Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mamaji taking photos from wall photos. Priya asks, what are you doing. Mamaji stammers and says I told you naa about my love. She is simple, family girl and wants to know about my family that’s why I was taking the photos. Priya says, let Mr. Kapoor come. I will settle your thing. Mamaji says, settle means. Priya says, I will settle you in life. I will get you married soon. She says, let Ram come. I will get you married soon. Mamaji asks, how is love related to marriage and refuses to marry. Priya asks him to marry and change his thinking. She asks him to make the arrangements for marriage. She thinks, something is going on in his mind and wonders what is he planning this time.

Vikram brings baby home. Cady says, she is so cute and holds the baby. She talks to the baby. Vikram smiles. Cady asks, what happened. Vikram says, Khush and Pihu are fighting like kids for the baby and are acting selfish. They don’t care for baby. He says, I don’t want baby to live there. He says, now Pihu and Khush will realize their mistake. They will come after resolving their differences to take her home. Baby smiles. Cady asks him not to take tension about the baby.

Priya thinks about Ram’s words regarding Pihu’s custody in Pihu’s childhood. She then recalls Pihu and Khush arguing for baby. Pihu and Khush are sad. Khush recalls proposing Suhani and cries. He recalls Suhani telling Sammy that she loves Khush. Pihu cries holding her soft toy.

Priya comes and asks her to have food. Pihu says, mom I want baby back. I miss her so much. You know when I saw her for the first time, I was very upset, but then when you asked me to take her in my lap. I felt so good. I felt as if my Sammy came back to me. I wanted to love, pamper and play with her. Vikram Dad took her from here. Priya says, think where you were wrong and asks her to rectify her mistake. Pihu says, I thought I will take the baby to Dubai to show my favourite toys in the shop and now nothing can happen. Priya asks her to think practically. Pihu says, there is no solution for this problem. She cries. Priya leaves from there. She sees Khush going from there. She says, I want to talk to you. Khush goes without talking to her.

Vikram shows baby to Sammy’s pic and says I brought her home. Your daughter is very sweet. He says, baby smiled when I said she is sweet. He talks about her. He introduces her to Sammy’s photo and tells her about Sammy. He gets emotional and says Sammy you went early. You should have experienced fatherhood and gets changed.
He promises to do the good upbringing of his baby and asks Sammy to send lots of love for her.

Pihu thinks, everyone is selfish here. Nobody cares for me. Khush comes and blames her. Pihu says, I am immature, but why you didn’t behave maturely. Khush says, baby was here because of me. I wish Priya angel didn’t have given baby to you that day.

Mamaji talks to someone and tells that he lied to Priya and she asked him to let her meet with his love. He sees Sid behind him and turns. He asks, when did you come? Mamaji says, you are spying on me like Priya. Sid says, everything happened because of me. Sid leaves. Mamaji says, everyone come to me as if I am a magnet.

Khush comes to Priya and says I am telling you, this is not right. Priya asks, why you are telling me. Khush says, you could have stopped Vikram uncle. Priya says, this is happening because of you and Pihu. She asks Khush and Pihu to apologize to Vikram. Khush says, I will go alone. Pihu has nothing to do with this. He says, you should have taken my side. Priya says, you are my son too. Khush says, you never took my side. You always take her side. Priya asks, are you mad? I love you both. She asks him to behave maturely. She says, Pihu is also pained like you. Khush says, I know you will take Pihu’s side. I will go to Vikram uncle’s house and bring baby home.

Pihu comes and asks Priya. Priya says, he went to Vikram’s house to bring baby. Pihu blames Priya for trusting Khush and taking her side. Priya asks, are you mad too? You are blaming me. She asks her to aside her differences and bring baby home. Pihu says, he didn’t take me as he don’t want to take me. She asks her to explain to Khush. She says, you always favoured him. Priya says, oh God. What happened to you both. I have taken the right decision. She says, it is good that Vikram took the baby as he understands that nobody loves in this house. Pihu gets sad. She says, I will go to Vikram’s house if Khush fails to bring the baby. Pihu goes inside.

Priya says,Vikram is doing right thing as he wants to take her legally. She asks them to patch up. Pihu refuses to patch up and says she will go and bring the baby home alone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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