Badho Bahu 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Raghuveer catches Lucky

Badho Bahu 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Some village people stop Lucky. Lucky fears they might recognize Titli, but they don’t. He leaves from there.

Malti tells Payal that she is upset with Komal for leaving house for so many days. Payal says if Komal was there, then nothing like this would have happened. She’s doing tapasya, yet all this is happening. Malti calls Pinky and asks her to bring Komal back.

Pinky informs this to Kamla. Kamla says she worked so hard to be number 1, she got Komal kidnapped. She won’t let Komal be back. Once she catches Titli, she will make sure she gets married to Zaalim Singh. Ram ji hears it. He can’t believe Kamla is doing this to Komal who always thinks good for everyone. He intends to get Titli married to Avinash and all this mess will end.

Muchhad Singh is taking Jitesh to Lucky’s house, but he manages to escape.

Pinky warns Chunnu, Munnu to do as she says. Komal can’t be back, so keep her there and wait for her next call.

Raghuveer shows Titli’s photo to couple who saw Titli. They say they just saw them while ago. Raghuveer goes to direction where Lucky went.

Real Muchhad Singh comes to the engagement and informs everyone that they got kidnapped and couldn’t come to the engagement. Avinash says he became honest and people started taking advantage. He says he won’t spare fake Muchhad Singh. He picks up a rifle. All guests run out. Everyone tries to calm Avinash, but he says he will do what he thinks is right.

Raghuveer catches disguised Lucky. He asks him to stop. Lucky starts running. Raghuveer throws a stick at him and he loses his balance. He puts Titli down and tries to run away, but Raghuveer catches him. Titli regains her consciousness. Lucky thinks she had to wake up now only. She tells Raghuveer that Mucchad Singh kidnapped her. She asks who he is. Lucky is quiet. She picks up the stick and asks why he kidnapped her. Lucky’s fake beard come off a little. He tries to cover, but Raghuveer notices it. He removes his fake beard and is shocked knowing it’s Lucky. He slaps him. Sangram laughs. He says he thought kidnapper was an outsider, but it turned out to be their own, Lucky. Raghuveer asks Lucky to tell the truth why he kidnapped Titli. Now Titli is quiet.

Precap: Raghuveer brings Lucky, Titli back to his home. Sangram says it was Lucky who kidnapped Titli. He must answer why he did that in front of all villagers. Avinash says he will punish Lucky today only and points his rifle at Lucky.

Update Credit to: Rhea

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    Titli’s father overheard Kamla and Pinky conversation, hope he will expose them now and save Komal.

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