Uttaran 7th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 7th January 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 7th January 2014 Written Update

Vishnu comes home from office really tired. Mukku comes there holding a candle in her hand. She takes him for a dance and shows him the arrangements she has done. She has ordered food from outside. He calculates the whole expenses. He sweetly asks her she dint have to spend so much. Your salary wouldn’t be raised this much. She excitedly shows him her promotion letter. My company is very happy with my performance. He gets thinking as he reads the letter. Have you done a research about your company? Have you met your boss? Now she goes quiet. I haven’t met him till now. He must be busy or he might now have something to do with me. I have joined this office two days back. He raises the same point. You joined two days ago and you were promoted because of your performance. Salary is almost double plus

incentives. I am happy with your progress but this doesn’t look normal. She says I asked the same thing to the HR Manager. I completed the orders in 2 days time which the company was trying to get since 6 months that’s why this promotion. He is still worried. If we get something before time then surely something is wrong somewhere…very wrong! She agrees to meet her boss tomorrow. brighten up now. She also tells him she has cooked this food on her own. He gets happy. mrs. Kashyap is promoted now she can treat me every month as she has started earning more than me. They start with the sweets to celebrate it.

Nani comes to Damini’s room. Damini is already working on her sewing machine. Nani asks her to mend the fall of her saree. You would be able to do that much, right? Damini asks her to trust her this much. Nani says she has no other option. If something happens to my saree then get me a new one. Damini gets a call from Meethi. nani hears this and leaves from there. Damini asks about the letter. Meethi tells her they dint get a chance to talk about that. Ambika has planned a surprised honeymoon for all four of us. Damini is taken aback. Damini recalls the last time when Akash (that time with a fake identity of Vishnu) and Meethi were supposed to go to Switzerland but they dint. Damini keeps sewing absent mindedly. Nani sees this and stops the machine. Your hand was about to come under the pin. What were you thinking? Meethi hears this and is worried. Nani was worried about her saree. Meethi says I know what you are thinking. I know what’s troubling you. But trust me this honeymoon is not going to be like that first one. This Akash isn’t the old Akash. He loves your granddaughter a lot so don’t worry. Damini agrees. But take care of yourself and keep calling me. meethi too tells her to take care of herself as well. She ends the call for she has to do packing. Nani asks Damini what she heard that she lost her mind. Damini tells her that Meethi and Akash are going to Shimla on their honeymoon. This is troubling me. nani is upset thinking that beggar Vishnu dint even take Mukku to Lonavala even. she leaves from there after telling Damini to do it nicely. Damini prays for Meethi’s wellbeing.

Sankrant is keeping the luggage in the car while Ambika watches. Both the couples are ready to go. Pavitra asks Akash to take her on Mumbai tour once he is back. Maiyya tells her not to think about herself all the time. Kasha kaka gives the Ganesha idol to Meethi as she had forgotten it. This is Iccha’s memento. This will protect you. He asks Akash to take care of Meethi. Ambika thinks this time Ganesh ji wont be able to save her too as I am going to be successful this time. They all leave as it is about time for their flight. Pavitra is surprised that Ambika has arranged for everything on her own. Plus Chaubey gave her his own money. Maiyya is also sure there must be some plan behind this. Ambika must have surely planned something that’s why she has taken Akash and Meethi along with her. let her do anything with Meethi but if she does something to my son then it would all come to me and her.

Mukku is working in the kitchen when the doorbell rings. It is Nani. She has come fully covered in a raincoat. She tells the servant to keep the bags inside and leave. Mukku smiles looking at her. Vishnu too comes there so Nani lists down all the things which she has brought for her…things that she loves. Ram hi Rakhey, your husband doesn’t have so much money so as to buy all this for you. Mukku stops her. nani acts as if she has seen Vishnu now. he comes and takes her blessings. He asks Mukku to serve water. But Nani herself goes and opens the fridge but there is no water inside. Why is the fridge empty? Have you kept it to keep ironed clothes inside? She taunts Vishnu indirectly. Mukta’s fate is like this empty fridge too. That Meethi and Akash are going to Shimla for their honeymoon. You don’t have this much money that you can take my Mukta somewhere. You could have told me I would have booked the tickets for you. Mukku tries to stop her but she continues. You have got a princess. Don’t give her the life of a servant atleast. Vishnu stops Mukku from saying anything. I am trying to keep her as happy as possible. Mukku too reaffirms. Nani asks Mukku to give empty boxes so she can fill dry fruits for her. mukku replies that all the boxes are full with things that are necessary. Those who wish more than its necessary…their boxes and hearts stay empty only. Nani is upset.

Nani asks her if the truth has hurt her. she asks Vishnu about it. Vishnu agrees with her. He asks Mukku to make tea for Nani. Mukku declines. maybe Nani wont like the tea of a poor’s house. Mukku takes the box of 5 kg ghee. What will I do with it? We use ghee to light puja’s diya and we have that. Vishnu only told me how to do puja. She gives it all to the driver servant while a chant plays in the background. We don’t need dry fruits as we have so much love in the food cooked in our house. Mukku takes one chocolate as one must not disrespect elders. Vishnu has taught me this. She returns the rest of the box. Nani asks her if they dint teach her anything. Nani leaves from there in a huff. Vishnu tries to stop her but in vain. He asks Mukku what’s the point of talking to an elder like this. Mukku agrees, but I cannot bear my husband’s insult. She gives him his tiffin box. He agrees he dint take her anywhere for their honeymoon. She lightens up his mood and makes him smile.

Akash, Meethi, Ambika and Sankrant reach their hotel in Shimla. Akash checks in and they get two rooms – 210 and 215. Meethi thanks Ambika for making her see such a beautiful place. She was mesmerised by the beauty of it all the way. Akash too thanks her. ambika replies very sweetly. Sankrant shares the luggage with the delivery boy and leaves from there. Ambika is disgusted with him while Meethi compliments him.

Akash thinks that maybe he will be successful here in making Meethi stand on her feet. They all head to their room. Ambika is sure this time only she will be successful. We four have come but only 3 will return.

Precap: Ambika puts a snake in the picnic basket and smiles. Meethi is carrying that basket in her lap while they are roaming around in the market. Ambika is happy. now I will see who saves you.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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