Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Simar and Aarav devastated and yearn for each other

Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarav telling Sandhya that he will move on, will bear thousand pain, but will not let himself shattered. Sandhya says I am sorry, few days pain will bring happiness and peace. Aarav says Simar is in his heart and everywhere. She has touched his heart that nobody touched it before. He says I am always responsible son for you, filled with values and customs. Simar says I thought Aarav ji will wait for me and we will unite one day, but Aarav ji’s decision was right. Aarav says if Simar give me one sign, then I will go against the society, family and everyone for her. Simar says I got weak and was waiting for his one sign, to return to him leaving everything. Reema looks on. Aarav says if I hold her hand this time, then no strength of the world can separate us. Simar says I would have forgotten about others, and would have done as he wants. Aarav says Simar will not let this happen, she will break herself and shatter, but will never let me show my back to my family. He says Simar haven’t left any option for me, if she signs me once, I am ready to leave everything. Simar says if he forwards his hand towards me…Reema asks have you gone mad and asks her to think about Maa and Papa. She tells that you have always kept them above all, and that’s why they are strong due to you. Simar says not because of me, everything was of my Aarav ji. She says he was strong and that’s why my legs were not stumbled, else I am like the dry leave which can fly with the flow. She says he has closed door for me, and I am happy that he is thinking about his future and knows what is he doing and wants he wants. Reema recalls Badi Maa’s words and says you came here without thinking, and says if sees you here, then she will scold you a lot. Simar says what do you think that Badi Maa’s bitter words haven’t stopped me from coming here. Reema asks her to come in her senses and says Maa and Papa will get hurt and says you know well about their insult, and says we can’t hurt them more. She says it is for everyone’s betterment and more important it is good for Aarav. She says you knows well, how important is his family for him, and asks her to move on and let him move on too. She says time has the strength to change anything.

Sandhya says I know that Simar has the power to change everything, but I know that my son has the strength to fulfill the promise and will move on. Reema asks Simar to hold Samar’s hand and says everyone likes you and he will keep you happy. Simar says I don’t feel for him. Reema says what do you think that marriages are running on feelings, but they are working to take the future forward. She says everyone has bear so much due to this marriage and says I am sure Samar is different and will never leave you. She says your one approval can make Maa and Papa happy and asks her to agree for this marriage. Simar hugs her and cries.

Aditi wonders where is Aarav Bhai and comes to the room. She comes there and tells Aarav that Simar came to meet him in the room. Aarav asks really?

He runs to Aditi’s room and asks where is she? Aditi calls her. They come out and search her everywhere. Simar closes her eyes and tears flow down her cheeks. Reema asks what happened Simar? Simar says I want to go to my house Di. Reema says I will take you to backdoor and takes her with her. Aarav comes to Sandhya’s room and says she is not here also. Aditi says Simar bhabhi. Aarav asks where is she? Aditi says I left her in room and says may be she left. Aarav says she must be near the house. Reema opens the back door and tells Simar that she will drop her home, and will bring car keys. Simar says no di, I will go and wants to be alone for sometime. Reema looks at her. Simar walks in trance and is shattered. Gagan sees the body guards and thinks to leave. He sits in his car and drives off. Aarav falls down the stairs and says you can’t go without meeting me. Simar recalls his words. Aarav comes out of house and runs. Badi Maa is in the car, asks someone to send guards and bring Aarav back. She is walking on the road, recalling his words. He is also barefoot and enquires with the people on the road. Her slipper breaks. She reminisces Aarav. He sits on the road and asks where are you Simar? Simar leaves her slipper and starts walking, while it is raining. Aditi comes out and sees Aarav sitting on road. She says lets go home. Aarav says she is not at home. Aditi says I want to meet Simar once. Aditi asks him to look at herself. He says she wants to talk to me, if there is something important. The guards come there and hold Aarav. Aarav says I want to meet Simar. Aditi says she was at home, but might have left. Aarav says she again left me, I won’t let her go. He shouts Simar. The guards bring him back. Badi Maa and Sandhya look at him. Aarav shouts Simar, I want to talk to you, I know you have come to meet me. Badi Maa gets teary eyes seeing him yearning for Simar. She comes out of the gate.

Aarav is brought inside the house. He asks Aditi what she told about me and asks her to leave him. He then asks sorry, and asks if she is hurt. He asks her not to joke with me. Sandhya asks him to calm down. Reema comes there and sees Aarav yearning to meet Simar and is in a bad state. Sandhya takes Aarav to his room.

Badi Maa looks at Aditi angrily. Aditi goes from there. Gagan hopes Aarav and Simar talk and everything is sorted between them. Aditi calls Gagan and tells that everything went wrong, Simar went somewhere and Bhai’s condition is bad. Gagan says I will come to pick you.

Reema prays to Mata Rani and says everything is happening due to me. Badi Maa tells that whatever you have done is right and tells that she shall control her emotions, and says you are doing your duties well. She says you didn’t let them meet today, fulfilled the duty of an adarsh bahu and safeguarded your sasural. He says our aim is far away, as Simar haven’t agreed for that guy. She asks Reema to force Simar to agree for this alliance at the earliest.

Precap: Simar tells Samar that nobody can take Aarav’s place in her life, but I am ready to move on. She says I am ready to move on for Aarav ji’s sake. She says I am ready to marry you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. srsly adarsh bahu se hone se she forgot her behen ka duties this is not right….one person cant control everybody why is GD so dominating? i wish simar was like sai in ghkkpm was here she would have fought for herself and taught these ppl a lesson


    Stupid adarsh bahu, what type of GD is explaining, she doesn’t know what is the meaning, she shot her husband and a murderer, she thinks Reema is very good, whereas simar served so well in Oswal house, what type of Badimaa is she, she and reema are irritating, when will chitra come back to take revenge on reema, what happened to dhivesh murder case, I feel that is forgotten chapter,the title of the movie doesn’t suit to the story, initial promotions showed that simar wants to become singer….but later story lost its way…with so many sub plots.. Narayan is just a professor but the house he is living it’s so posh… indu is very selfish, I thought she will understand simar’s pain, how come the up selected samar as groom , they don’t even know him properly…these days episodes are dragging with slow motion…

  3. I dot understand this series any more

  4. Oghenerhorho

    I too don’t understand this series also

  5. Oghenerhorho

    Me too don’t understand this series also,

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