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If anyone was waiting for this update, I’m so sorry to update so late. I just couldn’t pour anything out of me. But now I’m continuing. Support, Suggest and Share.

Given below is the link to the previous update.

Ishaana reaches the ward in the hospital where her dad is admitted.

Ishaana – “Papa, what happened ? How come you both be here ? Mona, what’s all these ?”

Mona – “Di, when we were returning home from market, a car hit Papa.”

Ishaana – “A car ?! And did you note the number ? Did they stop the car ? We should complain to the police !”

Mona – “Di, actually that car was driven by Omkara. He is the one who took us to the hospital and even gave this money.”

Ishaana – “And you took that money and let him go ?!”

Mona – “Di,….”

Ishaana – “I admit that we are poor, but I have money to spent for my family.”

(Ishaana takes the money given by Om and rushes out to Om. Om is about to take his car. Suddenly Ish goes in front of the car.)

Om – “My gosh !” (gets out from the car)” So, here you are Ms.Ishaana. So you are planning to get hit yourself, so that you will get more money, ha ?!”

Ishaana – “Look, Mr. Oberoi, I’m not at all interested in talking to you and humiliating myself, ha. I just came to return your money.”

Om – “What ?! Seriously you think I’m that much interested in talking to you. Get away from my way, or else…”

Ishaana – “Or else what , ha ? What will you do ?”\

Om – ” I will take it through the other way, simple”

(Ishaana suddenly showers him with all the money in her hand !)

Om – “Tum jaante bhi ho ki kya kar diya tumne ?!” (shocked)

Ishaana – “I don’t care, I don’t need your offerings.” (walks off in anger)

Om – “You don’t know Ishaana, how many stomaches could have been filled with this money ! You just don’t know the value of money” (takes the car and drives off)


Shivaay – “Anika, I think hume kuch der thodi relax kar deni chahiye right !”

Anika – “Acha, toh chaliye ab TV mein “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” movie chal raha hai, chalo dekhte hai”

Shivaay – “No, NO. Hum kahi bahar chalte hai”

Anika – “par kaha ?”

Shivaay – “Koyi sawaal nahi honga. We are going on a long drive, chalo ” (drags her and gets on the car)

Anika – “Toh main stereo on karu ?

Shivaay – “of course”

(An evening in Paris ( ) plays and Shivika lip sync to it)

(Suddenly Shivaay takes a different route )

Anika – “Yeh kaun si raasta hai ? Hum yaha se kyun jaa rahi hai, Shivaay ?”

Shivaay – “Anika, maine kaha tha na ki no questions, okay !”

Anika – “okay” (pulls a face)

Soon they reach a beach side restaurant)

Anika – “yeh kaunsi jaga hai ?”

Shivaay – “Anika, no questions please. Just come out.”

They go there and there is a special table reserved for them)

Anika – “Shivaay, you planned all these ?”

Shivaay – “mm, yeah. I’m sure tum candle light dinners ke baare mein suna hoga, par yeh kuch different hai,”

Anika – “Mm, yeah, this is a sunlight lunch, i suppose !”

Shivaay – “ha ha”(laughs)”have the food”

(a music band there plays music)

Anika – “wow, yeh sab kitna dramatic hai na !?”

Shivaay – (doubts) “mm… tumhari matlab romantic ?”

Anika – “ha, wohi”

(Shivika feed a cake to each other)

(will be continued soon 🙂

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  1. Ruby_MarNy

    Fabulous ???❤️❤️❤️
    Continue soon…

    1. Devikaaa

      Thank you ?

  2. Fenil

    Fabulous chappy…loved it….can’t wait for next.

    1. Devikaaa

      Thank you, Bhaiyya ?

    Dear devikaa
    It’s interesting part??????
    Take care and stay safe ?

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice

  5. ItsmePrabha

    Hai Devika..Awesome chappy..actually i don’t even know that you used to write an FF..Read all the remaining parts in a go..will be waiting for the next..

    1. Devikaaa

      thank you dear 😉

  6. Niyati

    Wow….it’s awesome ….I will read all previous parts ….Update soon & love u

    1. Devikaaa

      thank u, di

  7. Sukaen

    Hi devika..
    this ff is nice..
    i really like it and try to read the previous ff but i couldn’t understand much.
    Hope you can write fully in english so that easier for us to understand the story fully.
    Sorry if i say smtg wrongly.
    No offences.
    Thank you.. 🙂

    1. Devikaaa

      okay… thank you.. But i’ll include some sentences in Hindi too for the completion of my concept 😉

      1. Sukaen

        tq for considering my views.

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