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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj says that Avni called to tell him. Arpita’s mom complains to Raj that we didn’t know this all was going on there. she says that they did wrong and they got the punishment. Raj says that Arpita got punished alone. Arpita says that had Akshit to stop her, he would never have let her go. She tells them that Bhawna said to go along her, but Akshit told her to leave the house. Raj says that how can he even think about it, he took promises to her. Now Raj will fight for her sister.
Raj comes to home and shouts Akshit’s name. Suket says that he told him not to come here often. Raj says that today he has come here as a brother. He says that he wants some answers here, Akshit comes there and asks what answers. Raj says that he wants to forget today that he is elder and sister’s husband, because he forgot the promise he gave to Arpita. Akshit says this is my personal matter. Raj says it was personal when Arpita was here, but now its her family’s matter. Raj says that you forgot to fulfil the promises and relations with her sister. Raj says that Akshit will have to live with her, and drags him there. Sanvri comes in way and deters that she will call police. Raj says that he is ready to go to jail if this is the cost of saving his sister’s marriage. He says that Arpita respected and loves you all more than as much as you people did. How can Akshit tell her to leave the home? Akshit says that it was arpita’s decision, he didn’t tell her to go. Avni was shocked, Akshit says that he also don’t understand this that how can she do this. He recalls that Arpita said to her that she will leave him, as all the problems are because of her. Akshit tells him that she wanted to stay with him till award function, because she didn’t want to hurt the repute of the family. He hoped that dad will forgive him but it didn’t happen. Avni says that she sacrificed for family’s repute; Akshit says that he loves him only because she cares for others more than herself. He leaves saying Arpita went away but he won’t ever leave this house. Suket tells Raj to leave now.
Raj asks why Arpita did so.
Suket was in his bedroom with Bhawna and Avni. He says that this shows that the family bond is stronger than love. Love is hollow, it leaves while family stays firm together.
Jiji says that they did all because of love. She couldn’t see her love defeated, so she went apart.
Suket says that love is weak, its foundations stands hollow.
Jija says that love can never be weak; it will remain there as such.
Suket says that love can never be trusted. That is why love marriages aren’t allowed in the family.
Jiji says that they will meet anyway as love is eternal.
Raj is firm in decision that he will bring Akshit and Arpita together. Avni says to him that it is impossible saying her father’s attitude. She argues, he puts finger on her mouth and asks did her heart beat fasten, and she forgot everything. She nods and let go of herself. He say that when only a touch of love can get you so far, what cant it do then. This is the power of love. He tells her to free herself and feel the power of love. they must believe in love and will return Akshit and arpita’s love. we can do this because we also love each other. She is worried, how will they do it. He says that they must begin from their past. She understands.
Raj gets Arpita to coffee shop, saying she was upset so he brought her here. She recalls the place and sees the collage with their picture. Raj comes and asks her if she is alright. She excuses herself to go to washroom. Avni thanks Akshit that he came here for her project work and says she will treat him with thanks giving coffee. Avni sees him and asks if he is ok. He nods. They come into the lounge; raj was there and asks how did they come here. Avni says that they heard the coffee here is too good. Arpita also comes there, she says they must leave here. The manager comes and greets them. raj asks do you know them, they say that they used to come here as special customers. He goes to send them special. They sit on separate seats; Avni and Raj leave them alone.
The waiter brings the coffee. She mistakenly puts sugar in the coffee. She says to the waiter that she was making coffee for him and asks him to give it to Akshit. Akshit asks the waiter to give the pastry to Arpita. The waiter urges them to sit together. Raj and Avni saw them peeking through the wall and hope they come closer.
Some goons arrive in the lounge, they discuss that there is an old couple who are going to get separated soon. Their love story which began in the same café is going to end here too. Raj assures Avni that Akshit will also dislike it the way she is. Akshit thinks this is another drama by Raj and Avni. Raj comes and beats the men, he hugs Arpita and says that her brother is along her.
He says to Akshit how can he watch this all, they said so much to him and Arpita and he kept listening. Avni also blames Akshit. Akshit shouts that it is enough, he didn’t ask Arpita to leave, she herself left him. He asks Raj to take her home as she is unwell, and also tells Avni not to bring him to such places again.

PRECAP: Avni cleans Raj’s shirt. The manager asks her that they want to place their picture together on their memory board. She takes the picture and puts it there.

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