Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 27th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 27th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj says to Avni that you felt seeing me with Payal the same as I while seeing you with Samarth. It was jealousy, and it happens only when your friend becomes more than just friend. And when happened to me, all my feelings were linked to you; when you laugh I become happy. When you are hurt I am sad and come to your help. I want to see you happy Avni. Avni says I also want to see you like that. Raj says but I don’t want to see you with anyone else but me. I want a life that when I think about you, you are in front of me. Today I am going to say what I should have said to you quite earlier. He points to the firework in the sky; it turns into letters saying I Love You Avni. She reads it aloud. She turns to Raj who simply jerks his shoulders. He kneels down holding her hand and says I love you so much Avni. My first sight love will be there till my last breath. Avni goes away from him. He comes to her and says he know she doesn’t understand what she need to say. He says she can answer him later; he is ready to wait for her for the whole of his life. She says she can’t answer him. He asks why. She says she doesn’t want to repeat Akshit and Arpita bhabi’s mistake, they loved each other so they had to lie to everyone, but I don’t want to lie. I will answer you after telling maa and papa everything. He says off course, you must do what you think is right; I just wanted not to lose you because I couldn’t confess my love. Whatever your decision is going to be, I will accept it. I loved you before and will continue to do in future. He leaves after bidding good bye to her.
Sanvri comes in the terrace thinking about Arpita’s secret. The lights get on, she comes downstairs. Suket was asking what had happened to light. Akshit tells him the fuse got burned, they fixed it. Sanvri thinks how Askhit will fix his life when he will get to know that Arpita had an affair with someone else before marriage. Bhawna comes saying she will serve the meal. Akshit says he is going in his room as he isn’t hungry. Bhawna stops Sanvri and asks her where she is going. Sanvri says she is going to take medicines for Pratab as he isn’t well and says she will be back soon. Akshit returns from the stairs and says he will go with her, but Sanvri says that she will go by herself.
Avni comes to her room thinking about Raj- how he said I love you to her. Arpita comes to her room and asks what she is thinking. Avni asks her how she realized that she loves Akshit. Arpita says she realized the same way as everyone does, when you smile thinking about someone; when he is in every thought and action, everything gets linked to that one man, you see him asleep or awake. Avni thinks about Raj and comes near to window. She recalls when Raj once asked who she sees when she closes her eyes and it was Raj-now clear.
Bhawna comes to her room. She says she know that Avni is upset thinking about Samarth. She says that couples are made in heaven so we must leave it on them. She tells her to come to dinner. Bhawna come back to her again and asks what she is thinking. Avni asks does God also make plans to let the couples meet too. Bhawna says He knows what has to be given to whom and when.
Sanvri comes to a PCO and thinks that her plan will make Arpita uncover her secret in front of everyone. Arpita’s cell phone rings on the dining table, she gets worried seeing that and doesn’t attend it. Sanvri suspects and says till when she will ignore it. The phone rings again, Suket asks whose call is this. Arpita say it is some landline number unknown. Bhawna says it might be some important call. She excuses herself and reluctantly attends the call. Sanvri says that she is so busy in her happily married life that can’t even talk to me? Arpita asks who is it. Sanvri says I am your past; I know your pre wedding secret, meaning your love affair. You must celebrate all the happiness with your husband and family as soon your father-in-law will get a call and in a minute your lie will come to front. Arpita asks who is it and what do you want? Savri hangs on while everyone on the table notices Arpita’s worry.
Bhawna asks her why she looked so worried. Arpita says this wrong number in annoying me for a long time. Bhawna says to Suket they must check it. Suket agrees they must not overlook such things, the cell phone of Suket rings this time. Arpita says she will look after it, but Suket says he has eaten the food and goes to pick up the call. He picks up the call and says ‘What? Who is it?’ Arpita is worried. He hangs on and says Arpita. He walks towards her and says I just receive a call like you. Are both these calls from the same number, he asks her phone to check? She says they must leave it but Bhawna also insists. He takes her cell phone. Arpita is worried but he says it is a different number. Sanvri calls her again and says this was just a trailer, but soon you will get the whole film. She says she must tell her truth to everyone herself. Bhawna tells Arpita not to worry this much taking it. Arpita comes into her room and Akshit notices her mood. He comes to her and asks the reason. She tells him about the call and cries. He says that she must not be worried about the black mailer, had he known it everyone must have known about it till now. Arpita tells him that she called papa also. Arpita was afraid that what everyone will think about us if they come to know the truth. Akshit tries to calm her down saying they will both face all the problems together. Arpita says that everyone is so happy, it is all so perfect; I don’t want that taking our marriage there comes some problem. Akshit comes to hold her and says nothing will happen.
Jiji asks Raj why he is smiling when she even didn’t say yes. Raj says she didn’t say no even. He says she must have seen her face. He says I am so happy, that I finally she know about my love. Everything that happens further in life will be Avni’s decision.
Avni thinks I cannot decide this. We know each other for such a long time, I share everything with you. I need time to think about you like this.
Jiji thinks it is quite suspected that a girl will talk to her parents about her love. She is afraid her family won’t agree. Raj is determined that Avni won’t leave her now, her parent will agree.

PRECAP: Suket and Bhawna asks Avni why she want an appointment from them. Avni says she want that they concentrate on her when she talk to her. Suket is sure she wont ask for something they cant give her. Avni thinks just one more day Raj!

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