Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th December 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pihu seeking Suhani’s help to find out Sammy’s girlfriend. She says I want to know about the girl who wants to snatch my Sammy with me. Sammy comes. Priya asks Ram to talk to him lovingly. Ram says I have some news for you and says you always wanted to work in my office naa. I want to give you senior post in my office and asks are you ready? Sammy is surprised. Priya says, I think Sammy is waiting for Pihu to recover and then only he will take up this responsibility. Pihu asks Suhani to find out about the girl. Sammy enters the room. Suhani looks at him. Pihu tells Suhani that you didn’t reply so I will consider it as your yes. Sammy asks, how are you? Pihu says, I will be fine when you reject that girl. Suhani is thinking and wonders how

to tell Pihu that I am the one. Sammy comes and hugs her saying I missed you. Suhani says, I don’t like this feeling, we are betraying everyone, Ram, Priya and Priya. We can’t betray them. I think we shall end our relationship. Sammy says, I can end my relationship but not our love. he says who told you this! Pihu. He says I kept quiet as Pihu is not well. Otherwise I would have tell everyone that I loves you. I am ready to break my relation with everyone for you.

Sammy says, tomorrow we will go on a date at 8 pm. Suhani thinks to do something to break the relationship. Pihu thinks to get up and finds it hard to walk. Priya and Ram rush to her and Ram asks her to take rest. Pihu says I am fine and standing on my own. Ram asks, what is the need? Pihu says, it is needed as you said you will do my engagement if I recover fast. Priya scolds Ram for saying this. Ram says, you should have stopped me. Priya says, nobody can stop you and I have to bear it. Pihu asks them not to fight but rather smile.

Pihu asks, who taught me baby steps. Priya says, I taught you. Pihu says I want my that mom. Priya gives her finger. Ram says, I missed this chance in your childhood. I want to teach you this time. Priya says ofcourse. Ram helps Pihu in walking…..mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari plays……..Priya smiles looking at Ram and Pihu. She cries happily.

Suhani thinks to plan something. She messages Sammy saying I am going to disco. Sammy feels good. She messages him that I am going with someone else. He calls her. Suhani says I am going with my friend. Sammy says it is our first day. Rahul and Cady asks Sammy to come with him to the pub. Suhani listens their conversation. Sammy asks her to come. Suhani nods in a yes.

Ram calls Priya and asks for specs. Juhi comes and gives him specs. Ram doesn’t see her and takes it. Ram’s hand touches hers and she smiles. Ram asks her to come in the front. She goes inside. juhi is smiling and caressing her hand. Sid comes and asks, what are you doing? juhi says I was smelling new perfume. Sid smells it and says, I can’t smell anything. Juhi says, you can’t smell it as it is feelings and I don’t want this smell to go from my hands. Sid is boggled.

Suhani comes to the pub with Khush. khush says I really like you. Suhani says, are you sure that Cady and Rahul are coming here. Khush says yes and introduces Suhani to his friends. Rahul, Cady and Riddima come to the pub. Sammy comes to the pub and waits for Suhani. Cady looks at Suhani and Khush and thinks to inform Sammy.

Suhani holds Khush’s hand. Cady thinks Sammy is leaving Pihu for her. Cady makes an excuse and says I will go to the washroom. Pihu comes to Suhani’s room and thinks where she is? She calls Suhani. Suhani picks the call and says I came to the restaurant after following Sammy. Pihu says ok. Pihu calls Sammy. Sammy picks the call and says I am outside and in an restaurant. He disconnects the call. Pihu is angered.

Precap: Ram tells Priya that you gave my specs just now. Priya says I didn’t give you anything. Priya says, I was working in the kitchen. Ram wonders, who gave the specs.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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