Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 7th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Priya cares for Ram

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 7th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vedika and Shashi coming home and asking Nandini about Ram. Shashi says Sid told me about it. Nandini says don’t know, he was with Priya, he took this dinner and then this happened. Vedika asks Priya did Ram eat the prawns again, what did he eat, what happened to him, tell her. Nandini says calm down, don’t blame Priya. Vedika goes to see Ram. She asks what happened to Ram, is there any allergy. Priya thinks Vedika is too worried. Shubham says maybe he had something outside. Adi comes and says no, he didn’t eat anything. Vedika says he eats junk food and you don’t stop him. Adi asks her to calm down. She shouts on him. She cries and says you all just make him work. Doctor says relax, its not any allergy, did he take medicines on time. Nandini says he is punctual. Shubham says he eats medicines all day. Neetu says we don’t take care of him, he takes care of us.

Doctor says he takes care of you all, no one cares for him. Priya says I know, he doesn’t take medicines on time, he has no food routine, he doesn’t take care, he looks for stress medicines. Adi says she is saying right. Priya says he came home at 2am and then had food, he needs rest, maybe he missed the bp medicines. Doctor says right. Vedika says Priya, its better that you let the doctor do his work. Priya says I know you care for Ram, you all are attached to him, but I m his wife, please go out, he will get stressed if we all stand here, I will ask the doctor and give him the medicines, go out. Nandini nods. Adi thinks if Brinda was here, then she would have whistled seeing this scene. Doctor asks Ram to thank his caring wife. He says I m keeping you here just for her sake, its just stress, take good food and medicines, take rest. Nandini thanks him. Adi thinks Ram got a girl who understands him, who cares for her. Nandini and everyone leave. Akki meets Ram. Priya asks him not to tell anything to Meera. Ram says don’t tell Shivi, its her first diwali, she will get scared. Akki says I won’t tell her. He thinks Shivi doesn’t care for you, she is sleeping in peace. Priya asks the nurse to be there for any emergency. She thanks the doctor. Priya sits beside Ram and cries. He gives her tissues. Agar tum saath ho….plays… He jokes on her. She says if anything happened to you then… He says you were there.

She says this stress is for Shubham’s deal, you have to be there for him. He asks and you? You don’t need me, you will manage everything without me. She says I will take another loan, there won’t be anyone to taunt. She asks him to not talk now and take rest. She takes his phone. He thinks I can see this marriage as real. He goes to sleep. She thinks what can I say, I don’t know why Ram thinks I don’t need him, what would happen without Ram, I was scared to lose him, I didn’t get scared when Neeraj left me, I was just angry, I can’t let you become my weakness. Adi tells everything to Brinda. She says I m feeling happy. He says Priya is not a helpless girl, Shashi was there, this deal is imp for him, he is hiding about his financial position, I m not stressed about Ram, Priya is with him. She says finally, Ram has someone with him.

Ram wakes up at night. Priya helps him go to the washroom. She says maybe he is feeling uncomfortable. She switches on the AC. Ram comes back and says you had switched on the AC, it doesn’t suit you. Priya says its fine with me, come. She makes him lie down. He recalls her words and tells her. She says I can never say this. He says you were drunk that night. She asks him to sleep now. She feels cold. He looks at her.

Its morning, Priya asks Tarun to get few things. He says I will keep things ready, I will just come. He goes. She says Ram is a big man, he finds happiness in small things. Ram wakes up and looks for Priya. Priya makes the rangoli. She says strange, he wears a suit worth 4 lakhs, but gets happy seeing this rangoli. Ram comes downstairs. He sees Priya making the rangoli. He thinks no one made rangoli in my house till now, event planners make it always, Priya is making it since morning, she acts like her life is dull like black and white, she is filling colours and light in my house. She turns. He hides.

Ram says Priya made this Rangoli. Shubham steps on it and spoils it. Ram says Priya is a family member now. Ram fixes the rangoli. She asks him to swear on his dad. Ram asks her to stop it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Haaye…Loved Priya today and Ram…Uff!!!…any girl can vouch for such man in her life. Let this beautiful love bonding grow more magically.

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