Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd September 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd September 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Neha urging Pihu to speak the truth but Pihu keep quiet. Neha says because of you, our friendship is breaking and you are responsible for it. She says when the truth come out then Priya won’t be able to forget it. Neha leaves disheartened.

Neha tells Vikram that Priya is trusting Pihu and not believing her. Pihu suprised me. Priya says he knows that she overreacted but Neha always suspect the kids. Neha tells Vikram that Pihu is like her child, her family. She says she is protective because they are family. Ram says but why would Neha lie? Priya says you mean that Pihu is lying to me? She says she suspected Pihu but everyone Pihu proved her wrong and won her trust. She says she wants to won her trust and never want to lose her. Neha says Pihu went so far from Priya. Vikram says Priya is Pihu’s mother and she reacted being Pihu’s mother. Vikram says you slapped Pihu and Priya take it badly. Priya says she didn’t had problem with Neha slapping Pihu, but what is Pihu’s fault if Varun is behind her. Ram says he should keep an eye on Pihu. Priya says you had doubt on my upbringing? Ram says no, ok I will not keep an eye on Pihu. Ram asks Priya to resolve the issues with Neha, but Priya says it was’nt easy to forgive as Neha questioned her upbringing and values. Neha tells Vikram that she can’t forget that Priya slapped her with her past infront of Sammy. Ram calls Neha but she didn’t pick his call. Ram calls Vikram then.. Ram tells Vikram that why Neha is not talking to him. Vikram says she is upset right now and we need to give them space. Ram says they will resolve the fight in 2 days. Ram says he is going to London and hopes everything will be fine soon. Vikram asks him to go and not to take any worry. Vikram says have a good trip and take care.

Ram comes to Pihu and says can I talk to you? He sits and says today your mum had fight with her best friend because she trusted you very much. If you ever did anything wrong then you can’t imagine what will happen to your mom. She will die. He asks did you done anything wrong? Pihu says no, she didn’t take that guy inside the changing room. Ram says may be Neha misunderstood. He says he is going to London and asks her to take care of Priya. Pihu calls Varun and says she is feeling bad as she had lied.

Varun misguides her and says Parents always dramatise. He says we are doing the same whatever our parents are doing. Pihu says we will meet tomorrow. Varun tells that he will make sure that every family and friends be away from Priya and says you don’t have any idea what I will be doing with your daughter tomorrow. Varun is seen with param on the bed and thanks her for her help. Sammy calls Param, Param says Sammy is very irritating and she is tolerating him because of him.

Ram looks at his children’s photos and reminiscences the time spent with Pihu. He remembers in a flashback while the song Chandini re jhoom plays………he comes to Maira and says you are reading about the business magazine. Maira says yes and says it was very profitable. Ram shares a good time with her. Priya tells Juhi that she met her after so many years and so much happened in a day. She says sorry for this but Juhi says its ok. Juhi says it is Pihu’s prom night and will you allow her to go. Priya says ofcourse she will allow her and says it is her values and upbringing that was questioned today. She says Pihu will never let her down and says I am confident. She says whatever Shruti or Neha tell but Pihu will never break her trust.

Dadi says she is feeling pain while climbing up the stairs. Dadi comes to Pihu and asks her how is her mood? Dadi asks why you went to that shop? Pihu says for Prom night, her friends went there for shopping so she also went there. Dadi asks what is Prom night. Pihu says it is a farewell party for the seniors. She says she isn’t going. Priya says why you aren’t going? Pihu says after whatever happened yesterday, Neha aunty slap and drama. She don’t want others to gossip. Priya says did you feeling guilty? Pihu nods no. Priya says when they are right then they don’t have to think about othere. Priya says people are used to gossips. She says she wants her to go to Prom night as her papa also wants her to go. She says we didn’t allow you previously that’s because we wants your safety. Priya says so it is decided that Pihu is going with smile on her face. She asks Pihu to smile. Pihu says Varun will come to the party. Priya says stay away from him and ignore him. She says she is coming to drop her and call her if she feels uncomfortable. Pihu says she don’t even look at Varun. Dadi asks Priya to make Pihu ready for Party. Dadi tells Priya that she also wants to go to the prom night. Priya jokes that you have to wear a short dress for the party.

Priya tells Ram that Pihu is just 15 years old and we are letting her go on the prom night. He is not feeling too sure. Priya says do you have a doubt on my upbringing? Ram says no, that’s why I am allowing her as I trust you. Priya jokes that so many guys will be around her. Ram says I will smash them. Priya says Pihu will never allow any wrong guy to come closer to her. Pihu calls Varun and says baby I will see you there. She looks in the mirror.The episode ends on Pihu.

Ram is capturing Pihu in his camera as she had dressed up for the party. Ram says you are looking beautiful and says our daughter have grown up.

Update Credit to: Amena

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