Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th April 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in Priya’s house:

Priya says that Sid’s brain in such things only. Natasha says that look at his guts he has used Pihu, day by day he is degrading, it is unbelievable. Priya says such people think everyone are like him. He must have thought Pihu will also lie like him, but Pihu has said them the truth. Priya then tells them everything which goes like this:
Pihu comes to Priya and Ram and says she is taking the tiffin box for her good uncle. They ask why is she not asleep. Priya tells the one who gave you PSP. Ram is shocked and says What? Priya asks where she met him again. Pihu says on our roof. Pihu says her uncle said he is very hungry and can she bring food for him. Priya asks her why she went on the roof alone. Pihu says she went with her Bua. She went talking on her phone, and ust then Pihu saw uncle and she has promised him to give him food. Pihu says Ram that promises must be fulfilled Papa. Priya says ok give me the tiffin, your mama will give it on your behalf. Ram says let Pihu give it to her uncle, she is a rockstar. But as it is night now, Your Papa will also come with you. You give him the tiffin and run fast and your Papa will talk to him. Priya says Pihu to run fast and come.

The scene gets back to present. Priya says that now he will get bailed. First getting caught, then getting bailed and keep him in full confusion. The first thing he will need is bail.

The scene shifts to Ayesha’s house:

Ayesha is making calls to her friends to arrange the bail for Sid. Vikram says are your friends like you, selfish, shallow, undependable. She says, shall i call or not. Vikram says you have to save Sid or not.
She keeps trying with her friends asking for the judge’s phone number to get Sid’s bail papers signed. Vikram asks do you have this more? Ayesha says did you come here to have food. Vikram says No, I have come to help you. I’m awake and working with you and I have to listen your gossip, so I’m feeling hungry. He asks for Cheese sandwich and wine. Ayesha gets irritated and tells him Sid is in jail and you want wine and Cheese sandwich. Vikram asks her to bring it fast else Sid might be crying in the jail.

The scene shifts back to Priya’s house:

And now Mr. Kapoor will get the call of his to-be-bhabhi’s call and thats my little sister Ayesha. Priya’s parents look in disgust quietly.

The scene at the police station:

Ram is talking on the phone saying Thank you Ayesha, I knew it you will do the needful in such times. The bail papers have been signed. Sid comes there from behind. The inspector checks the bail papers and asks Ram to sign it. Ram signs it. Ram tells Sid that I always thought your and Ayesha’s relation is wrong. But this time, she was the one who helped you. Sid says Thank you bhai.

The scene shifts back to Priya’s house:

Priya says that tonight Sid will be out of the jail. Ram’s mother asks where will he go. Priya says where else can he go Ma. He will go to his house, Kapoor Mansion to my sister, his partner in crime.

Scene in the taxi:

Sid thanks Ram. Ram says you don’t need to say thanks. I’m your brother. If I don’t come when you need help, then whom will I help. Sid is silent, head down.
Sid says Ram I can’t tell you what I have undergone, because I did not have any choice. I did not know that you will help me. Ram says from today, whatever happens, come to me. Ram says but you will not need anything, because I have made such plan for you that you will get what you want.
Ram stops the taxi and says your house has come. Sid says Ram My house! Ram says yes your house.

Scene back to Priya’s house:

Priya’s father says that what do you want. You want him to be out of jail.
Priya says yes Papa, because that man is such, he has run away from the police’s grip and he will run away from the jail too. We have to do something like what Ram is offering him looks big to him and he helps us in trapping him.

Priya says our first agenda was that Ram wins Sid’s confidence and I think he did it. Second is Sid’s all ways must be closed, still he should feel he is safe. He will do what we want. Third and most important is Sid and Ayesha’s marriage. Natasha says yes as her first marriage was a contract, and if Ayesha remarries then by default Ram will get all the property. Now we have to see how Ram will make them marry. Now they will start Ram Leela.

Kapoor Mansion:

Ram brings Sid home. Ayesha is happy to see him and she goes and hugs him. Ram smiles and says Its ok you can carry on. She thanks Mr. Kapoor for bringing Sid. She then tells Ram. Ram says for you Mr. Kapoor will be fine, saying Ram will get the things complicated. She says there is nothings like that. I was not understanding. I was also trying to get him out of the jail and you brought him. She says Seriously thank you so much. She says to be honest, I was afraid of you. Ram says I have just bailed him out, but I need to talk to the lawyer to get him free.

Ram talks to some lawyers. They say him that Ayesha has told them a brief. Ram says don’t trouble her now, you talk to me. Sid listens. Ram says This case is very important for me.
Ayesha tells Sid that I have hired the lawyers, I should talk to them. Sid says you have hired them today, he has been handling many lawyers since years. Sid asks her to stand quietly. Ram says the lawyers to give a permanent solution so that this matters end forever. The lawyers says there is one way if we can prove that he had no involvement in the old case. Ram says but how. For this, he should be a responsible family member. Ram says I don;t think there will be any problem as Ayesha is ready to do anything to save Sid.
Ayesha says Ya ofcourse.

Ram says they are not married but they are almost husband and wife. Another lawyer suggests that they must marry them both. Sid’s image will become good. Mamaji is shocked. Vikram smiles. Ram says its in their hands. What say Ayesha? Are you ready to marry? Ayesha says completely ok.

The scene shifts back to Priya’s house:

Natasha says I don’t think she is going to say Yes to the marriage. Ram’s Dadi says Sid will not take the responsibility of marriage. He is not like Ram. Priya says Ram is not forcing them. She says what choices Sid have? Either he has to marry Ayesha or he has to go to jail. He doesn’t have any option left. Actually we have made the decision.

Kapoor’s Mansion:

Sid says it looks like it is happening very fast, I need time. Ayesha tells him don’t you want to marry me. Sid tells yes I want to. Ayesha says him I have hired the lawyers, I have called my friend’s at night to take their numbers. Vikram says yes this is right, Ayesha has worked the whole night and helped him. Ayesha scolds Sid that he is denying to marry her.
Ayesha says ok, I don’t want to marry you. Ram calms Ayesha. Ram says let him think about it. I will talk to him. Ram tells Sid, I know it is sudden, but I want to tell you one thing, all these lawyers are Ayesha’s. The money’s also Ayesha’s. Mamaji tries to hear.
Ram says I don’t have anything to save you, else I would have given it. This is your only option.
Sid asks for sometime and Ram says ok take time to think.

Ram tells the lawyers to leave as Sid needs some time to think.

The scene shifts back to Priya’s house:

Sid should be punished for whatever he has done, with me, Ram and Pihu. Natasha says even Ayesha must be punished. Ayesha was always with Sid, and what has she done with us. Now lets see when they actually be with each other, what happens. Natasha says this marriage with not even stay for two days.

Kapoor Mansion:

Ram suggests Sid to get married saying this is the only option he has. Kush comes there calling Ram Papa Papa. Ram hugs him and shows Sid and says him this is your Papa.
Kush asks him is he his Papa. He asks Sid what is his favourite fruit. Sid says No. Ram says Mango.
Kush asks My favourite colour. Ram says blue. My fav. toy? Ram says PSP.
Ram says Kush as you don’t know him as of now, he also does not know you. But slowly he will know you completely. Ram leaves. Kush runs after Ram. Ayesha stops him.
Sid says Ayesha We will marry. I want to know myself, I want to know my son.

Ram comes home. Priya opens the door. Priya asks are you tired. Ram says I have left Kush there with Sid and Ayesha. They think only about themselves. Why should Kush have to go through this. Priya says you have not left him for always. We will keep him. Its just that Sid and Ayesha should not feel that it is their plan.

Priya says I know how much you love Kush. He will be your son and he will be with us always. Ram says I felt Sid has some feelings for Kush. Priya says Sid is so irresponsible, we should not even think Kush will be with him. We cannot forget the medicines which Sid sold, because of it many children died. Priya says I know its tough but sometimes for the goodness we have to fight and hurt our loved ones.

Ram’s house:

Priya brings tea for Ram. She says before I say Ram, I should confirm with the doctor.
Ram reminds her of the doctor’s appointment. He asks her to call him. She says what to make in the breakfast. Ram and Priya share a light talk. Priya asks him to go. Ram asks her to go to doctor. Priya realised that Ram is affected by leaving Kush with Sid. You are worried about our two children. You want to protect them. I know that your are the world’s best Papa.

Ram says Priya what are you doing here. You had another doctor’s appointment. He gets worried about Priya and asks her what is the problem. She says she is pregnant. Ram at first does not realise, then he says What with happiness. Priya smiles and repeats that she is pregnant to make Ram believe.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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