Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 27th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 27th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pihu hugging Vikram and crying. She asks her sorry. Vikram asks her why is she crying. Pihu says Juhi used her and made her against Priya. She went and took out her grudge. She says Priya supported her always, but she sent her out of house, she is ashamed of herself. Vikram says Priya is her mother and she is little princess to Priya. It is not her mistake that Juhi manipulated her and Priya knows that. He asks her to go and meet Priya and she will understand everything. Pihu goes to meet Priya.

Somone enters room and starts searching cupboard with a torch. Mamaji sees room open and asks who is there in the room. He is shocked to see the whole rooom shattered and thinks someone had come here. Someone runs from there and Mamaji follows, but does not find the culprit. He thinks it was his imagination. He thinks imagination happens to old people, but he is young.

Suhani comes to Pihu room and hops. Pihu asks why is she hopping and looking afraid, if everything is alright. Suhani says she is fine. Pihu asks then what is she doing in her room. Suhani says she did not feel well, so she came here to rest. She asks sorry and tries to go. Pihu says she does not have to be sorry and says she should apologize her instead and asks her sorry for misbehaving with her. She says she even held her responsible for Sammy murder, but she knows she loved Sammy a lot. She asks Suhani to take care of Sammy’s child. Suhani says okay and says her good night.

Priya comes to Kush’s room and says she needs a favour from him. He asks her to speak. Priya says she needs help for his dad. Kush says he can do anything for Ram. Priya says she is talking about Sid and says Sid is in need of him now. Kush says he is paying for his mistakes. Priya says Sid belived Juhi after a long time, but she betrayed him. She says the incident happened in hotel and says Sid needs his son. Kush asks her not to insult him by calling him as Sid’s son. Priya says she knows he is angry on Sid as he did not fullfill a father’s responsibilities, but that does not mean he should hate. Hate is too strong an emotion and no one should hate a family member. She says Ram and her did not hate any family member and helped them in their bad days. She says he is Sid’s son and should console him and says if he ever thought Ram and her as his parents, then to go and console Sid. Kush agrees and goes.

Kush goes to Sid and hugs him emotionally. Sid also gets emotional and starts crying. Mamaji sees them hugging and gets happy. He also goes and hugs them both.

Pihu meets Kush and says she searched him in the whole house and knew he would be here. Kush says he is very happy as he hugged Sid for the first time and they both cried. Pihu says you cannot deny the fact that he is your real father. Kush says tears were by heart and he happy that Sid changed and he is feeling very happy getting back his dad, now his family is together. Pihu says until Ram comes back, family is not complete. Kush says he promises that Ram will come back soon and says he wishes to fulfill all wishes of Sid. Sid hears their whole conversation and smiles.

Suhani comes to her room and remembers Sammy saying he will kill everyone to get her back and their child and will destroy everything. She remembers Priya then and thinks Priya is suffering becuase of her and Sammy and why the kid should suffer because of this, so she will finish these problems for ever. She then remembers Priya rescuing her from Sam and Sam saying everyone that he is Suhani’s child’s father. She then remembers getting Ram’s gun and killing Sam with gun. She thinks what did she do, she wanted to get this family’s problems away, but destroyed everything. She says this house gave her Priya, Sammy, Kush, but she destroyed everything and Ram is in jail because of her. Why did she kill Sammy whom she loved so much. She thinks if Priya will forgive her as she did not do it purposefully. She thinks whom to tell that she murdered Sammy.

Precap: Pihu says Priya that she knows who is the real culprit. Priya asks her who killed Sammy.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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