Anamika 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 4th April 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 4th April 2013 Written Update

Scene opens with Anamika sleeping along with Jeet with a smile on her lips and a drop of tear in her eyes. The scene shifts to morning and Rano wakes up at 9 and asks Jeet why he didnt wake her up. She sees some marks on jeet’s neck and asks if he got injured while exercising, to which Jeet replies that he should ask her this question, as he didn’t know that Rano had two sides to her, but he liked this side of her.

Rano starts looking for the holy thread which Jeet had tied in lieu of Mangal Sutra, but cannot find it anywhere, she then looks for the the Mangal Sutra given to her bu her mom or MIL (I am not sure) and is surprised and confused to see it hanging on a hook. She wonders how it reached there. She wears it.

Rano goes to kitchen where Jasleen also comments that she will never be able to believe that Rano can by shy after last night. Rano is confused. While the enitre family is having Kheer made by Rano, Jeet calls her to their room and starts romancing, but Rano starts making excuses and Jeet asks her what happened. She was so bold shold last night. When Rano starts leaving, Jeet says that he needs motivation for State Level Boxing Championshio, so Rano gives him a peck on cheek and runs away.

Rano starts making preps for the temple construction, while Jasleen pulls her to view the CD of last night ceremony. Rano is shocked to see herself doing Tandav. She asks herself when did she do that dance. She cuts her finger in shock (she was cutting veggies side by side)

She then goes to her room and starts wondering why she does not remember what happened last night. She is confused what all did she do last night that everyone is talking like that. Evening falls and Rano gets possessed again by Anamika.

The contractor for temple arrives and asks for the key to the temple but Anamika(Rano) stops them and tells the servant that this temple will not be constructed and ask the contractor to leave from there.

Haaye I loved her dialogue – jitna kaha jaye utna kijiye, jyada sawal mat kijiye.

Pushpa asks the servant about contractor and servant informs that Rano didi refused to get the temple constructed. Pushpa is also confused. Pushpa goes to talk to Rano and Anamika gets irritated. She asks why she stalled the temple work. Anamika aka Rano tells her that there is no need to get the temple constructed now. She tells that now she should hand over all the responsibilities to her and should stop forcing her will on everything.

Pushpa gets irritated and says tha the way she is talking is wrong and so now she will get the temple constructed. Anamika asks why she is being fussy, but Pushpa says that she will get the temple constructed from tomorrow itself and leaves the room. And Anamika says to herself how can I explain to my sasuma that if a temple gets constructed, then she won’t be able to remain here.

Precap: Pushpa falls from stairs and Anamika is smirking….…

Update Credit to: dishu

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