Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 29th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 29th August 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 29th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya coming home and tells that she talked with Maira’s principal. Priya hugs Maira. Pari says she just wants to protect Maira, being the elder herself. Priya asks her to tell about her problems to her, papa or Pihu. Priya tells them about the good touch and bad touch. Priya says I hug you and it is a good touch. Priya says if anyone pinches someone, slap or something, then it is a bad touch. Priya makes them understand that if someone touches them without their consent, then shouts louder and inform the principal and mamma. Mamma will handle everything. Priya says she brought something for them to eat. Both of them rushes towards the dining table.

Neha is following Pihu and Varun. Pihu and Varun comes to some boutique where Sammy was

already there with Param. Sammy tells Pihu that you came here with Varun. She says if his mom came to know about it then… Neha enters the boutique. Param asks the salesman to pack all the dress. Varun asks the salesman to give him the best dress. Param taunts him for his low status. Varun gets a dress for Pihu. Pihu decides to gift clothes to Varun. Pihu goes to try the dress. Varun tells Pihu that only he wants to see her in that dress. Pihu happily agrees. Varun enters the changing room and gets cosy with Pihu. Sammy gets tensed as Varun entered the changing room. Neha gets tensed and knocks on the changing room. Pihu is shocked. Neha asks her to open the door. Neha slaps Pihu. She takes Pihu with her. Pihu says it is nothing like that. Neha brings her home and calls Priya. She asks Pihu to tell, she tells Priya that she saw her with some guy and followed them all day. Then they entered the changing room after selecting the dresses together. Neha says she is just 15 years old, and it is easy to be carried away. Pihu says aunty is lieing. Neha slaps Pihu for lieing. Neha says she entered the changing room with that guy. Neha says I was there and saw with my own eyes. Pihu lies to Priya. Priya says let me find out what happened?

Priya asks for the shop phone number to confirmed. Neha gives her. Priya calls that shop and asks did Pihu comes there and about the fight there. He tells her something which is muted. Priya says are you sure. Priya goes towards Pihu, while Pihu is tensed. Priya says Pihu was saying the truth and that guy was chasing Pihu, thats all. Neha says it was not truth.

Varun and Param looks at each other evilly. Varun says Pihu will lie to your mom and it will be the revenge for the slap. Sammy tells the truth to Priya. Pihu says Sammy is lieing. Priya says she has complete faith on her daughter and shouts at Neha. She says you slapped my daughter. Priya says dont judge everyone with your standard. We are two different people with different upbringing. If you has done something wrong at this age, then it doesn’t mean that Pihu will do the same. Neha is shocked and hurt to listen such harsh words from Priya. Ram and Vikram comes, Neha says your wife doesn’t trust me. She slapped my past infront of my kids. Neha says I told truth. She tells Sammy that you mom did the mistake and still repenting for her actions. She tells that Pihu was very little when she came in her life. She urges Pihu to say the truth.

Priya tells Ram that she suspected Pihu several times and every time Pihu won her trust. she says she wanted to trust Pihu and don’t want to lose her. At the other end, Neha thinks Pihu went very far from Priya as she lied to her.


Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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