kailash ji gives his resignation to the Panch. Everyone is in for a shock. Kamla ji asks him if he has gone mad. I wont be Sarpanchni anymore? Panch ask Kailash ji the reason as to why he took such a big decision. Kailash ji replies that he feels he couldn’t fulfil his duties as a Sarpanch properly. There is no way I can pacify myself. Kamla ji asks Raghubir ji to make his brother understand. Flashback shows Kailash ji discussing this matter with Raghubir ji. Raghubir ji supports his brother in his decision. Kailash ji shares that he did what Komal told him to do. Flashback ends. Raghubir ji supports his brother before everyone. Panch accept his resignation. Sangram Singh thinks they have gone mad in such adverse times.

Sushma suggests starting the ritual now. Komal is relieved as Pragya and Vardaan are finally happy. Hope Bhabhi implements the plan as discussed!

Payal knocks at Kusum’s door. Listen to me please. Kusum declines. Payal says I know that you had to marry an old guy because of the decision made by Panchayat. You went through a lot but you should also think what if other girls have to follow a similar order in life. I assure you that your help will help Badho more than anyone else. Lucky’s wedding has been fixed with someone else right in front of Komal’s eyes. Come outside. I will tell you everything. Kusum comes out. Tell me everything.

Sushma asks Kamla ji to play some dholak. Kamla ji asks her if she should play band instead. Sushma says focus on the dholak for now. She next asks Malti ji to apply haldi on Titli. Kamla ji plays dholak while Malti ji applies haldi on his son. Sushma applies haldi on Titli. Ahlawat family does not happy haldi on Titli. Sangram Singh asks Raghubir ji to apply haldi on his new DIL. Malti ji finally touches haldi on Titli.

Jamuna ji is still unconscious.

Kamla ji dances happily. She hits Sushma intentionally and they both fall down. She lies that she was feeling dizzy. Sushma goes from there. Titli looks at the earring in her hand. I must give it to either Badho or Lucky. They will get some idea after seeing this. Lucky wont even look at me in his anger. I will have to give it to Badho only.

Panch gets up to go but Titli says the ritual isn’t over yet. Badho dint apply haldi to me. Ahlawat family looks at her upset. Malti ji asks her if she isn’t ashamed to ask Badho to apply haldi on her. Sushma calls Komal Titli’s elder sister. You only trained her. Put haldi on her. Titli tries to talk to Badho (by showing the earring). Sushma holds her hand. You can talk to me. Badho walks away and Sushma manages to get the earring out of Titli’s hand. Lucky says I cannot bear it anymore. He goes to his room. Kamla ji gestures Pinki. She hits him on his feet and he lands straight in Badho’s arms. In the process, haldi gets smeared on her face. Lucky and Komal look at each other. Kamla ji calls it God’s sign. Hope they are always together. Malti ji is all smiles whereas Sushma glares at Kamla ji.

Jamuna ji is in a carton kept in storeroom. Malti ji and Kamla ji come there to keep the thaal. They look at the boxes. How did so many cooker boxes come here suddenly? Kamla ji shares that Ram ji and Sushma brought these gifts here. Malti ji calls Sushma clever. She thinks I will let Lucky marry Titli because of these gifts? Even if that happens, I will throw all 3 of them outside with these boxes. Kamla ji says that only should happen. I don’t understand why Sushma is giving so much dowry to her niece. We dint ask for anything ever. I feel something isn’t right. I will open every box. Hope there is no hidden bomb here. I don’t truth her and her brother at all. She checks the boxes one by one. She falls down as she tries lifting a box. They both are curious seeing the tall fridge box. Kamla ji peeks in. Look at this Malti!

Precap: Lucky is still on his window. I never thought that we (Komal and him) will have to stay apart even when in the same house. Komal is also teary eyed. Just like our love brought me back home, it will also bring us together one day. Lucky leaves it on Bholenath. Komal thinks I will fix everything. Nothing can separate us when we have Bholenath’s blessings!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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