Jee Le Zara 29th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 29th August 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 29th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi coming to her cabin and seeing Dhruv. She gets shocked. Dhruv smiles. Dhruv says he is new here and says he will fight her case. He says he came to know about the case through Dilshaad. Saanchi gives him water and says she will not give her case to him. Dhruv says I know you are angry with me. I just wanted to help you and rectify my mistake. He asks her to trust him. Saanchi gives him coffee and asks about the sugar. She makes him understand that she needs a matured lawyer. Saanchi tells Dhruv that she needs a more matured lawyer. She says this farm is her papa’s and she promised to save it anyhow. She says you can’t increase you age but otherwise you are perfect. Dhruv says he understood that you have rejected me. He says you told the bitter thing very

sweetly. He asks her to be friends, Saanchi says we will start with being neighbour.

Dhruv comes home and sees Advait. Advait asks him what happened? Dhruv says I met your tai but he rejected me. Dhruv says she accepted me as her neighbour and slowly she will accept me as her lawyer too. He hopes so. Matchmaker Ulka tai comes and says you didn’t tell me anything. I cried a lot. She says Pradeep is just after money. Advait asks Prachi whether she is going somewhere. She asks him to be in limits as he is younger than her. Advait teases her and takes her dress. Prachi takes her dress back. Advait asks for money and says he will tell tai about your going to the night club. Advait settles for Rs 500. Prachi gives him money and takes the night club passes. Nani says it is not like that. Ulta tai says police may come afterwards. Prachi misbehaves with Nani and Dadi when they stops her from leaving the house wearing the short dress. Aaji asks did Saanchi sees the dress, Prachi says Dilshaad saw it. She leaves. Ulka tai says every girl is getting spoiled by seeing Dilshaad.

Ulka says Dilshaad had some man in her house. She speaks ill about Dilshaad. Nani says she knows it is Dhruv and he is a nice guy. Ulka Tai badmouths about Dilshaad. Dilshaad comes and hears everything. Dilshaad says she came to give pudding and leaves crying. Ulka says she brought the sweets for Advait. She says she will spoiled Advait. Dilshaad cries, Saanchi comes and sees her going. Saanchi comes inside and asks Ulka tai, what she said to Dilshaad that she went from here crying.

Saanchi asks Aaji and Nani, what happened to Dilshaad? Nani asks him to change and make tea. Ulka kaki says Dilshaad is her friend naa, she will not be able to hear. Aaji says it is nothing. Saanchi asks what happened? Ulka says she said the truth and showed her the mirror. She couldn’t take it and left. Saanchi asks what you has said to her? Dilshaad is crying and Dhruv asks her not to cry. Dhruv cheer her up and Saanchi comes with Ulka.

Ulka tai tells Dilshaad that I am jhagralu than you are bigralu. Both of them fight with each other. Saanchi interferes and says both of you help each other and asks them to hug and say sorry. Dilshaad asks ulka tai to eat sweets as she is getting bitter. Ulka asks Dilshaad to eat less as she is gaining weight. Dhruv comes to Saanchi and says she is a good neighbour. Dhruv says sorry and says you said that sorry is not enough. Saanchi says you wants to hug, Dhruv says he wants to take her case. Saanchi says she don’t want to repeat her mistakes. She asks him to win her trust. Dhruv thinks he will win the case and her trust too.

Dhruv gets some law books for reading. He says it is needed to gain Saanchi trust. Dilshaad says so you will stay here for long. Dhruv says it is not easy to win Miss coconut’s trust.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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