Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th April 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in Kapoor Mansion: Maa asks soumya to try some Recipe. Dadi says she is feeling hot, go and check the AC. At the other side Ayesha switch off the lights board and feels pity on dadi and maa. And says this happened because of your golu son. soumya checks and sees light at the other end of the house and Rishabh says because of the load, one phase might have gone. Soumya helps Dadi sit on the sofa near the window. Rishabh comes there and reprimands that it must be Ayesha’s work. soumya says she will call Ram bhappa but rishabh asks her not to disturb bhai. They leaves.

Khush comes there and rotates the handy fan for Dadi. Dadi feels happy and says he is like golu puttar. she is touched by his gesture.

Scene shifts to Ram and Priya:

Ram and Priya comes to the prenatal classes and Priya is surprised to see Ram’s surprise. Ram says it is his surprise. Priya says she can see, but why we need this. I already raised one child before but Ram says it is first time for him. Priya says it is a business for them to earn money and it is best what we learnt self.

Some guy comes and asks Ram to leave for space. He address Ram as uncle. Priya is angry and tells him to speak with respect as he is her husband. Ram asks her to let it be. Teacher comes there and asks her assistant to give baby doll to everyone. Ram and Priya are happy to see the baby doll as sweet music is playing in the BG.
Teacher says that todays lesson is how to wrap the baby. Ram tells the guy that he thinks that the baby got exchanged in the hospital and his baby looks like that guy baby and viceversa. Priya tells him why are you talking to him, just now we had a fight with him. Dont worry we will make our baby fat by feeding food. Ram exchanges the baby doll with him. Teacher explains how to wrap the baby.

Ram does it beautifully and perfectly before any body else does, and Priya claps and says you was right in saying that difficulties are smaller infront of this. At this moment we lived all the happiness and in one month’s time we will make everything alright. Ram says yeh huyi na baat and baby doll slips accidently from his arms. Teacher scolds Ram and says what is the use of wrapping the baby in such a way that it slips. If it happens in the real life then what you will do. Sad music is playing. Teacher says you may leave now.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Rishabh and Soumya checks the electricity board and finds the missing fuse. They think where shall they get the fuse. Meanwhile khush is running holding something and mamaji sees him. He comes to Rishabh and gives it to him. He says mamma hides this treasure in my room and I fond it. soumya praises him and says this is magical and magic will happen with this. Mamaji comes there and says you are taking care of dadi and all. soumya and khush leave to tell dadi about it.

Mamaji thinks he should inform Ayesha about this. He comes to Ayesha and praises her photo on the wall. Mamaji tells him that she did kept them in dark. Ayesha says she had done nothing. Mamaji says khush light up the house. he says khush is finding the family in somewhere else.

Ram comes back home and ask Soumya to serve him tea. Then he sees ayesha and asks him why you are in bad mood, 29 more days to go. Ayesha says think what will happen after 29 days. your family will go to the same place. you think what you can do? Ram smiles. Ayesha says you have a wife, daughter, one baby on the way, one big family. what will you do with no money and job and daily you cant even get leftover food of marriage. Ram takes all this lightly and says he have two choices, either to live in fear or live without fear and he is living without fear and god might be laughing at you. and I have full faith in god that he must have thought about me something. my father also says that never to lose hope.

Ram gets a call and the man at the other end says your brother wants to meet you. Ram before leaving again says to Ayesha till last day he will not lose hope.

Ayesha sees the kapoor family having a good time over tea and she is annoyed. she then finds the jug empty and comes to the kitchen and scold the servant shankar. shankar says he didn’t heard her voice because of the cooker whistles. He says he is preparing food for maa, dadi, rishabh and soumya. Ayesha asks him to throw the food and she herself throw the food in the dustbin. She orders him to make english food for her, mamaji, khush and her friends. She says nothing shall be prepared for kapoor family, only water will be given to them.
Servants are shell shocked to see her attitude. she thinks what will they do when hungry.

Scene shifts to Police Station:

Ram comes to meet Sid. Sid is angry to see him at first. Ram asks him whether he is feeling pained. sid says he hate him but he hates himself and someone else more. Ram says what does it mean. Sid says now he came to know how it feels to betrayed in love. He says He was mad to fall in love. He says he betrayed ram and someone else betrayed him. He was punished for his betrayals. Whatever we got will not be healed. Ram asks what do you want from me. Sid laughs and cries and says I am laughing on myself. Sid says I raised your hand and you place your hand on my wounds. why I didn’t saw your love. Ram asks why you called me. Sid says i didnt call you to take me out of here but to ask for forgiveness. Sid is really changed and tells Ram never to tell his son about him. Ram asks him to change for his son.

Sid says he married Ayesha in an inebriated state in a mandir. Ayesha was not in her senses. Ram asks which mandir. Ram asks about witness and mandir. Sid says one girl was there and she was witness to our marriage. Ram says why you are telling me this? to take revenge on ayesha. Sid says he is not taking revenge from anybody. He didnt felt love of his elder brother. He again ask for forgiveness while he is crying. He asks Ram to take care of his son and love him the way he loves sid and gives him his values. Ram says he knows what to do. Ram hugs him and says from today not your punishment started but you will be changed to make your son proud of you. I am happy that I got my brother back.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Mamaji is dancing with the girls like a young man on the tune of azmale aaja tu saamne…. babli badmash hain while the kapoor family watching awkwardly. Ayesha joins him. Ayesha tells the guests that her marriage is cancelled but her new life started, she have money and she will make plan to roam the world. Soumya says dadi, maa where is your food. She ask shankar about it. shankar informs them that ayesha threw the prepared food in the dustbin. Ayesha makes fun that dadi is empty stomach. Soumya says she will get food. Shankar serves the food to ayesha and ayesha takes the names of the food and kapoor family looks sad. Soumya says she will talk to Bappa. Maa says dont bother Ram and they will stay without having food.

Mamaji announces that next song is for Ayesha ji. Laila tujhe lotlegi… plays. Mamaji says it is meaningful and dances. Ayesha smiles. Mamaji is shocked to see Ram. then Ayesha too sees him and her smiles goes away while his maa watches him helplessly. Episode ends on Ram shocked face.

Ram and Priya on the road. Ram asks Priya to sit somewhere and gives her biscuits and water to drink. Meanwhile he gets a paper from the fellow person who is standing there and starts rotating it like a handy fan. That man comes and takes the paper, while Ram says my wife is pregnant

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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