Amita Ka Amit 30th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 30th September 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 30th September 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Amu saying I love you all a lot. I want to be happy with my baby and you all. Please give me this one chance. She looks around at everyone expectantly. Hemant is the first one to agree. Amu gets happy and hugs him. She next turns to her MIL who turns to Kirath. He nods back his head slightly. Fallu too agrees as everyone has accepted it. She reminds her of the promise she has just made. You must take care of yourself. Amu nods. Varsha has a request for Fallu. I was thinking if for some days I could take Amu to my place and take care of her. Amu denies. I don’t want to go anywhere from here. I will stay here with everyone. Plus both the homes are same only. Hemant agrees with her.

AA are back in their room. Amu says did you see how happy everyone was after

they took the decision for the baby. He makes her sit while she continues talking. Life is like an ice cream you have to live it to the fullest. Why not we live in today only? What’s the point of ruining today’s happiness thinking about the future? He agrees with her. We have seen a lot many problems now we will have to be double happy to make up for the lost time. Tina brings mango shots for Amu which she has especially made for her. Amu loves them. Fallu brings Chinese noodles for Amu. Amit watches this happily from afar. Tina and Fallu are kind of competing with each other to feed Amu. You will have to get habitual of eating for 2 people now. Amit is really happy.

Time passes by. Amu is happy seeing the baby bump in her stomach. Everyone is taking care of her very nicely….showering their love and concerns and feeding her stuff which is good for her. Amit is shown oiling her hairs. Amu gets a new pair of comfy shoes. Ria is doing Amu’s make up. All the family members playing tambola together. Everyone gets super worried and concerned for her as she jumps in excitement and feels pain. Basically everyone is happy but equally concerned for what Amu is putting herself through.

Amu’s phone rings. She gets happy as it’s her mom, dad and Kajal singing a happy birthday song for her. Kajal teases her if they wished her first instead of Amit. Amu affirms. Varsha tells her not to fight with Amit over this. Amu smiles…I wont. Hemant wishes her next. I am getting your favourite sweets made. Varsha says I have got your room all renewed now. When you will come here for your delivery you will love it. You are coming right? Amu agrees and lovingly asks the baby if it has heard the preps Nani has done for both of them. Varsha too wants to talk to the baby. Amu says baby would be born in some day’s time after that you will be listening to the baby only. Everyone smiles. The call ends.

Amu looks around for Amit. Where is Mr. Papa Shah? Which work is more important than wishing me happy birthday?


Amit is on the phone with doc checking up with Amu’s reports and what else he is supposed to do. Doc says you are doing everything you can. You can’t do anything more. There is a very big risk in this pregnancy. Anything can happen and you will have to be ready for anything. He says I know. Doc tells him to wish Amu from her side too. He agrees.

He turns and finds Amu standing behind him. You remembered to talk to the doc but forgot to do the most important thing. He feigns ignorance. She tells him to try and remember. He continues playing innocent. She turns to but he stops her. He is holding flowers in his hands and tells her to turn. She finally does and gets happy on seeing the bouquet. He sings happy birthday song for her and she smiles broadly. He gives her a peck on the cheek and she is shy. You are my wife after all. She thanks him for the flowers. But I want my gift too. He agrees. Ask me what you want. I will give you whatever you want. But don’t ask something expensive….kidding. She says only a promise…if something happens to me you must move on in your life and (get married)… Amit cuts her off…enough! He tries to walk off but she stops him. He retorts what are you saying that too today? Where is your positive thinking now? Till now we were talking about life and now this? Stop right now if you are joking! She says I was saying for your benefit only. You overreact without thinking positively. Whose illogical decision have we chosen? She understands what he is thinking. I am only thinking about our baby. A baby needs its motherly love come what may. If something happens to me… He cuts her off…..enough! stop it. He goes from there.

Amu follows him in their room. Why did you come like this? We were talking. He declines…I don’t want to talk anything like that. Suddenly she starts feeling pain. He makes her sit and tries to go talk to the doc. She doesn’t let him go. First promise me if anything happens to me….would you not give me my birthday gift? He finally agrees and she smiles up instantly. He asks her if she lied to him. She apologizes….but this promise was very important. They share a lovely moment. He says I will miss you when you will go to Patel House. She says I too will.

Tina is teaching Fallu how to bake a cake. Both are enjoying it. Tina says why we are making a cake. It would have been easier if we would have ordered it from outside. Fallu denies. Not on Amu’s birthday….don’t know who would make and what all would be added in it. I cannot take that risk. I wont be able to forgive myself if something happens to Amu. Tina smiles. When Amu will go to her parents house then she will miss her MIL’s care a lot. Fallu asks why would she go to PH. Tina replies girls love to stay with their moms when preggy. Fallu is sure even Varsha ji wouldn’t be able to take care of Amu like her. Tina agrees with her….but Amu will go as girls go. Fallu is sure Amu wont go. She is different. Flashback is shown where Amu had declined to go with her parents earlier. You please bake the cake. I will take Amu for her morning walk. Tina nods.

Amit is feeding fruits to Amu. I will definitely complain to mom about you. He reminds her of the mad promise she took from him in the morning. Amu is sure MIL wont be shocked. She might scold me in front of you (fake) but she knows me. You can say if you want to no worries. He isn’t sure now. She asks him if anyone would feel bad especially her MIL in case she goes to her parents house for delivery. He is sure she wont feel bad. Why do you think so much? Right now your happiness is the most important thing. No one will stop you. Fallu has heard the whole thing. Amu is going to Patel House for her delivery? You dint even tell me Amu. Amu says I was just thinking. Amit tells her to go for every girl wants to be with her mother in this situation. Plus what’s the problem in that? Shilpa went to her parent’s house when she was 6 months preggy. You must go your delivery is quite near. Fallu is clearly sad. Amu says it isn’t necessary. Amit says why is it not? Your mom too would like to spend time with you. You must go. Fallu sadly leaves from there. Amu says you don’t understand feelings. He replies I understand your every feeling very well. You want to your parent’s house. She interrupts him…I wasn’t speaking about myself but mummy ji. He gets confused…what happened. She gets up from her place saying he would never understand.

Amu is on phone with Varsha. Please try to understand. I know you have done all the preps for me but I would be more comfortable here. Papa and Atul would go on shop and only you and Kajal would be left to take care of me. There are so many people here in Shah House plus hospital is nearby too. I am fine here only. All the necessary stuff is here only. Varsha wants to know what happened suddenly. You said you were coming. Hemant tells her to let her be if she is more comfortable there. It isn’t some rule that she has to come here. Varsha agrees reluctantly and disconnects the phone.

Tina shows the cake she has baked. You missed how to do icing on the cake. Anyways I will teach you when the baby is born. She finds that Fallu is all lost. She cannot decide upon a gift. Fallu is irked. I don’t know what she wants. You can give her whatever you want. Nani brings a cradle for Amu’s baby. She and Baa have chosen it. Fallu gets emotional. My grandkid would sleep in here. Nani agrees. Fallu goes sad again. Pack this with her stuff for her parent’s house. Tina notices the point. Nani says Amu is different….she isn’t going anywhere. She will stay here only with us. Fallu says you might have misunderstood. I am coming from their room only. I heard them saying Amu is going. Nani tells her to go and see for herself. AA are trying to make space for adding baby clothes in their almirah. Fallu gets excited.

Amu cannot choose the clothes she wants to give away. Every dress has a memory attached with it. He points out she wont be able to fit in in them. If you love them so much and a memory is attached with each and everything then why are you giving them away? She says we have to make new memories. He very sweetly tells her they have ample space…in almirah too and for memories too. One side is locked and empty. Why do you keep it that way? Give me I will open it. Amu denies…..please don’t open it now. Fallu comes there calling out for Amu. She has a surprise for Amu. Amit jokes it would be nice if we get an almirah as gift. Both the ladies shoot him a look. Fallu has put her eyes in front of Amu’s eyes so that she cannot see the surprise. Amu is sure it would be a surprise birthday party. But it turns out to be Amu’s mom with her luggage. Fallu has called her over to stay with them here only. Amu hugs her mother happily.


Amu thanks her MIL. Fallu says you take care of my happiness so much then why I cant I? You are my daughter after all. Varsha is happy to see their bond. Nani gives their gift to Amu. Amit comes there too. I will keep it inside. She offers to do it herself but he stays put. She follows him inside.

Amu opens the locked almirah and is emotional to see the things inside. The baby kicks I guess she is in pain suddenly. Varsha, Nani and Fallu come there just then. They see the gifts she has got for her baby. You have gone mad. Who collects gifts for their baby so early? Amu says I know but I got them from now only. Who knows if I would be able to see my baby or. Varsha slaps her. Don’t you dare talk like that again! She starts crying and sits on the bed sadly. Amu apologizes to her. I shouldn’t have said that but what do I do? She is crying too and wipes her mom’s tears. I wont say it again. Fallu tries to lighten the mood. Mom and baby shouldn’t stress in such situation but here mom and daughter are giving each other stress and to the baby too. Make up! Nani agrees with Fallu. No more tears now. Fallu reminds Varsha they have to celebrate Amu’s birthday today. She tells Amit to take Amu outside. Amu leaves after apologizing to her mom once more. Fallu sends her mom out too. What are you doing? You and I have to be strong to take care of Amu. I can understand what you must be going through as I am a mother too. But it doesn’t mean we react this way. We should keep her happy so that she is distracted. Don’t worry I have asked for a mannat from Goddess Durga. This Navratri will be very good for us. She will definitely take care of our Amu. Varsha agrees with her. Now you tell me what to do. Fallu has a plan.

Precap: Everyone is present and singing happy birthday song as Amu blows out the candles on her birthday cake. Suddenly she gives out a scream and faints in Amit’s arms.

Update Credit to: pooja

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