Badho Bahu 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Teji is exposed

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Badho Bahu 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kamla ji asks Malti ji why she is so tensed. Malti ji says Sushma asked me to help her in the haldi ritual. Look at her audacity! Is this right? She has gone mad. Komal says you are also helping her by thinking of her. It will become easier for them to break us if we get tensed. Kamla ji agrees. They see her putting lipstick. Kamla ji realises and asks either of them to help her in doing so. Komal agrees to do it. She applies lipstick on her. I will also talk to Lucky ji. We must stay calm if we want to defeat Sushma Bua in her game. Kamla ji seconds her. She asks Malti ji if she is getting ready for the function. I am getting ready to mess up things. Malti ji agrees with Komal. I will surely go in the ceremony and help you all in creating obstacles for them. Komal smiles. Malti ji says I trust you very much. I will do as you say. I am sure you wont let Lucky and Titli’s engagement happen. Wait and watch Sushma! Komal asks Tai ji if she should help her in getting ready. Kamla ji nods.

Titli overhears her Bua and father talking. Ram ji asks his sister why she made them bring the trunk along with other things here. We have locked Jamuna ji in it. Sushma says we have to be very careful about what we say. No one should know about Jamuna ji’s absence. They will go to any extent to find her but wont look in their own house. Ram ji nods. Kailash ji asks him about the stuff. Ram ji says my daughter wont come empty handed. Ram ji’s men bring in a big fridge carton. They almost collide but Sushma goes to guide them. Titli finds an earring on the floor and realises that it belongs to Jamuna Ma ji. I must tell this to Lucky and Badho.

Komal is making Kamla ji wear the necklace. Tai ji must be in going through so much difficulty with this constraint. She drops the necklace but Kamla ji holds it. She asks Komal if she realises how expensive this necklace is. Pinki watches them from a distance. Kamla ji apologizes to Komal. Pinki and Kamla ji confess everything to Badho. We thought to keep you with Chunnu Munnu for some time and we will marry Titli too thereby becoming number 1. Kamla ji requests Komal to forgive them. Please don’t get upset. Let us explain. Pinki accepts that they did make a mistake. Komal tells them to go ahead.

Sushma asks Titli why she is still here. Titli holds the earring tightly in her hand. Sushma asks her to come along. I have to get you ready too. Titli hopes she manages to get away from her Bua somehow so she can find some solution for the problem.

Kamla ji says we told you everything. You can punish us now. Pinki adds that even Rana ji knows the truth. He was only waiting for the drama to end. We will be out of the house then. Kamla ji asks her to say something. You must be feeling angry. Komal agrees. I am angry and you both will be punished as well.

Titli thinks to tell someone this somehow. She thinks to tell Malti ji and goes to her room but she does not find anyone there. She thinks to check outside. I will tell it to anyone who I meet.

Komal says you repeated the same mistake again and again. you forgot the meaning of family in your wish to become number 1. Everyone becomes number 1 when 1 member of the family becomes number 1. Stop this game. Kamla ji agrees but Komal points out that she isn’t finished yet. Your punishment is that you both will never consider yourself as separate from this family from today onwards. Kamla ji folds her hands and hugs Komal. Pinki is also in tears. Kamla ji says we will never forget the lesson that you taught us today. Pinki seconds her. You are my true friend and will always be. I committed so many mistakes but you forgave me. I now promise to be your true friend. Komal agrees to talk to Rana too. Kamla ji calls her number 1 which irks Komal. We are all number 1! Kamla ji decides to teach a lesson to Sushma. Pinki teases her calling her dangerous. Kamla ji agrees and they all have a hearty laugh.

Sushma compliments Titli on her appearance. You will look more beautiful in long hair. Titli says Badho and Lucky will find out about Jamuna ji very soon. What will you do then? Sushma calls Badho emotional fool. She dint call her mother till now thinking that she will be shocked to know about your wedding with Lucky. Titli thinks to tell Badho everything. Sushma guesses her thoughts. Don’t think about it. It wont help. Now Badho will get her mother only when you and Lucky will be married. She will surely get her mother if you wont use your brains. I am going to call Bhaiya here. Don’t even think to use your brain. Titli complies. Titli takes out the earring the moment her Bua leaves. I must tell Ahlawat family this truth somehow.

Kamla ji tells everyone that her vision is back now. Everyone smiles in relief. Kailash ji asks her when it happened. Kamla ji gives credit to Komal. Komal says I have no contribution in this. Kamla ji says you may anything but I will still say that it happened only because of you. Teji greets everyone. Kamla ji asks him about his whereabouts. He shares that he was in Hisar. I did tell Pragya ji. He suggests getting him and Pragya married as well. Kailash ji asks him how it can happen today. Kamla ji likes the idea. My daughter will be finally settled and we will be saved from the taunts. Raghubir ji asks Pragya why she is so quiet. Shall we do what Teji is saying? Pragya says so much is going on in the house already. Teji reasons that they were waiting for this moment only. Komal suggests him to wait for 2 more days. Teji points out that Vardaan and Pragya have separated. Their divorce will also happen soon. Komal asks him why he is in such rush. Komal offers to tell everyone his truth today itself. Jitesh plays his recording with Kapoor wherein everyone hears that Teji was behind Teji and Pragya’s kidnapping. Teji is asked to bring 15 lacs. Kapoor suggests him to marry Pragya and get the money. Teji agrees but warns him that this is the last time. Teji gives in. Pragya is teary eyed. Komal says this is why Teji is in such a rush to marry Pragya. She next makes Premika tell his truth to everyone.

Precap: Teji tells Pragya it isn’t what it seems to be. Trust me. She slaps him. Lucky thanks Komal for saving their family. Sushma calls Komal Titli’s elder sister. You only trained her. Put haldi on her. Titli tries to talk to Badho.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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