Dil Dosti Dance 25th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 25th December 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 25th December 2013 Written Update

Rey comes to the BB court and meets Kriya .He asks her if they are going to rehearse there.Kriya says there is no other option left.Rey says they should start their practice.They start dancing on Abhi mujhme kahin .They dance along with the music.At one point they come really close and get lost in each other.It starts raining and they start dancing passionately again.At the end of the song they come very close to each other.Rey notices that Kriya is feeling cold.Rey gives her his jacket .Kriya looks at him with gratitude and says they will meet tomorrow for rehearsal.Rey says ok and leaves the place.They go to respective locker rooms and recall the moments they spent together.While changing Kriya sees Rey’s jacket and recalls the moment he gave her his jacket.Rey is very disturbed

about Kriya’s effect on him.

In canteen Vicky and Nil see a disturbed Rey.They try to talk to Rey.Rey gets irritated at them and next moment they say sorry.Mil and Vicky say he shares problem only with Swayam.Rey says once the annual day is over all the problem will be over.Nil says Kriya is the reason all are tensed.Rey says he will handle it.Its just that when he sees Kriya he go back to his past.Nil and Vicky think Kriya is the reason behind Rey’s tension.They plan to get Kriya out of their college.They think Kriya is responsible for annual day,if she fails there she will go back to NY.

Rey is walking in the corridor.He listens to two students talking about how it rains when two lovers come together .He recalls his moments with Kriya last night.He thinks Kriya is affecting him so much when he is trying to avoid her.He decides to behave as a professional and not let her affect him.

Sharon tells her driver to get the car.Her driver informs her that Car broke down.She starts scolding him .Swayam notices her from far .He comes and offer her lift .Sharon looks elated to see this move of Swayam .She smiles and takes his offer.They start their cycle ride from college.On the way they start stealing glaces of each other.Swayam looses balance.Sharon gets slightly hurt due to the accident.Swayam looks very tensed and concerned about Sharon’s wound.He finds a tea stall near the road and asks Sharon if she will go there.Sharon gladly accepts.Swayam takes Sharon there and keep chanting sorry.He gets water and cleans her wound.Sharon admires him.He says sorry again for her wound.He says he will get ointment but Sharon says she is fine and tells him to relax.She thanks him for loosing balance.He looks at her with confusion.Sharon says he lost balance thats why she got a chance to spend time with him and have tea with him again.They share an eye lock.Sharon recalls moments from their camping date when they prepared tea.

Precap:Nil and Vicky put talcum powder on RH floor so that Kriya gets injured

Update Credit to: Deepika

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