Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Jhanvi with her baby. Karthik follows her and says she came running after hearing about his accident. Jhanvi says she dont want to talk to him. Karthik says you cared for me a lot and kept quiet when Ayesha tag our baby as illegimate. Karthik says he wants to rectify his mistake. Jhanvi asks How? by eloping with your first wife or by pretending that you didn’t married me. Karthik says he wants to go with her to singapore and wants to give this baby a normal upbringing. He wants to be a good father. Jhanvi says she should want Natasha to gets hurted as she loves him.She dont want him to break one family for the other family. Karthik friend comes and asks him to come for cake cutting.

Ram and Priya cuts the cake and everybody looks happy and claps. Ram and Priya hugs. Ram asks Natasha to hold Karthik and dont allow him to go. Karthik and Natasha smiles. Shipra says that her son and daughter in law will cut the cake now. They cut the cake and Natasha thanks Karthik that he came to be with her on this day. Jhanvi looks upset. Ayesha smirks and thinks how fool jhanvi is and her plan is ruined. Jhanvi unable to take it anymore, silently leaves.

Neha comes and asks Priya why is she ignoring her. Priya says she wants to talk to her something. They goes inside. Priya asks Neha did she talked anything with Cady? Neha says yes, she asked her to remember not to cross the limits. Priya says Cady will not do as such, she is sensible. Neha says I also trust her thats why I talked to her. did she complained to you? Priya says for Cady you are Rahul’s mother and she didn’t complained to me. she was upset that’s why share with me. Neha says she will go and clear the things. Priya says she will handle it.

Everyone hears baby cries and Dadi and Maa find the baby on the cot. Priya says it is Jhanvi’s baby. Ram says she is actually gone and there is some problem. Priya calls her maasi but her phone is switch off. Ram wonders how the mother left her baby here. Priya tells everybody that Jhanvi loved someone and married and recently she came to know that her husband is already married.

Ram says this is shocking. Priya says Jhanvi is his second wife. Ram says she might be depressed thats why left the baby here. Maa is holding the baby but the baby is still crying aloud. Karthik is troubled and takes the baby in his hands. Baby becomes calm after coming in his father’s hands. Karthik smiles. Natasha says this baby kept quiet after coming to you. Ram gets a call from Rishabh and Ram asks him to come back home. Ram informs Priya that Jhanvi’s house is locked. Priya wonders how is this possible. Priya asks Cady to make Khush and Pihu sleep. she agrees.

Police comes there and Ram says he called the police and it was important to find Jhanvi. He explains to the police. Police says it means this baby is illegitimate. Police inspector asks for her photo for identification. Priya says no. Inspector asked them to help them in making the sketch. Priya says ok. Inspector says baby will be in their custody and will be in the orphanage. Priya says no, this baby is her friend’s and they can take well of the baby. Inspector says they cant do it. It is against the law. Inspector says if you get the relative of the baby then you can take the baby. Priya hesitates, but Ram says it is the law and we have to follow.

Priya says she will also come with the baby, but Police assures her that they will take care of the baby. Lady constable takes the baby from Karthik and baby starts crying as they are about to leave. Karthik asks the police to stop. Ayesha smirks at her plan working. Karthik says this baby will not go anywhere, let him stay here. Everybody is surprised. He takes the baby back and says this baby is not orphan and he is my son. Shocking revelation hits the Kapoor family and all are shocked to no end. Karthik continues that this baby is mine. My and Jhanvi’s, I am his father. He tells the Inspector that he can provide the proofs as well. Inspector leaves. Natasha is shocked and dumbstruck. Karthik moves towards Priya. Priya says what is this? this is not a joke. Ayesha gets a chance now and she says whatever he is saying is truth. Ayesha says this is his son, his sin. This baby’s father is your loving brother. She asks Shipra whether she can believed and says her son came back after getting his face black. Ayesha says she knows everything. Ayesha says because of your second wife, I lost in court and lost everything. I will never forgive you too and says Karthik and Jhanvi are married and this baby is their illegitimate kid.

Ayesha now tells Natasha that she wants to see this expression on her since long and I didn’t do anything and the best part is your husband did my work. She says I dont know till how long he will be your husband. Shipra asks her to go from here. Ayesha says what is this maa, you want me to go in the first episode. She leaves saying happy fighting.

Kapoor’s and Sharma’s are tensed. Priya slaps hard to Karthik. Priya says Jhanvi was your friend’s your sister and your friend died because of you and you took advantage of your dead friend sister. She says dont you remember Natasha your wife even once when you married Jhanvi. Did we taught you this. Karthik says sorry and says he did a mistake. Priya says whatever you did is a sin. you mess up with two lives. Priya cries and says we have full faith on you but….. One girl Natasha waited for you here and you betrayed her and other girl Jhanvi you also betrayed her. She knows the truth but she didn’t told me anything. You didn’t thought about us. Did we give you this upbringing. I am ashamed of you. You let me down. Ram and family is disgusted. Natasha is speechless by the pain. The Episode ends on Priya hurted face.

Precap: Shipra says to Ram that she accepts whatever happened is all wrong but this is not the way to talk. Ram gets hyper and says why should I stop. I dont want to stop and you are forgetting I married your daughter because of my sister. Priya is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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