Ishq Subhan Allah 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara saves Amaan’s life

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Ishq Subhan Allah 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara calls for car, she takes Amaan to hospital. Zeeant and ruksaar goes behind her in car too. ayesha tries to call Kashan and Shahbaz.

Zara is in car with Amaan, Zeenat tries to call her but Zara ignores it. Kabir is in meeting with Miraj. Zara calls him but he disconnects it. Zara keeps calling him. He takes call and says I am in meeting. Zara says amaan fainted, I am taking him to hospital, Kabir says I am coming. He says to Miraj that I have to go to hospital, Miraj asks if he can help? Kabir says I will tell you if need be.

Zara brings Amaan to hospital, she says to doctor that he didnt eat anything. Zeenat comes there and asks what she is doing? she is wasting his hardwork. Zara says he is ill. Doctor says he has less water level and needs drip. Zara recalls how Amaan didnt take chocolate and said he has fast even before ramzan started. Zara says to Zeenat that you were forcing Amaan to have small fasts before Ramzan? Ruksaar says he was asking for it, Zara says you cant let him do anything, you were keeping him hungry for days, fasts are not a duty before 12 years. Amaan says I dont want injection, zara says you wont get well without it, she asks doctor to give him drip. Zeenat says you cant give him drip without asking me. Zara says what are you saying? look at him. Kabir comes there and asks what happened to him? Zara says Zeenat asked him to fast. Kabir says this is foolish, he doesnt have age to fast. Zara says he needs water. Kabir says let me talk to him. Doctor says we have less time. Kabir asks nurse to bring juice. Zara nods. Zeenat says but? Kabir asks doctor if they can wait for sometime?

Ayesha is trying to call Shahbaz but he is busy, she says to hell with work that cant have time for sons. She calls Zara and asks how is Amaan? Zara says Kabir is here, we are doing everything. Ayesha says I am coming.

Doctor says to Kabir that he is in critical condition, we cant wait. Kabir says to Zeenat that you shouldnt have made him keep a fast, kids can say anything. Ruksaar says Kabir is right, you shouldnt have made him fast. Kabir says now will we save his life or his innocent fast? Zeenat says he follows you, he wanted to fast like you, I just want his fast to complete, do anything but save his fast. Kabir thinks God this kid kept a fast for you, please save his fast and life. Nurse bring juice there. All look on. Zara takes juice and brings it to amaan. Kabir stops her and takes juice from her. Kabir says there is time for iftar. Zara says look at his condition. Kabir says if he can bear it then let him be, God have given him strength so let him complete it, I kept a fast in 7 years too, he shouldnt have kept a fast but now he has so we should wait for a little time, trust me. Kabir says to Amaan that only few minutes are left, you will complete your fast, you are my brave nephew. Kabir says to Zara that dont worry, doctors are here, I trust my God. He prays for Amaan.

All are waiting for iftar time. Zara sees Amaan feeling dizzy, she says he is getting ill. Ruksaar says he is fine. Zara asks to call doctor. Ruksaar says doctor doesnt know power of fast. Zara says he was shivering. Zeenat pushes her away and says he is fine. Kabir prays for Amaan and says he is fine. Zara sees Amaan having fits, she thinks I cant wait. She takes juice, Kabir stops her and says wait for sometime, his sacrifice will go waste. Zara says its not about me but kid’s life so I wont listen to you, there is nothing bigger deed than saving life in Islam, leave my hand Kabir. Kabir leaves her hand giving her permission. Zara makes Amaan drink juice. Zeenat and Ruksaar looks on. Amaan starts having fits, they call doctor. Doctor comes there and takes Amaan to ICU. Kabir takes Amaan and rushes to ICU. Doctor asks everyone to remain outside. Kashan comes there. Zeenat rushes him and cries, she says Amaan fainted, this Zara killed him, Ayesha and Shahbaz comes there too and are stunned. Zara holds Kabir’s hand. Kashan asks what is happening? Zeenat says he was hungry for 11 hours, he fainted. Kabir says nothing happened to him, you asked him to fast, stop blaming and pray for him. Zara says I just gave him juice, Ayesha says I know. They all pray for Amaan’s recovery. Kabir consoles Zara. Doctor comes out of OT and says he is out of danger, they all thank God. Zeenat thanks Doctor. Doctor says thank Zara, if she didnt give him juice on time then we would have lost our chance. Zeenat looks on. Ayesha kisses Zara’s forehead. Kabir smiles at her.

PRECAP- Miraj says to Kabir that I want someone to handle things with you in this business, I want to choose a partner from my side for your business if you dont mind? Kabir says I dont mind at all. Zara looks on. Miraj says after thinking a lot I have thought to give this duty to Ruksaar.
Zara says so this is Ruksaar’s plan? to come near Kabir while pretending to help in his project? Ruksaar says yes Zara.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nina

    This mother lost any realist consciousness. At least people used religious fast to win practical concessions. The actions today – the attack to a kid. They are venturing like at a suicidal theater.

  2. First of all, I would like to ask for your forgiveness. This include Naz.
    For over a month, I have repeated that I hate two words.
    Now I have become a hypocrite. What kabir did, is not Islamic!

    You can break Ramadan if you become sick. Allah don’t want you to lose your life. If you can’t do the fast, in a later date. Then you can give money to charity.
    Zara was right.
    What zeenat did, she boosted kabit ego so much. That she nearly kill her son.
    Kabir ego went so far, he nearly kill his nephew.
    The idea that his nephew, wanted to be like him. I don’t where kabir get his information from. To me, his ego has gone to big.
    Zara should give up on him and his project. It a trap, that ruksaar is setting up for her.

    1. Cathy

      Sad that they did this, i don’t believe the almighty requires someone to harm themselves in such a way so if i had been Zara those two witches would have gotten my elbow to their throats and as for Kabir…well perhaps i’ll keep that to myself, i’m just not liking him lately and i hope that Rusksar does him dirty big time. Oh and that doctor!! i would have brought him up on malpractice charges for leaving a child in distress.

    2. Sister, you didn’t need to ask me for forgiveness, you haven’t said anything wrong to me at all, you have personal experiences in life which has soured your purpose in life and if you think by venting it out her or elsewhere, nothing is wrong with that, it’s better to cleanse you conscience, mind, heart and soul than to keep it bottled up inside, does you a whole lot of medical problems through that. I’ve said a piece or two sometimes, not afraid or ashamed to dear…. The best thing that happened here, is that we all have become friends, sharing a little pain that we kept hidden and that’s a good thing. Salaam sister, no need for apologies!! ??

  3. What I’m thinking is that the writers are trying to sensitise us about such a thing that does occur in few Muslim homes, where some interprets our obligations and religious practices to suit their own personal agendas which is in fact an misinterpretation of what the actual message is. For instance, Islam is a peaceful religion but out there we have sick and demented minds using the religion to twist the original message and carry out atrocities against innocent people including children and make us law abiding citizens feel ashamed to even defend their actions because what they’ve done doesn’t need defending in any logical way at all. Here, we see this young boy, cajoled by his mother to keep his fast even though it’s to his own detriment and all because she wants him to probably grow up overnight and take over Kabir’s place as Mulvi and business as well.. She’s totally disregarding that he’s a minor and the thing is, if this boy knew the full importance and significance of fasting he wouldn’t be asking for mango punch or water, so that tells me that he’s too young to keep such a fast at this age, he’s just mirroring what he see the adults doing so he’s not committing any sin whatsoever, he’s exempted on the grounds of still being a minor. So not only does Kabir own a huge ego, Zeenat possess one as well but it’s being used for her own agenda through her young child….she can’t wait for him to grow up!!!

  4. With that precap, let’s see if Kabir brings Zara on board with him for the project….after all, he’s told her to stay away from his project.

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