Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th January 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Rahul telling about Neha and Rehaan’s bonding. Cady says, you are not 17 years now. Rahul says she should be with us. Rehaan is getting engaged. Cady says, we have Dad and at this moment Rehaan needs her. She is his mom also. She asks him to cheer up. Pari, Mayra, Khush, Pihu and others start playing the game. priya and Ram smile seeing them. juhi is as usual jealous to see their love. Juhi intentionally collides with pari and Mayra falls on the ground. Ram scolds her for walking blindly. Naina is disgusted. juhi says, I didn’t do it intentionally. Mayra says, I am fine. Priya helps her. Priya says, Juhi didn’t do it intentionally. Mayra is perfectly fine. Ram is tensed. Juhi recalls Ram and Priya’s words. She feels bad. Priya comes to her and says sorry for Ram’s behavior. She says, Ram was angry but he doesn’t mean to hurt her. I know you are very much hurt so I came here to say sorry on his behalf. I know you can’t hurt my children anyway. Mr. Kapoor doesn’t know what he says in anger. Juhi says, it is okay. Priya asks her to be happy. juhi says, you are the reason for our differences. Ram shared everything with me in these 7 years. She says, I know him very him. I will never forgive you. Priya scolds Ram for getting angry on juhi. Ram promises her to leave his anger. He gets her a ring. He says, this is the smallest and simplest earring in the shop. Priya looks at the ring and says it is elephant size ring. Ram says, I got it. Priya asks him to make her wear. Ram thinks of his talk with Sammy. Ram says, I asked him to collect it on Pihu’s birthday. Priya wonders then where it is.

Ram wishes her new year….Priya too wishes him a very happy new year…..bade acche lagte hain plays….

Suhani is looking at the sky. Sammy comes and stands beside her. Suhani looks at him. Sammy hugs her. Pihu asks Mayra about Sammy. She is coming there. Suhani breaks their hug and asks him to leave her hand. Sammy says, your eyes says that you love me then why you are afraid. Suhani says, I am afraid of you and your anger. Sammy asks her to stop. He says, Khush told me that there is nothing between you both. He asks her to tell the truth.

Watchman tells Pihu that no one is here. Pihu thinks it means they are here. Suhani tells her that she asked Khush not to tell anything to anyone about their relationship. Suhani says, I want peace. She says, I will leave from here.

Soumya suggests youngsters vs elders. Everyone agrees. Priya finalised the teams. juhi comes, Priya asks her to sit beside her. Priya asks about Suhani. Riddhima says, she might be in her room. Priya goes to bring her. Cady thinks even Sammy is not here. Pihu is searching for them. Priya is also coming from the other way. Pihu sees them together. Suhani leaves. pihu calls Sammy. Pihu threatens him calmly. Sammy says she left me. Pihu says I am obsessed with you. Pihu says, I will get you but you can’t get Suhani. She asks him to come inside.

Ram asks Vikram where is Priya. She is my lucky charm. I can’t live without her, Juhi feels jealous. Khush asks Suhani, why you are crying. He asks her not to cry on the new year eve. Khush cheers her and asks her to come. Priya smiles seeing them.

Priya pulls Ram leg and says we are soulmates. Ram says, I am thinking to get a lose ring for Pihu so that they shall have a long married life like us.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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