Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kady seen playing with the baby. Khush comes and says he wants to talk to Vikram. Kady says he is upside. Soham meets Vikram and says he wants to take back baby home. Vikram says baby is at her home and asks what he relationship he has with the baby. Khush says he was about to marry Suhani. Vikram says he had did not have a formal relationship with Suhani, baby is Suhani and Sammy’s kid, so he is not her father. He says he and Pihu does not know to take care of baby and asks him to tell Pihu that if she wants baby, she can come and stay at Shergill house.

Priya meets Natasha and says she is worried about Pihu and Khush fighting for the baby. Natasha says it is obvious as they are kapoors. Priya says Vikram must have taken baby for a reason. She is worried about Pihu because of her possessive nature. Natasha asks her to speak to them once. She says she will try.

Pihu comes to Khush’s room and sees him sadly sitting without a baby. She asks why did not he bring baby back and if Vikram kicked him out. They both start fighting when Priya comes and asks them to stop fighting to prove each other right. She says Khush he asked if she loves Pihu or him more and says for a mother, even if there are 10 kids, all are equal. She asks them to understand that they both don’t love baby, but just want to get it for their ego and says baby belongs to Suhani, but she is silent. She says they both don’t deserve baby and asks them to patch up. Pihu angrily goes out saying she does not want to patch up with Khush. Khush says Priya that he will speak to Pihu as a brother and asks her to relax.

Khush comes to Pihu’s room. She says she does not want to fight with him. He says even he does not want to fight him. He says Vikram will not give baby if we go separately, so we should go together. Pihu says if she goes alone, Vikram will give baby to her, but mom is right, baby belongs to grandfather after her parents. Khush says we both were immature to fight. Pihu asks him not to fight again if the baby comes back. Khush says he will not as she is his baby sister and they both are in same team. Pihu says hope Vikram dad gives back baby.

Pihu and Khush meet Vikram and request him to give back the baby to them. Vikram asks if they will fight again after going back. Khush says they will not and will promise to take care of baby and not fight again. Priya comes and asks Vikram not to believe them and to take their signs on legal papers. She says she made this drama with Vikram to stop them from fighting. Pihu says it is not fair. Priya says it was necessary as we sometimes get obsessive and it is not a healthy sign, especially for baby, to prove each one right, they were fighting, so she thought of making them realize the true meaning of parent’s love, so she made this plan with Vikram. She asks Vikram again to make a condition to upbring baby together. Khush says he will promise. Priya asks if he does not, then? Vikram says he will bring back the baby home and will never give her. Pihu says they will not fight again. Khush thanks Priya and Vikram for being there to control and teach them. Vikram asks Khush to thank only Priya.

Priya calls Ram and says she is missing him and to come back soon, she is not feeling good without him. He says even he is not feeling good, but work is important. Ram says he has a surprise for her. Priya says no more suprises as she knows he would have bought a company, car, house, etc. Ram asks it is bad that she guesses always and says this time she can’t guess right as he has thought like Priya Ram Kapoor this time. She says he must have bought some inexpensive but special thing. Ram asks if she can see from phone. She says his heart tells her everything. Ram asks tell her secret first as her heart also says him everything.

Precap: Natasha asks Priya to tell her surprise to Ram on phone. Priya says I want to see the expression on his face personally.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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