Kaleerein 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Amaya Gets Trapped In Roma’s Plan Instead of Meera

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Kaleerein 21st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Meera continues searching Vivan. Vivan gets up from behind, but goons catch and trash brutally until he collapses. Meera turns but does not find him. Amaya reaches there in auto and is shocked seeing Meera there, thinks she had gone to meet Pammi at a hotel, but how did she come here, if mom is meeting her here. She walks towards Meera when a kid informs that Pammi is waiting for her, showing someone standing near bus. She walks towards woman, woman gets into bus. Amaya also gets into bus. Meera sees her in mirror and rushes behind her, but bus leaves. Meeera continues running behind bus calling Amaya. Amaya walks towards woman and sees a man instead. A few other goons surround her. Meera gets into auto and rushes behind bus

Vivan escapes from goons and tries to call Meera. Roma messages her Pammi warning to stop trying to contact her, else whatever happened today was a just a trailer and he will have to pay a lot. Meera continues following bus. Goons surround Amaya. Dolly gets a call and stand shouting panicked. Biji and Nimmi asks what happened. Dolly says someone raped and throws her from bus. Roma gets happy thinking her goons did their job and asks if it is Meera. Dolly says Amaya. Roma is shocked and thinks how can this happened, she wanted to punish Meera for interfere, now all her hard work of years will go in vain.

Meera rushes Amaya to hospital saying nothing will happen to her. Amaya says she saw her freinds book request to Pammi and Pammi messaging to meet her, so she followed her. Doctor asks Meera to go away as Amaya’s condition is critical. Whole family reaches hospital and shatter seeing Amaya’s critical condition in ICU. Amar says what Vivan would be feeling seeing his sister’s condition. Vivan reaches hospital taking lift from someone and asks Meera why did she call him to hospital in such a hurry. She shows Amaya and tells him whole story, says she did know Amaya was following her. Vivan shouts why did she interfere in his issues, he told her many times not to interfere in his issues, because of her his sister is in critical condition. Meera tries to explain, but in vain..

Precap: Vivan shouts at Meera to go away from there, else he will hate her more than Pammi Kapoor.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. OMG…. I don’t like this… I don’t appreciate that Amaaya’s character got raped, this is horrendous. She was simply the most lovable of all the characters, above reproach and to know that this has happened when she doesn’t deserve this by the longest shot, is really painful to see. I hope writers have a befitting painful sentence for this vamp Roma, she is unbelievably vindictive. Grrrrrrrrrrr…..

    1. its true.. i liked amaya’s character so much.kidnapped is fine.but rape.. have the writers gone mad. just because the term “rape” has become a common term in India they are just using it for such..
      i clearly believe the writers are thinking just because she is UK return rape maybe common phenomenon there but NO it still matters alot for every girl.

  2. hated todays episode so much.why did you do that to amaya.did u have to rape her.means she intended for meera to be raped.i hate roma. im sick of roma. get rid of her already. is this whole serial gonna be a cat and mose game between roma and pammi.as for meervaan theybwere making progress now forget it.look at the hatred from vivaan.i know its his sis but this is not meeras fault.i know he is angry but did he have to treat meera that way.meervaan takes 5 steps forward and 20 backward.will they ever cross the finish line? i respect the writers but why do they do this???
    hope roma dies

  3. This is pathetic.. Now days when so. Many incidents of rape being reported in the paper and being condemned also the government passing an act that the rapist will have a death sentence if it’s a minor and will be given harsh sentence we are showing this kind of an incident… This show is being watched across the world and what image are we trying to portray to the world abt India.. Is there no. Censorship on TV.. AND WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY REVIEWING.. God forbid but if the writer or the producer has a daughter and taking ideas from the serials if she is raped what will be the reaction… Only the victim knows the pain and mental trauma they have to go through.. And such serials are glorifying rape…as.if it happens on routine basis and being a serial, sure the rapists won’t be caught and Roma and the team will live around freely planning and. Plotting some thing else.. FAIL TO SEE WHY SUCH SERIAL ARE BEING MADE.. watch Pakistani serials TOO GOOD AND EVERY SERIAL HAS A FANTASTIC STORY LINE AND MESSAGE… they may not be glamorous, but have deep content and the acting is awesome and the ladies are beautiful.. Learn from them the art of serial making…

  4. You know friends… Vivaan had a bad impression of India while he lived in UK, it was by sheer destiny that he came here, just to please his sister. He complained about almost everything. Now that this has happened with his beloved sister in India of all places, don’t you all think that his concerns were justified to him after all?? I really dislike this turn of events and I agree with you Humaira, a kidnapping would have been more acceptable although it really isn’t….been tried endless times on all serials, nevertheless, it would have been the lesser of two evils, right? At a time in this selfish world, women are being abused, raped, murdered, trafficked, stalked, pulled down by the males in society when they deserve to be progressing in life…the writers here have trivialized this delicate and abominable crime called rape, we didn’t want to see this highlighted, we know it happens, it would have been better if they hadn’t gone this way. I’m disappointed, very disappointed… Lakshmi, what’s your take on it??

  5. I don’t think she is raped…she jumped of the bus right?
    Today Arjit performed so well!He nailed it!

  6. Well! The writers could have done better than this….a girl gang reaped in a moving bus….India still remembers the bone chilling Nirbhaya case …a 23 year old gang raped by a group of animals in the guise of humans in the dead of night in a moving bus that too in the capital of India…Imagine one of the rapists was a juvenile who is not even punishable under law…..the sheer brutality of these brutes ,the shock and the country wide agitations made the law makers to wake up and bring amendments to the laws related to s*xual offences.So ,here our writers have tried to recreate this blood curdling horror through Amaya.I know our serials are nothing but a reflection of what is happening in our society but do we need to showcase this malignancy in our society..are all the viewers mature enough to take them in right spirit …Naz , a couple of these criminals said they were influenced by what was portrayed in the movie ‘ Damini’,a Rishi Kapoor and a Meenakshi Seshadri starrer….Ofcourse these guys didn’t remember how a girl ‘s emotions were battered,how she had to pay with her life and how the offenders were finally brought to book by the female lead ….what they remembered was the senseless brutality. Ofcourse we need some negativity in the story but better the writers avoid showing this mindless assault on one’s life and emotions….Needless to say ,I hated this episode….disgusted with Roma,,,,she does n’t deserve to be a called a woman.And Vivaan ,I don’t blame him either for censuring Meera….she was told not to meddle in his personal matters but she interfered.Had there already been a strong bond between them ,he would have understood ,but the writers have n’t allow them to strengthen their relationship either……and seeing his sister in such a state….no,I don’t blame him at all….may be after some time he will realise that it is not Meera’s fault but for now the writers have spoilt everything with this distasteful track.

  7. Shraddha ,we will be really thankful to the writers if Amaya was not raped and thrown out of the bus as muttered by Dolly after receiving the call from ???? (frankly I could not follow what was being said by Dolly in that scene as her voice was choked ) Like you I also presumed that Amaya jumped off on her own to escape from the goons…but the updates say something else OR may be Dolly was misinformed.Let us wait for the next episode for clarification ..

    1. Dolly said some ppl did ‘gandi harkath’ and threw her out of the running bus..
      But the way showed it looked like Amaya jumped of the bus to save herself from those ppl.

  8. Naz,needless to say you echoed my feelings,Vivaan had been doing everything to understand Indian society and Meera in particular before this terrible event happened….one way Meera was also at fault,,,she should n’t have poked her nose too much in Pammi’s issue particularly when she was explicitly told by Vivaan that he would like to sort it out in his own way .She should have given some credibility to this guy and his feelings …..Somehow this searching for Pammi on the net and going to that party entirely relying on a stranger’s message was not warranted…how could Meera say that it was genuine Pammi Kapoor only who had responded to her request and sent the message to come to the party…now the entire thing has backfired on Meera and she herself is feeling guilty for Amaya’s misery.Naz ,I also felt that Amaya had jumped out of the bus before the goons molested her but I am not sure as Dolly’s words were not clear .Let us hope that Amaya was not violated in that god damned bus…..otherwise Vivaan will never come out of that shock and we can imagine what will happen to this love story….Regarding Pammi ,she was present in the party but did nothing to stop Roma….can you tell Naz, why this lady ,who is the mother of Vivaan and Amaya and who is such a hard task master in Soni Kudi ,Keep running and hiding like a scared rabbit whenever she comes across Roma….if she knows that Roma is a dangerous woman ,why is she leaving her children to her mercy ….why can’t she come out in the open and answer her son’s questions and expose Roma as she has a chance now? Can’t she see this misunderstanding is ruining her son’s life ? Somehow I am not liking Pammi’s silence at this juncture ..let us see what her reaction will be when she comes to know Amaya is critical….will she atleast reveal her identity or will she still be fearing for her life?

  9. Shraddha i also felt so Amaya was not raped …she was jumped out of d moving bus to save herself.But if she was raped then nothing disgusting than dis track.we can’t digest dis ugly turn instead of dis they can show her kidnapping…or met with accident…Lakshmi, Naz I think how can writer show Roma sent those goons for Meera…such a crap…uptil now i liked d story …excellent acted by Arijit….but one bad move by writer ruin all dis things…dissapointed…

  10. Lakshmi and Nimisha… You know how sometimes the written updates tend to send us down the rabbit hole like Alice and then we presume what really isn’t what things are, right? So let’s hope that Shraddha is correct and the rape didn’t happen…its the best thing we can hope for in this situation. Lakshmi, I’ve been thinking the same thing about Pammie Kapoor, she was such a hard-nosed woman at the Soni Kudi Academy, where is her spine now?? They are opposite characters now!!! Let’s hope for the best in today’s episode.

  11. I guess Meera was never educated on the dangers of con jobs on social media.Haha shes a simple pind girl hahaha so any message she received, she believed it to be real.I guess she thought the account was legit coz of the picture of the baby vivaan and amaya.I guess she genuinely wanted to reunite pammi with her kids.Unfortunately it backfired on the poor girl.I guess at times Vivaan did not really want to listen to her view that pammi might not be as bad as he thinks and there is more to it as to why she left them.So in essence her naivety with social media got her into trouble and caused this mess but its certainly no fault of hers as well because she never knew this might happen neither did she expect amaya to follow her at all. she did lie to vivaan that she was looking for a new boy because, she probably knew that he would support her in searching for pammi on fb.which is kinda stupid if pammi was hiding from roma. why would she use her real name for her profile.anybody who is hiding wouldnt do that. Vivaan himself cant make his mind up about meera.sometimes he is mean to her sometimes he wants her? i dont want meervan to fall apart. they were getting close and now this.frustrates me hahahaa. i hate roma i really hope she dies.pammi shld come out now. actually this is all her fault for her silence. she knows vivaan kapoor that she met is her son. her decision to keep silent has led to this mess.just come and expose roma and lali haizzzz.i wish amaya would get better soon^^ only saw her jump the bus.maybe doli assumed she was raped.hopefully she was not.please writers let meervaan be together.give them a chance

  12. In today’s news Meera did tell tat Amaya was ‘molested’ not raped.

    1. thanks shraddha^^

  13. Thanks Shraddha Some good news to all Kaleerein fans…Ofcourse molestation is no less trauma to a girl but some consolation …..

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