Swaragini 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ragini bringing Mishka to Maheshwari house and shows their marriage pics, and his wardrobe. She says he is my Laksh and not your papa. Mishka says he is my papa. Laksh/Abhimanyu comes home calling Ragini. Sujata thanks God. Annapurna tells Laksh that they thought he is dead and are very happy to see him alive. Laksh calls Mishka…He calls them aunty and uncle and says Ragini brought my daughter here forcibly. I am not Laksh. Sanskar says how can you have a daughter. Mishka runs to Laksh and calls him Papa. Laksh hugs him. Mishka identifies Sanskar and Swara, and say that they met her in the market. She asks who are they? They are separating us, take me home. Laksh says I am your papa only. Durga Prasad says you are my son and Ragini’s husband. Sujata asks him to see his pic and cries. She says you are not Punjabi, but Marwadi…Laksh Maheshwari.

Uttara asks him to stop his joke. Laksh says it is enough now and asks Mishka to go. Sanskar says may be you have forgotten everything because of injury on your head. Laksh asks them to stop it and says he is not Laksh, but Abhimanyu. He asks Ragini, why she is acting being rich. Durga Prasad says she is your wife. Laksh says she is not my wife. Ragini asks him to sit down and talk. Laksh says I don’t want to talk, and asks why you are trapping me for money. Annapurna says I am your mum and he is your dad. Ragini cries. Annapurna says this is your family and everyone loves you. She says six months back…..Laksh says nothing had happened, and I am staying with my wife and daughter since years. He shows his ID card.

Swara says sorry Mr. Abhimanyu..She says we did a mistake, truth is that you can’t be our Laksh, as Laksh can’t speak to his family in this tone. She asks him to go. Ragini asks what you are saying, and asks Laksh to stay there. Swara says he is not Laksh, let him go. Sujata asks her not to get involve in their matters and says Laksh will stay here. Swara asks him to go.

Sanskar asks Swara, who are you to ask him to go. Swara says we can’t keep him forcibly here. Swara asks Laksh why is he standing here, and asks him to go. Laksh goes. Ragini cries. Sanskar asks Swara, how could you let him go. He says he was Laksh. Ragini says he was Laksh…my heart is saying that he is Laksh. Swara says even I know that he is Laksh, just as I saw him. Sujata asks then why did you let him go. Ram says we would have talk to him. Swara says he is doing this intentionally. Sanskar asks are you an astrologer to know all this. Swara says I am a deep observer and tells that he was getting affected with everyone’s cries and couldn’t eye contact with any of us. She says when I saw him going, he had folded his fingers tightly as if he is doing this helplessly. Ragini is shocked, and says Laksh is married now and that girl is calling him Papa.

Annapurna says may be Laksh is in some trouble. Ragini says how we will bring him back. Swara says Laksh is alive and is in same city. She says your sister is with you, and promise you that I will bring him back as your husband and this family’s son. Sanskar says Swara is not alone…I am with her. We both will bring him back. Ragini is teary eyes and says I hope you won’t break our hope.

Mansi informs Abhimanyu/Laksh that watchman told about the new maid. She asks Swara about her name, and says Aarti. Swara asks Mishka about the toy and asks who gave it. Mishka says my Papa. Swara’s ghunghat flies revealing her face. She turns her face. Laksh is about to see her face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. new promo omg plzzz no i swere i won’t fight withany one with now no matter what not even with my chotusa bhai plzzz i cant afford to lose my raglak and ya mica di my dramaqueen ragu is doing sholae drama

    1. Mica

      shocked shocked Kee.. huh! even my Swara join hand with your Ragini *pull swara’s ear… really they both real dadi’s grand daughters..
      wish they both raised by Dida than this cruel Dadi, as no matter how crazy Shoba bose, she is always wise woman…


    Ragini suicide… fake one as per some spoilers videos, being Swara’s plan (with media to have Laksh’ attention)… i loved in “on location videos” when Ragini acts the famous Sholay’s suicide scene…. Sui–C-IIII-DE… Sui-CIIIII-DE…. wonder if Ragini acts drunk too as the bottle seems of wine! lol

    For the show going off… very frankly, i would like an ending very good prepared giving time to resolve anything in appropriate time than prolongations when the show stops abruptly with nonsense story ruining all the good time we had… i would be very sad if it’s confirmed news.. 🙁

  3. anonymous(raglak)

    To all those people who reacted to my comment..let me jus make u clear about one thing…WE RAGLAKINAS DON’T HAVE ANY PROBLEM WITH SWARA/SWASAN……WE THOUGHT IT WOULD B NICE IF THOSE SWARA’S DIALOGUES WERE GIVEN TO RAGINI( IN YESTERDAY’S EPISODE).as SAHANA MENTIONED WE HAVE PROBLEM WITH CV’S.No need to list out about swara’s character with long comments as even I am following SR right from d start lolzzzzz.

    1. yes u r correct but do u think was ragini in a state to notice that… we all know that wherever it comes to laksh, ragini becomes more more n more emotional…. she just listens to her heart when it comes to Laksh…she loves Laksh madly…
      that’s why we don’t agree with u… n that’s why I support CVS for this… they did that correct… it is one more proof for those people who think that swara love laksh… don’t want to hurt anyone… it proves that Swara is not so much emotionally connected to laksh n it proves that she don’t love him….
      she only loves sanskar n only sanskar… n they will be only our swasan forever and ever always….

      1. N LOVE RAGLAK TOO…. really not lying… I really prayed for their unison when they were separated n now also I Doo…. don’t take me wrong….please don’t think I’m against them…
        sorry for this much bak bak….
        good night friends…..

      2. Anonymous (raglak)

        What made u think I will take u to be wrong.The above was jus my opinion. There is no need that everyone thinks like me.u jus said ur opinion

      3. yaar now what have I done that you are being so rude….

      4. n sorry if I said anything wrong…

  4. guysssss your favorite ragini is again going to commit suicide….
    go n bring Laksh fast within 1 hour or she will jump from baadi….
    yes its true I watched it in sbs segment…. n this time I’m going to enjoy a lot… now what will poor laksh will do… would he save himself or his wife…. poor….
    n what the hell was that how did that nikhil tried to kill swara… n when his attempts failed he started acting as a good friend….how dare he… he tried to brainwash her (not confirmed did he brainwashed her or not) ….but if he really tried to brainwash her then he is gone…
    n Colors TV please give some importance to swaragini… please give some repeating shows of swaragini in evening or afternoon… so that more n more peoples watch it…. n then automatically they will start watching it at 9:30pm….ease there is not a single perfect repeating time slot for swaragini…. please….

    1. anonymous(raglak)

      My dear Aditi Singh…I am not being rude to u dear…….Don’t take me wrong. Even in my previous commen..I meant to say that I won’t take u wrong bcz u didn’t say anything wrong….u jus said ur opinion..that’s it dear..And don’t be sorry dear……Take care

      1. you too take care…

  5. ragini is such an arse.she always does wrong n criminal act..better laksh stays with this new woman n leave psycho ragini


    @Aditi Singh
    Aditi mere jaan, this is Swara’s detiny… she had to fight for every right she has in her life, for her right to call her father papa, her right of love from her little sister she loves the most, her right of love and live the man she loves the most, her right to reunite family in the rude moment as the elder bahu (her elder being the bad side)… she incarns her words that the road of truth is difficult but we ends by winning ad she won every fight she has… from the illegitime bengali girl who was caught at Maheshwari’s door spying for her friend to most important member in the family, whatever happenned…
    Her destiny too to always be blamed for everything, in screen, off screen and in fandom too…
    but it’s ok… she’s always the winner 😀

    1. Mica

      Mahiraaa… rite or wrong, Swara always wrong..
      swalak fans blamed her to be such easy moving on girl…
      Rag——-san fans blamed her to shut down the opportunity of that pair.
      Raglak fans blamed her to be maahan…
      swasan fans blamed her if she made Sanskar’s sad..
      and me, blamed her if she did wrong thing 😀 😀 😀
      Dadi blamed her on everything…
      Shekar blamed her if anything happen to Ragini..
      Sujatha blamed her as she bengali…
      even outsider kinda gayatri blamed her……

      off screen, she blamed as cvs give her such nice character…
      she blamed if swasan fans bash others, no matter what the reason even if the person who blamed her is the one who ignite the fire…

      in this swasan track separation, almost all of swasan fans blamed her….

      so, it’s her destiny to be BLAMED…… 😀 😀

      note: i swear An, sahana, i don’t talk about this episode as i know you all just blamed cvs..
      so, no offense…ahem ahem..

      1. MAHIRA

        you know my dear Mica, In my real life, i have a sort of mentor, a professor who directed my studies for above 10 years, he always says: if you have lot of blamers, detractors and poeple trying to put you down, so be sure you’re in the right way and you’re doing well… wrong poeple don’t make any one jealous^^
        So sweet Swara, dear Helly… just never change, you’re such a big inspiration 😀
        Good morning swaraginian 😀

      2. Lounaa

        Dear Mica and Dear Mahira
        I couldnt add a word dear Mica to all what u said but in my countrie when u have so much people blaming ur even so little details it means you are so succeful..”we only hit with stone trees with fruits..no tree without any interest will be hit”
        So everytime i see people blaming My Lioness(that is Mica name i used it kater dear Mahira)i know deep inside she is so right.
        Swara for me is the image of free Love..free woman…free speech…but all that freedom..she act always upon right case for whom who needs her no matter what.
        So i will agree with Mica and Mahira and say go Swara go my Lioness fly beyound boundaries u deserve all the sucess and all that talkings will be always that push for further success

      3. yes u r correct mica… only swara is to be blamed for everything that happens in everybody’s life…. it’s her destiny….

      4. Mica

        hug for you both….you both soo true..
        take everything in positive way…
        may take a blame as critic , it’s make you be better person..
        but don’t let make you low…

      5. whom are you talking about mica???

      6. Even count me in this blame game.,,, i also blame her to be d most ADMIRING N BRAVE GIRL I HAVE EVER SEEN !!!
        i blame her for bearing all this n try to make ev1 happy in her own way…
        i blame her why she doesn’t react upon all this crapes!!!??
        but how can i forget she is Swara or Helly !!! PRINCESS OF LIONESS !!!
        its her destiny to b BLMAED. !!
        n it’s her destiny to loved by US,,
        LIKE CRAZY ONES !!!

        n i still blame her “BE LIKE THIS,, I LOVE U,, WE LOVE U “….
        u have become an idol for me !!! huhhhh *mad me !! bang my head with gas stove

      7. Mica

        waaa.. another hug for Aditi and Kaku…
        we talked about Swara/helly and all of us…hehehe,…
        Kakuuu…. huh! you blamed her ? how could you!!!!it’s yourself craziness *beat Kaku
        ops one thing..even if there is any boyz fall for her, she is the one to be blamed 😀

  7. Anurta

    Love u swara/helly shah u r jst awsm

  8. Is swaragini gng off air? i hv seen a promo of upcoming new serial…serial starts frm 19 dec @ 9:30pm……..

    1. Lounaa

      dear Sudhi
      Lots of rumors are now saying only thr show will change time of broadcasting
      so cross fingers and we will have our show as said earlier

  9. Amrutha

    We raglakians,not interested to bash swara, I even read some comments regarding to ragini,they supported her sometimes.
    Initially the serial ran with high trps during ragini ‘s negative track .even it is during serial getting craze over fans.
    These writers wants to continue ragini in negative role for some more time,but teju didn’t accept to continue,then started this partiality
    If one day , they not gave any intense scene or eye lock or love scene of swasan,you fans would definitely talk about this. But we should not accuse cv’s for not giving any track for raglak
    Ragini was too smart,when ragini is negative. But no more smartness.
    Really plz don’t give any suggestion you will
    Understand when they sidelined or ignore your fav actors.
    That problem will never come to swasan ,but only show goes off air.

    1. Mica

      well Amruta….about your statement, why Ragini being smart when negative,..
      it’s not smartness but craftiness…
      it’s sometime happened to people, not just Ragini’s case, i mean people will more smarter in their negative way….
      firstly for the aim and determined, it made them more focus to think..
      secondly, they didn’t let their heart to interfere what brain did..
      may you can ask psychology student about this…
      even it’s happened to Sanskar also, he was soo smart when tried to revenge to MF..

      it’s doesn’t mean that they aren’t smart at all… but they need something to triggered their smartness…

      well about side line character and trp..
      by your statement, mean we CAN’T do anything rite ?
      people love teju become negative, it’s gain high TRP…..
      mean people DON’T love Ragini positive…. so, people shouldn’t complain if she back to negative again rite ?

      1. Mica

        oh btw, don’t get me wrong about Teju negative bla bla bla.. i just want to show you that may your statement can make blunder for raglak fans….

  10. Aasthu


    If we talk about TRPs, popular daily soap ‘Swaragini’ on Colors TV has had a smooth run thus far. While recently there were reports that the long-running show is going off air, its lead Namish Taneja, who plays the role of Lakshya/Abhimanya Basu, has denied the rumours.
    When TimesofIndia.com contacted the actor, he said that the show is not going off air. The reports are just speculations and the actor has received no confirmation of the same.

    1. Mica

      Aasthu.. forgot to tell you.. all the best for exam dear! give us the best result…
      well about Swaragini going off air or not..
      Que sera sera from my side…wish the best..
      try to accept everything in good way,…

      1. Aasthu

        thanks Micuuuuuuu…….exams are a bit far away…..dec 8th onwards…..but lot to study………….what is the lang that Indonesians speak??????

      2. Mica

        well officially we use bahasa Indonesia (indonesian language)..
        but as we have soo many ethnic group, we use many different language also..

      3. Mica , is it true swaragini going off air? coz i saw d promo of SWABHIMAN n it’s in time 9:30..
        or swaragini will telecast in time of THAPKI !!
        I mean which serial replace whom?
        i seriously want to know..

      4. Mica

        Kakuuu..dear…i really dunno as i never heard that TPK will go off air even it’s trp lower than SR.. Amar Sharma confirmed that SR will go off air, but huh! really i dunno…

      5. Kakali

        Just now heard !!
        RS confirmed that swaragini going off air…
        but giving us a hope to regain TRP in one week …they will check TRP for one more week.,, is it not change? then it will surely going to off air ,,,,
        huhhhh still saying to watch it without skipping even in breaks !!!!
        I dun know what will i do !!!
        now i totally regret.. !! we shouldn’t have talked about swaragini going off air that day,,
        Damn !!!

      6. Amrutha

        Hai mica,I am just frustrated with the way the cv’s treated raglak. In fact we , especially I am habituated with this story. But sometimes I can’t stop myself from doing these comments.
        Anyways thanks for your sweet and hot reply.

      7. Mica

        Kakuuuu… well, seem i understand this, i will give my opinion in dec 18th inly about this 😀 😀

      8. Mica

        oh ya..Amruta… even i agree with you about trp..
        as i always believe that 2 always more than 1..

  11. anonymous(raglak)

    guys guys………..plzzzzzzz let’s just stop this….I am saying smthing…again sm people reacting to that……..UNtill that it is fine….But it seems like it is going to turn smthing else……so here I am apologizing to each n every one who got hurt/disappointed from my comment…Take care..be positive and spread positive.

  12. Guys this is too much… stop it… why r we all fighting… now finish….give some peace to ur hands… they are tired of writing n checking all the comments…. have a nice Sunday n Monday till 9:30 :-p….

  13. Hi every1 juz wanna share sumthing abt Swaragini going off air..
    “If we talk about TRPs, popular daily soap ‘Swaragini’ on Colors TV has had a smooth run thus far. While recently there were reports that the long-running show is going off air, its lead Namish Taneja, who plays the role of Lakshya/Abhimanya Basu, has denied the rumours. When TimesofIndia.com contacted the actor, he said that the show is not going off air. The reports are just speculations and the actor has received no confirmation of the same”
    Juz hope ‘SWARAGINI’ doesn’t going off air

  14. Aasthu

    Didn’t swaragini air today???????

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