Mahabharat 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 28th April 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with, arjun asking bhishma in wat way can they deal with this situation, bhishma says theres no way u have to fight against hastinapur. Yudishtir says this will not be a fair deal if we go in state of war with hastinapur, king virat , king panchal n even gandhar raj along with ang soldiers and slowly all the kings will be included and this will lead to world war n many soldiers will die n future of their family will be endangered and that to jst bcoz of r personal insult. Bhishma says if this was a personal issue i would never will have allowed u to declare war Krishna was right war will definitely take place , u the pandavas will have to fight fight against every adharma n light a new way to dharma. On this pandavas take blessings of bhishma he gives them blessings n hugs them and asks them to make him proud.

Pandavas leave to get ready for war n bhishma goes back to castle,duryodhan asks him y didn’t he kill the pandavas on this bhishma says they didn’t raise any weapons against me so i couldn’t fight against them, on this duryodhan says don’t forget u have to protect me whole ur life, bhishma says i will never but even u remember i will proyecy u only till im alive,dushasan says u have ichamrutyu(death by wish) how can u die, bhishma says also i will have to give away my weapons once i see shikhandani panchals rajkumari so u have to learn to protect urself but soon will u have to face the consequences of ur false n wrong ego so get prepared for war against pandavas. Mamashri says this means u have planned war against pandavas , bhishma says no ihave only assured the war mamashri says now u have become the reason for the destroy of hastinapur the reason for the begin of black days in hastinapur the reason for death of many soldiers . mamashri says the following and calls duryodhan n dushasan n leaves the place with them.

Bhishma goes to seashore he sees their a huge number of dead soldiers in front of him , he prays to his mother saying he hasn’t shown his face since years bcoz of the shame situation he has witnessed during the game of dut(dice) but now he wants a way to deal with the evils or the war which he had given assurance to. Amidst the water emerges his mother she walks towards bhishma she says u have been forgiven for all the bad in ur life, bhishma says how is this possible he has jst given permission for a world war n he says the dead people in her water his mother says every single day dead people come in the war n how would he have stooped the war bhishma says by killing pandavas but this will shed water on all his efforts of keeping duryodhan away from the throne of hastinapur bcoz he would destroy the future if he gets the throne on that she says though bhishma has put the present in hardship he has enlighted the future by the light of dharma, thismeans he has achieved forgivence n asks bhishma to go n follpw his duty in war n wait for muksha.

Here arjun says duryodhan will lead the world to adharma how can we stop him, yudishtir says only way to stop war is we will giveup everything n go for vanvas bheem says but wat abt draupadis insult , yudishtir says then how will u raise ur weapons against bhishma n guru dron , draupadi says yudishtir its order of bhishma to go in state of war against him n u cant disrespect his orders she says bhishma is the person who is in grt pain he has asked his kids to raise weapons against him has seen his putravadhu being insulted he has not asked war but death n still if ur confused kirshna help us, bheem says draupadi is right if Krishna comes on our side we r on right path.

Mamashri n duryodhan visit dwarka to meet Krishna who is witnessing a chakravyua on mamashri asking wat is this Krishna says this kid is abhimanyu arjuns n subhadras child who is practicing to break this chakravyu…

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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