Maharana Pratap 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 4th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pratap being unknown of the coming danger by the Afghan Chowni guard. Pratap’s ministers come and save him. The minister asks him is he fine, he is wounded. Pratap says he is fine. They say Pratap to come with them, as it is Maharaj’s command. Pratap says he has to go somewhere, but the minister insists, Pratap says ok we will go to the palace.

Scene shifts to Afghan Chowni:

Shams khan tells his guards that our two guards went to meet Devidas, and they did not return, find out about them. The guards leaves.

The minister asks Pratap what he was doing with them, Pratap says I will not answer you here. The minister says you cannot risk your life like this, the situation could have worsen. They go from the village, amidst many people. The minister says Maharaj is very angry, and you should prepare what to say Maharaj. Pratap says he has the reason for eloping from the Mahal. They see Devidas there in the market area, and they call him. Pratap smiles seeing Devidas. The minister asks Devidas what he is doing here, there was a problem in the palace and you are roaming here. Devidas makes an excuse. Pratap says yes, he is saying right.
Devidas asks what you guys are doing here. The minister asks him to come to the palace soon. He says Maharaj is very angry. Devidas says he will come soon. Pratap says he will come with Devidas. The minister says I m talking in your favour. Pratap says I will go wiith Devidas, he sits on his horse. Devidas speaks sweetly with Pratap.

Scene shifts to Maharaj Udai Singh:

Maharj is waiting for Pratap. His ministers say Pratap might have eloped for the solid reason. Maharaj says don’t praise them, our love makes them go against us. Maharaj says he wants to see the reason.

Pratap asks Devidas to rest if he wants. He says no. Devidas asks Pratap to apologize to Maharaj, and he says Maharaj is light hearted, if you say sorry to him, he will forgive him. Pratap says Maharaj says you have to be solid and ask justice. Devidas says he will save him from Maharaj, and he will not let anything happen to him. Pratap comes to the palace. Maharaj sees him, and all the Maharanis come out to see what will happen between the father and son.

Pratap makes an entry with Devidas. Maharaj asks Devidas not to come between them. Maharaj says he has to forget that he is his son, so that he can punish him, Pratap admits his mistake but says I want to tell something important. Pratap asks him to allow. Devidas moves, but Maharaj asks him to stay, as he is like his shadow. Maharaj has full faith in Devidas. Maharaj says he trusts everyone present here, and Kuwar Pratap can tell anything infront ot them. But he should note that he has done one mistake, by running from the palace, now he should not make another mistake. Maharaj asks him what is the matter, he says I should tell you that there is a traitor between us, Maharaj and Maharanis are shocked.

Maharaj says what are you saying, Pratap says he is between us and he is working for Shams khan, he is giving messaged to them. Maharaj says I know you are clever, but if you are doing this to save from the punishment, then its really bad. Pratap says he is here, and I can tell you. Maharaj says enough, the ministers are saving and guarding since you are not born. Pratap says this is the truth. Maharaj tells where is the proof. Pratap tells he has proof. Maharaj asks for the proof.

Pratap says the info that only your loyal ministers know, even I can tell you that. Maharaj is shocked. Devidas is tensed. Pratap tells Maharaj his plan. Maharaj says its a crime to overhear their plans. The minister says to listen to Pratap once. Maharaj says whats left. Maharaj asks who is he, Pratap says he is the most trusted man, Pratap looks at Devidas. Maharaj asks are you sure about this and do you have the proof. Pratap says yes, I have seen him talking to Afghan guards, and taking gold from them, and telling the secrets to them. He has told this to Afghan guards. Devidas admits his mistake, and apologizes to Maharaj. Maharanis and Maharaj are shocked. Maharaj asks his minister to punish Devidas.

Maharaj looks at Pratap, as he is not seeing Devidas, and the punishment given to him. Maharaj asks his minister to stop. Maharaj asks Pratap to look there and see blood. Devidas is killed. Mahara says what you have done was right. He says I wanted to say sorry to you, so I came after you, and this happened. Maharaj asks him to go to Maharani. Everyone cheer for Pratap. The minister says Pratap has proved that he has Rajput’s blood in him, he fought with the Afghan Chowni guards. Pratap is not an ordinary prince, he is a future warrior. Maharaj says yes, such sons are hard to get.

Precap: A guard tells Shams khan that Udai Singh has killed Devidas. Maharani is preparing Kuwar Pratap for Mewar.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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