Badho Bahu 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jamuna ji paces in her home. Vardaan comes. She asks him n number of questions. Did everything finish nicely? Did everyone welcome Komal happily? Say something. Vardaan decides against telling her the truth or his mother will panic. He calms her down first. It happened really nicely. People spoke well for our Didi. Payal says it is good everything happened smoothly but she isn’t our responsibility anymore. This house isn’t hers now. She is the DIL of Ahlawat family. Jamuna ji tries to say something but Payal cuts her off. It is late. You both must sleep. She goes. Jamuna ji again asks Vardaan if everything is fine. He nods.

Lucky’s friend tells Lucky not to delay anymore. Have paan and head to your room. Your room must be ready by now. Lucky eats palang-tod paan by mistake. Rana completes the exercise and eats plain paan. Rana leaves for his room. Their friend is shocked to realise that they both ate the wrong paan’s. His other friend tells him to drop it. The first friend points out that Lucky ate that special paan. They both look at each other in shock.

Lucky comes to his room. He looks at the decorations in his room and gets upset. Komal enters just then with a glass of milk. She too looks at the decorations and closes the door from inside. She offers him glass of milk from far. Lucky stands rooted to his place.

Pinki comes to her room and is thrilled to see the decorations. She sits down like it is shown in tv.

Komal asks Lucky to have milk. He shakes his head refusing to drink it. You can drink it. She thinks of Pinki’s words. She told me to do what Lucky ji says. I will do it. She drinks milk and tells Lucky about it too. He looks at her in surprise and smiles. She gets tensed as soon as he gets up and walks up to her. She holds her dupatta but he holds her hand instead.

Rana comes to his room. He gets bit tensed seeing Pinki there. He closes the door and coughs to gain her attention. So many guests came in the wedding that I dint get a chance to speak to you. Sorry for that. I wanted to thank you as you agreed to marry me. She is quiet. He says I understand you must be feeling shy like me. He empties the glass of milk himself. He lifts her veil and closes his eyes making a pout as he inches closer to her.

Lucky makes Komal sit down on the bed and removes his jacket. He holds her from the shoulders and inches closer. She backs off with every inch that he takes towards her. They reach the end of the bed. Lucky removes her dupatta. She thinks every word is coming true. Is it the effect of that paan? Lucky leans closer. Komal closes her eyes.

Rana notices Pinki fast asleep. He pats at her shoulder but she falls on the bed. He watches her mesmerised. She is so beautiful. She must be tired. No worries Pinki ji. Sleep now. I will spend entire night watching you.

Lucky suddenly holds Komal angrily. You must be feeling shy. You are one shameless girl. I kept telling you not to say yes to the wedding but you said yes! You could have ruined someone else’s life. Why me? I will make this night memorable for you. he throws away all flower petals from the bed. Don’t even think of coming closer to me ever! He incidentally lifts the bed which breaks a little in the process. He passes out, with his head on her lap. Komal too lies down and cries.

Rana wakes up and comes in the practise area. He is surprised to see Lucky there already. Dint you sleep last night? How was your Suhaagraat? Lucky does not reply. Rana says how did this happen today. Is everything fine? Last time you were here when Marjorie. He goes quiet. Lucky says you are right. People learn biggest lesson when they are fighting for their love. Bigger lesson is learnt when their love leaves them to fend for themselves.

Payal gets the envelope of shagun from Vardaan’s pocket. She counts the shagun. Did you hide something? Vardaan denies. Jamuna ji says not everyone is like you. Give it to her. Payal refuses to give it. I handle household expenses so I should keep them. Jamuna ji asks her again but Vardaan drops it. Payal calls him intelligent. She hides money in the rice container.

Kamla ji and Malti ji are in kitchen. Kamla ji asks for both DIL. Pinki comes just then and touches their feet. Kamla ji praises Pinki before Malti ji. She is so much concerned about time and her responsibilities. Where is your DIL? Komal comes just then. Malti ji scolds her. Where were you? Do you know what time it is? Komal says I was praying so it took some time. She gives Prasad to them. Kamla ji says it is good but take care of time too. Komal agrees. Kamla ji says this is your first day in kitchen. You have to make food for guests. Pradhan Singh is coming along with his family to bless both couples. Get down to work. Cook great food. Pinki looks tensed. Komal asks about Pradhan Singh. Kamla ji shares that he has an old ancestral Akhada in Sonipat like we have here. Our kids have defeated their kids. Malti ji advises the girls not to make any mistake today. Don’t give him any chance to complain. He is very short tempered.

Precap: Malti ji tells Komal sternly she is neither her mother nor is she her DIL. Don’t call me Ma ji from today. You ruined my only son’s life. You are the eclipse of his life!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I really hope Lucky changes and accepts Komal soon. Feel sorry for both of them…they both had different reasons for getting married. I hope Lucky starts respecting her soon.

  2. Yes. I want more lucky and komal scenes. Today episode was so good. Luck and komal innocent acting is so good. I hope all are quickly understand komal good character soon.

  3. Good episode, thought it was funny how Pinky fell asleep in her sitting position and Rana’s besotted face. Why Malti has to be so hostile towards Komal?

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