Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 2nd September 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 2nd September 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 2nd September 2013 Written Update

Mahadev tells Brhm dev that Andhak will meet him soon, and get a boon soon. He asks Nardji he has to say something. Naradji asks that a seed of a thorny weed will grow into a weed, then why do they have to wait for it to grow on the first place? Can’t they just finish him now!

Mahadev answers that if he is finished now, then it will be called a murder. May be a thorny weed isn’t much of a use for giving fruits but yeh, it can be used somewhere at least.

Everyone gets make their own decisions, which lead them to their paths.. even Andhak will have choice, they can help for his betterment when he directs towards his down fall.

Back here Andhak opens the door up and escapes from the burning room of his actually from the form of Mahadev..

Brhm lok, NArdaji is confused why Andhak being Mahadev’s ansh is afraid of him, Brhmdev tells that Andhak is unknown of his birth facts and has always been uncongenial towards light, heat, fire etc.

Naradji tells that be it a thorny weed or anyother plant, he has to help it in its fast growth.

Back here Andhak wanders in forest away from Mahadev’s form, he dashes to the trees and collapses onto the stones cause of the violent wind flowing.

Then there is a Shiv ling kept at one side and Andhak feels sharp bright light emitting from it..he tries to look up but couldn’t, even after his fight with his senses he could only feel the bright light.

Then NAradji arrives..Andhak doesn’t know that its Naradji, Naadji tells him about the shiv ling which was present there , so he thought of getting a site of Mahadev.
Andhak doesn’t know who Mahadev is and asks Naradji abt him. NAraji tells him that Mahadev is- the supreme power, who slays the wrong. Devon ke Dev Mahadev. NAradji then narrates him everything of Shiva- fom Sati’s period, Parvati devi, Ganga avahnam, Nilkanth SHiva to Jalandhar to Parvati devi etc. ect.. (nice to see old epys)

On asked by Andhak about Mahadev’s powers, Narad rishi tells that he is the supreme one and only a fool can challenge his powers.

Andhak tells that he wants to become the greatest n powerful king of the world. NAradji suggests him to pray Brhmdev to fulfill his wishes as everyone who wnats to rule the world. Though its a tough job, a tough penance which will have to be beyond his mental and physical abilities.

Andhak determines to penance ocusing on Brhmdev…

Back at Kailash, Parvati devi asks whats he pb, he replies that soon Andhak will start his penance and soon he’ll be getting a boon from Brhmdev and a new chapter of his life will begin. Then Mahadev notices Nandi’s hesitation and asks him if he has something to say!

NAndi says that he was pondering on his and Naradji’s question… that he has been observing this for a many kalpas, a danav comes, does his penance and woos (mostly) Brhmdev and gets a boon in return, and then he starts the evil stuff in the world and at the end Mahadev liberates him.

Why does this happen time and again, besides Tridev are trikaldarshi then even he would know who is gonna ask what. Then why do they give such boons on the first place?

Mahadev replies, the reason is clear, that each living being in the world is given a full chance to balance its powers, but will the powers be emerging or declining.. is up to the being. Any being thinks that its action is rigt, but they dont see the action, but the karma and accordingly give the result.

Mahadev further says to Nandi, that his focus went only on those danavas, but there are sadhaks- sages who with their power of goodness, devotion, wisdom and penance have done great service and still are doing.

Dashrath announces Raam’s Rajyaabhishek which is gonna be held the next day..
Everyone is at Mahadev’s place, they discuss abt all this and Mahadev tells that if Ram becomes the king of Ayodhya, he will be deviated from his purpose.

Update Credit to: Sankalp

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