Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya thinking that she was very happy that Ram gave party for her, but he went to jail for Sammy’s murder in that party. She says she knows he did not kill her and wants the case to be reopened. She picks her phone to make a call and finds party’s CD. She watches the CD and sees bullet hitting Sammy. She thinks this is the truth and why did not anybody realize about it. She calls Rajath and asks him to come as she wants to show him something. Daija asks Rajath where is he going. He says he cannot tell now, but he is happy that someone even now believes him.

Kady meets Natasha and asks about Priya. Natasha says Priya has locked herself and does not want to meet anyone. Kadya asks about Pihu. Natasha says Pihu is same, stubborn. Natasha

says even friendship changes. Kady says she knows and says hope Priya proves them wrong.

Rajath comes and asks Priya why did she call him. Priya shows him party footage and someone killing Sammy. She says this is a big proof to prove Ram innocent. She says we should go to police station and show it to police and she will also ask lawyer to file for bail. Rajath says court needs more solid proof than this. Priya says he can see another man shooting Sammy. He says he saw it, but court will ask more evidence as culprit’s face is not shown. Priya says she thought he will help her, but she thinks she has to go alone now. Rajath says he promised her to help, so he will come with her. Priya thanks him, takes the CD and goes to police station.

Neha packs her bags to go back. Rahul and Pihu stop her and say she cannot leave them and go like this. They hug each other and cry.

Rajath and Priya go to inspector’s house and asks him why did he doubt only Mr. Kapoor as there must be someone who wanted him behind bars. She asks him why did he doubt only Mr. Kapoor. Inspector says he is doubting his whole family. Everyone knows Ram and Sammy’s fight and someone from family wanted Ram to be arrested. Priya says she does not believe someone from her family can do it. Inspector says it is a fact, no matter if she does not believe it.

Suhani goes to Priya’s room and does not find her. She thinks it is 1.30 a.m., why is mom not at home. She calls Priya and asks where is she, if everything is alright. Priya says she is alright and will come home soon. Priya asks inspector if the case can be reopened. He says it can be reopened only when a culprit can be caught. Priya says she promises herself to catch the culprit.

Suhani comes to Khush’s room and says mom is not in room.. She said she will come home, but she is worried about her. Khush says not to worry and to go and sleep.

Vikram takes Sammy’s picture and asks him to forgive. Rahul comes and says not to feel guilty and says he is their hero. He says he is worried about mom as she is acting weird and asks Vikram to be strong. Vikram says we have to live with this pain forever now.

Priya is traveling in a car with Rajath and remembers Sammy telling he is going to divorce Pihu and getting killed by a bullet. Rajath asks her not to think much. Priya says how can a family do that. Rajath says he writes book after studying a lot of these cases. Someone who had watched each moment of Sammy must have killed him. Priya says whole family loved him, then why would they kill him. Rajath says someone who would be benifitted if Ram goes to jail and had vengeance on Sammy. They both reach home. Suhani asks Priya where did she go as she was very worried about her. Priya says she had some important work and asks her sorry for not informing. Rajath says he will leave. Priya thanks him and says she will often trouble him. Rajath thinks he feels blessed to help Priya.

Priya thinks of finding the culprit and remembers party day’s whole day events. She thinks Sammy pissed off many people that day. Shed has to investigate starting from Sammy’s room.

Precap: Rriya reads contract between Sid and Sammy and finds that after Sammy’s death, company’s soul owner will be Sid.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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  1. this is not bade achhe lagte hain
    its madhubala i think

  2. hey this is madhubala

    1. exactly
      where is bade achhe lagte hain
      wanted to find out sammys murders culprit

  3. where is BALH?

  4. wat the hell where is balh. This is madhubala

  5. thank u

  6. Finally!!! Thank u

  7. i think it’s juhi… she wants to have ram’s property and also wants sid to have what’s in favour of sammy… wants priya and ram to stay away, and that priya should be alone so neha’s now away too… and above all juhi is obsessed with pihu so she wants to take revenge for what sammy did to peehu… hence juhi is the real culprit… if the hand is of a man then juhi must have hired someone…

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