Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 22nd April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Pihu hugging Priya and saying she promised that she will unite her with Sammy, but why did she kill him. She asks her to kill her also and says she cares Suhani than her. Natasha asks Pihu what is she talking about and whom she is talking to. Pihu says she knows what is she talking about and to whom. Priya says she is thinking wrong. Juhi come, consoles her, and takes her from there. Priya gets sad.

Rajath comes and meets Rahul. He says he must be thinking that there are somany people in world, by why Sammy. Rahul says Sammy used to share even minute details with him, but he could not save him. Rajath tries to console him and says to cry in the room and not in front of Vikram as he lost his son. He asks him to be strong in front of Vikram until Neha comes.

Priya says Natasha that Pihu wanted her to be with her always in her childhood, but today she hates her and does not want to see her face. She does not know what else in store for her. Natasha says life is like that, we think our life is stressful, the grass looks greener on the other side. Priya says she did not want to come back as she did not want Ram to pick between her and Pihu. Now, everything has changed, Sammy is no more and Ram is in jail. She says Vikram and Neha used to leave their kids with her to spend time together and she thought of having kids because of them. She got intimate with Ram for the first time because of Sammy, but now Sammy is no more. Natasha says Vikram lost his son and he knows that Ram cannot kill Sammy.

Vikram goes to Sammy’s room and looks at his pics and guitar. Rajath goes and sits next to him. Vikram says Sammy was a premature baby and was very short. He used to ask him to hang on the pole to increase height. He suddenly increased his height and became of his height, but he will be brought back now, he will be too small. He says he would have convinced Sammy, but Ram killed Sammy for his daughter. Rajath asks him to control himself. Vikram says he has to control himself as she has to live with this burden. He says he made a mistake by having friendship with Ram and getting Sammy married Ram’s daughter. He says he used to think Ram loved Sammy like he loved Sammy, but he was wrong.

Rajath meets Daija and asks what is she thinking about. Daija says with just ego problem, everyone is in trouble. Rajath says he does not know whom should be with as Ram is his friend and Vikram is his relative. He does not know why he came to India listening to Kady. Daija asks him not to worry.

Priya remembers Ram’s words that they will be together now till their death. Ram remembers going to Priya’s house to bring her and she telling him that she loves him. He remembers she fighting with inspector for him and assuring him that she will let him free soon as he did not do it. Priya looks at their pics.

Rahul cries hugging his sister and says that he used to think in childhood that he should have a brother whom he should play with. He says she always used to play with dolls and Sammy used to play like him. They both cry remembering their childhood days with Sammy.

Vikram calls his lawyer and briefs him about Sammy’s death. Neha comes. They both cry hugging each other.

Court hearing starts. Judge says he will pronounce the judgement in 1 month.

Priya brings food for Pihu and asks her to eat. Pihu asks her to go from there and leave her alone.

Vikram brings Sammy’s ashes. His whole family hugs him and cries.

Priya discusses case with lawyer. Rajath come and joins them. Priya signs legal documents.

Juhi brings chocolate milkshake for Pihu and asks her to drink, but she does not. Priya is having food and remembers Ram telling he will only have parathas with butter. Rajath sees her crying.

Precap: Neha says Priya that every wrong thing happens because of Ram. She asks her to ask Ram to bring back Sammy, but he cannot.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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