Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 22nd April 2014 Written Update

Sucket comes home in a hurry. Inside Raj gets happy that finally Sucket has come. Samart touches his feet. Sucket tells him he was surprised that he came so quickly. Did he leave his work? Samart says he has brought his work along, as his office runs mostly on internet and mobile services. And more importantly he had to come to vote as elections are near. Sucket ask that he really think one vote will matter? He says that drops of water collect to form a sea. They must all vote to get the real competent government. Sucket offers him to sit and tells him he never had any interest in politics but his younger son Abhaas is only interested in politics. Samart urges him to support his son. Raj gets happier at this. Sucket changes his position in the chair; Samart says that there are a

few people who think about the country’s success. Sucket agrees him, Raj is disappointed. Sanvri calls Avni’s name, they all look at her coming from the door holding the tray of tea. She comes to him and tries to manage holding it properly. Samart ses this, takes the tray and gives everyone their cup. Bhawna tells Avni to be careful but Samart says that he also has to be careful otherwise his clothes will again get ruined. Avni excuses herself and runs upstairs. They all watch her leave. Samart offers the tea to Raj but he says he just came to drop the files and is now leaving. Samart says I will also leave now. Sucket says where you are going. He says his room is booked in the hotel. Sanvri objects how he can leave like this. Raj urges him to go to hotel as he will be more comfortable here. He begins to leave, Sucket stops him and asks Samart to stay at their place, he will like this; and ask if he needs anything. Samart says he need permission to talk to Avni alone. Raj thinks that Sucket will reject this Mumbai resident about talking to Avni alone, but he agrees saying he trusts him. Raj gets cough.
Samart takes the gift from his bag; Raj thinks that hero has even brought the gift. Sanvri asks to escort him to Avni when Sucket asks had he called his dad. He says no, he was thinking about it. Sucket tells him to call his dad first and inform him about his arrival here. He abides and leaves calling. Raj takes the opportunity and goes upstairs. Avni was in the terrace, she complains him of not coming to her when she left. He tells her that Samart is a bit weird, or shall we call him stupid and tells her how taxi drivers wanted to take 5000 rupees from him, and he was even ready to give them the money. He has after all not lived in the US for the whole of his life. Raj tells her that he has also brought a gift. Avni gets excited but Raj says that he should not have done this, you should refuse his gift. She thanks him for guiding her always and sees Samart. Raj turns around and sees him standing at the door. He asks if he can talk to her alone. She says ok, Raj leaves. Avni tells him to sit down, but he says after you. Samart appreciates her tea. She asks this is what you came telling me. He says he came here for this also and one more thing. He says he liked what she said to him on call and he came earlier to meet her. Does she want to talk to him now? She stammers ‘Yes’. He tells her he brought something for her. she recalls Raj had forbidden her to take the gift, and she refuses taking it, saying it doesn’t seem right to her to take a gift in first meeting. Samart says he knew it and thus he had brought a Govind Ji idol for her mother. He unwraps the gift.
He asks will she like the gift. She says yes, alright. She says she was dumb to ask had he brought for her. He says he will only give her a gift when they know each other well. She says she want to tell him that she is not a school going girl, like the way to reach a man’s heart is through her stomach, likewise the way to her heart is through her friend. Samart asks that the friend is Raj. She says yes, he is her best friend. If Raj will like him, she will also; as he guides her through each step. Samart says that soon Raj will start liking him. Raj says sorry Samart, but he will never like him and now Avni has also said that until he will not like it, he won’t go forward. Neither will he let him stay here nor make a place in avni’s heart.
Samart apologizes Raj for forcing him to stay for dinner, but he says it’s ok, he had some business with Sucket as well. Sucket tells him to get the files placed at the study and meet him before leaving. Sanvri tells Arpita to pass a dish to Samart but he says he can eat no more. He says I like light dinner. He says he has always listened that take a breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince but dinner like a beggar. Raj agrees. Bhawna says that is the reason he is so fit. Samart excuses himself saying he has some important work to do. Raj asks this late? He tells him its morning in US and he is making a serial her which is telecasted there, he leaves. Arpita says he is not adjusted to the weather yet, in spite of air conditioner he was sweating. Sanvri tells Avni to place water in his room. Avni gets nervous asking me? Bhawna nods at her in reassurance. She goes away. Bhawna says she like the guy, and asks Sucket did he like him. Sucket says he also liked him, most importantly he is confident. Raj says at once that Avni must like him is the most important thing. Sucket stares him. He says he will wait for him in the study and gets up, spilling the glass of water on the table. As he heads towards the stairs he hears Bhawna saying that Raj is right. Sanvri says Avni will like him, but Raj says he will have to find a way of her disliking.
Samart was talking on phone; Avni comes with the glass of water and knocks at the door. She comes in and places the tray of water on the table. Samart was telling the man on phone that she is very innocent and delicate, her eyes have honesty. He asks Hobby? Then turns to Avni and asks her about her hobby. He tells that her hobby is painting and reading. He also tells her that her makeup should not be heavy or he will not fall in love with her. Avni thinks where Raj is, she needs him here and drinks water from the glass. Samart comes and apologizes her saying she wanted to confirm a few things about his new character. She now understands. She tells him she brought water for him, but drank it herself, she will bring fresh water for him. He says it is okay and they both hold the glass together looking at each other. Raj comes at the door and tells Avni not to disturb him. Samart says he is not dizzy at all and invites them inside so that they can talk. Avni leaves but he calls Raj inside.

PRECAP: Raj tells Samart that if it’s too hot he can take his shirt off. He abides by, and goes in vest downstairs for breakfast. Sucket asks him why he came without shirt. He realizes it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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