Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th September 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram feeling restless as Mandeep is taking pihu out. Juhi says he is going to marry Pihu. Ram says he is not paranoid and hyper, it is just that what is the need to go out before marriage. Ram tells Juhi that they are going for dinner today. He asks her to get ready.

Pihu and Mandeep are out for dinner. Pihu says you still wants to marry me after whatever I told you. Mandeep says I like you and I appreciates how you take care of your family. Mandeep and Pihu decides to watch cricket. Ram looks for Mandeep and Pihu. Juhi says it is awkward, what if Pihu sees them. Ram says they came to have dinner. Ram says they will check in some other restaurant. Juhi says no. Pihu sees Ram and thinks he is following them. She tells Mandeep that Dad

is following them.

Sudhir takes Natasha to some restaurant and meets Ritesh. He asks Ritesh to join them. He says he will see the scores and will come back. He makes Natasha and Ritesh sit. Natasha sees Pihu and Mandeep together, and asks pihu, where they are going. Pihu says Dad is following them. Natasha says Papaji bring her here for the match fixing. She says we shall teach them a lesson. Natasha asks Ritesh to come to the bar. While she gets cosy with him. Ram comes and asks what they are doing? Pihu asks Ram, what you are doing? Are you following me? Ram asks Natasha, who is that guy? Natasha asks Ram to question Sudhir. Ram asks Sudhir, Sudhir says he is very proud minded father and he brings Natasha to meet this guy. Natasha says actually you took me here to meet him. Natasha tells Ritesh that she isn’t interested in marriage and wants to spend her life with her mom and dad. As she loves them. Ram tells Pihu that he isn’t following her. Natasha says Sudhir that what you think about me that I am sad as I stay with you. She says she is happy as she is feeling loved by them. She says she got the bad husband but her in laws are the best. Pihu tells Ram that there is no need for protection as she can handle the guys. Natasha tells Sudhir that she will tell Mummyji that he takes drinks. Sudhir says no. Pihu says I can see your love in your interference, Ram says sorry.

Juhi asks Mandeep, whether he likes Pihu. Mandeep says yes. Juhi asks him to take care of her daughter. Mandeep says I will.

While Ram is sitting at Priya bedside, he tells Priya that he and Pihu had a talk today. He says he is protective about her daughter. He thinks about the speech which he wrote for Vikram. He says he have to say the speech now, the day has finally come. I have to let Pihu go. He feels sad and recalls the time spent with his daughters.

Rajiv comes to meet Naina and says his got the approval from the court for meeting her. He says he got the visitation rights and he will teach her manners.

Pari asks Khush, whether mamma will be fine. Khush says he believes that Priya angel will be fine. He assures her that she will be fine. He asks her to keep her faith strong.

Naina comes to Juhi and says he is coming to take her. Juhi says it is their problem and not Ram. She tells her that she got a house, family and job because of Ram. Ram is like her father and not her father. She makes her understand this. Ram comes to Juhi and says he is stressed about the marriage preparations. Ram asks her to call the jeweller first. Vikram gives the tissue paper to Ram. Ram says I am not like you. I will not get emotional. Khush comes and says he needs tissue paper. He tells them that mamaji got selected in the audition.

Sudhir comes to Priya and says good morning. He says he will sit with her and will drink ginger tea. He takes the sip and says it is good. He says actually it is not tasty but it is tasting good because I am in your company. Sudhir says he has decided not to cry as he has learnt from her. He says you have strength and I learnt from you. He asks her to get well and says he wants to drink tea with her.

Ram tells that if Priya would have been fine now, then she would be very happy. She would have apply mehendi on her hands and asks someone to write his name Ram on Priya hand. Pihu looks on. Ram take out Priya’s hands and someone writes Ram on her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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