Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman coming to Ishita’s clinic and looking for Ishita. He sees some blood on the floor and is shocked. He thinks of his words about the serial killer. He sees the smiley mask and thinks of Mr. Bhalla’s words. He runs out to see and asks the hooded man to stop, and asks about Ishita. He has Villain written on his back. Its Siddharth Malhotra. Raman asks why are you running, what happened. Sid says I thought you are my crazy fan. Raman says we heard the songs of movie Ek Villain, Galliyan is my fav track. He says so you are Ravan Kumar, your wife told me about you, I had appointment with her. Ishita comes and says its my job. Raman asks whats going on here.

Shraddha Kapoor too joins them and asks Sid how is her tooth. Ishita says she called me for Sid’s treatment. Sid says its all for our film promotion, did you think your wife is kidnapped. Raman smiles. Shraddha says so cute, he is blushing, its good he worries for her. She explains him how they got Ishita. Its good you worry about her. Shraddha says lets take a selfie with the cute couple. They take a pic. Shraddha says sorry Raman for confusion. Sid says come to see the film, its releasing this Friday. Ishita asks him to take care of his tooth and take medicines. Raman says show your tooth to someone else too. Ishita sees a pic in Sid’s phone, and sees the white car with 322 number. She asks him to forward the photo and tell her where he clicked ier.

Ishita says she will tell Raman later. Shraddha says we will tell you if we find out. Ishita says its important. Sid and Shraddha leave. Raman asks Ishita whats is this, you are getting very famous, why did this hero come here and why did you not tell me. She says the city would have come here then. He says is it, or you wanted to meet him alone. She says what, anything. She asks did you really worry for me. He says you are giving importance to yourself, we have to see this film, but why did you ask the pic, I know Sid is young and hot, but look at your age. She says my age, jealous? Panic, feeling worried, finding me, then jealous, are you in love with me.

They have an eyelock. Dil kahin rukta nahi………………plays…………… He says that’s what I m thinking, did your mind screw fell, throw the trash out, my bad days have not come to love you. He calls her Matangi. She says my name is Ishita, I don’t like that childhood name, don’t repeat. He teases her. She says I got Sid’s message, he sent the pic, just see the car in it. He says its same car by which Amma’s accident happened. She says I want to know where is this car in Delhi.

Its morning, Vandu tries to control Shravan and scolds him. Bala comes and sends him to his room. Vandu is angry. Bala says leave it, he is a kid, what happened, you always ask me to have patience. Vandu gets worried. He says share your problem with me. She says I will come and goes to Shravan. She says sorry Shravu, and makes him ready for school. She holds her ears and asks him to forgive. He says don’t say sorry, I will not mess up. She hugs him. Bala looks at them and smiles.

Shagun greets good morning to Adi and asks how is his studies going on. Adi says fine, but Sir is very strict. She talks about his uniform which came short. Adi says don’t you know my size. She gives him money to shop for himself. He asks will you not come. She says no, you know me, what will I do there, I gave money, so go with driver, come back and have lunch, I m going for my charity event. She leaves. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ruhi to eat. Ruhi says she and Shravan had competition to eat. Raman’s driver is not well and thinks from where to bring driver. He asks Romi to take him, as he can’t drive as his leg is hurt. Romi says me? Ishita says I will drop you, Romi also has to go office.

Raman says won’t you go to clinic, if Romi does not go office, it won’t matter. Ishita says I m not going clinic, so I will drop you. Ruhi says Papa don’t be scared, Ishita drives well and will scold on the way. She talks to him about Adi. She says I knew you bought uniform for Adi. Raman happily shares his time period with Adi. He says Adi and I became friends. She says I m sure he was cute in childhood. He says yes, fat. She says I hope he likes it. Raman thinks Adi will be happy seeing it. Ishita says we reached, lets go. Raman says be here, I will come, I don’t want him to say you anything. She says finem you go and spend time with him, I will be here in car.

Raman comes to Shagun’s house to meet Adi. Adi looks at him angrily and asks why are you here. Raman asks how are you, see what I got for you. Adi sees it and throws it. Raman says your holidays got over, so I thought to get a new uniform for you. Adi says why did you bring this, I don’t want any gift from you. He throws it. Ishita walks in and picks it. She thinks about Raman’s words. Raman asks Ishita to wait outside. She says your phone was ringing a lot, so I came to give you.

She gives him the phone and says Adi no one told you that if anyone gifts you, we should not return or throw it. And this is of use to you, so you should thank him. Adi refuses and says see wahts this, he does not know anything about me, so please leave this, I can buy my uniform on my own. Ishita says see his feelings, don’t talk to him rudely.

Ishita says I have an idea, come with us, we will get fitting for this, and we will drop you back home, I will talk to Shagun. Adi says no need, mum is busy, don’t disturb her. The servant asks Adi if he wants to go, then he will call Shagun. Adi says don’t disturb. Adi says I will come. Raman says good, lets have icecream after it. Adi says no, back home, but you won’t come, I will go with Ishita, Raman says fine, go with her, I will wait for you here. Ishita says as you say, lets go. Raman cries. Ishita says he is just a kid. Raman says go. She leaves.

Raman helps a kid by taking out a ball from under the white car and sees 3322 number and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. The real Villain is Mihir. He is Shagun’s brother and close to Raman because he is seeking revenge from Raman. He still believes that Raman and Shagun belong together and looking to separate Raman and ishita

  2. r u sure mihir’s d villain? i mean, he is sch a swthrt

  3. How can u say that?

  4. I don’t think it’s mihir cause in yesterday’s episode mihir went with raman to find the culprit…

  5. I read it on

  6. yup its mihir for sure , hw he can b so bad, am waiting fr the truth to come out fast .

  7. oh no… can mihir be so bad ya???dhat!!!

  8. bad if its Mihir….but one has to expect such twists and turns in a serial; especially when it is Ekta Kapoor’s serials… will drag all the way and into years and re births and reincarnation…what else! 🙁

  9. I to Think the same that he is villan…………..

  10. Yaar plz.. aise declare mat karo suspense khatm ho jata hai…

  11. It cant be mihir because on 23rd june when the 322 car was passing,Mihir was babysitting the kids at home.

  12. Why mihir is bothered about shagun Raman is such a nice guy he should forget about taking revenge which is useless shagun is the one who left Raman and went to Ashok doesn’t he understood this Raman didn’t left shagun i am sure mihir is not that stupid

  13. Yup Mihir is the culprit, he wants to destroy ishita and raman’s relation. He hit ishu’s mom with the Car’ sot hat raman would be blamed. Mihir is Ramans Loyal Enemy’ ..

  14. its NOT mihir…guys,ekta wants us to believe,so they r spreding rumours…mihi-mihi romance cant end:D

  15. no it cant be mihir why u make him a negative character

  16. It can’t be mihir

  17. N is mihir shaguns brother

  18. I don’t think it’s mihir. ….

  19. wht to tell don’t knw mihir can’t be tht stupid he is raman’s sathi if any problem comes to raman’s n ishita’s family then mihir always comes to help I don’t think mihir is the villain… 😎

  20. i hope adi also accepts ishita and raman, he is just a kid And kids only need love and understanding of there parents,

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